Bija Training: Inculcating Positivity through Developmental Programs

Prakash Sharma | Founder | Pankaj Vyas - Managing Partner | BIJA Training[E-Learning services, BIJA Training, leadership Programs, positivity developmental programs, business leaders]
Prakash Sharma | Founder | Pankaj Vyas - Managing Partner | BIJA Training

Everyone is aware of the very famous phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Indeed the phrase makes enough sense when one talks about work culture. To maximize the performance of the company as well as the employees, it is important that the employees of the company have a fun and happy environment.

To cater to the current needs of the companies, Bija Training came up with various outbound training programs. The company was initiated with the view for sharing, improving and developing skills and knowledge required in today’s corporate world.

The ultimate focus of Bija Training is to transform people through various Outbound training, behavioral and leadership training programs and make the companies a better place to work. It is serving to different industries in India and abroad. The company stands apart as it provides customized training programs depending on the client’s industry domain.

Bija not only provides outbound training programs to various corporate companies and B-schools, but it also provides in-house training programs. Even, the inhouse training programs are conducted through various management games and activities with fun-based learning.

With the help of over 100 trainers specializing in leadership and outbound training programs, Bija conducts these programs all over the world. Currently, the company has gained a commendable appreciation for the quality delivery of the programs in the south and central India.

The Pillar of Bija

Prakash Sharma is the Founder of BIJA Training with behavioral, leadership, and outbound training experience of 15 years. A certified Executive Coach from Marshall Goldsmith and a NLP Practitioner, supports all the corporates to create a positive culture for their constant growth.

Pankaj Vyas – Managing Partner is a marketing professional along with a sales trainer with over 15 + years of experience. He is a strategic leader and a certified BFSI trainer in the talent development industry for various corporate. He is responsible for catering to the central and western parts of India. Pankaj is an MBA graduate with extensive experience in the banking sector.

Exclusive Services

Executive Coaching along with long term leadership is specifically designed by Mr. Prakash Sharma for leaders so that they can use their skills effectively through a long-term change in their leadership behavior. Bija has a systematic methodology of Marshall Goldsmith Certification & Dr. Ivan Misner concepts to bring in the culture of positivity and performance.

Bija also offers all Basic Behavioral & Leadership Programs at the client’s locations (in-house) and is specialized in customizing every training topic based on the competence or the training need of the organization.

Outbound Training is an event conducted outdoor with management games & adventurous activities. Outbound training are conducted to enhance Ownership, synergy, stronger leadership and creating trust among the employees for a positive culture.

Bija also conducts Virtual Training & Webinars for a small group of people on a particular topic. Regardless of the geographical location, the company has inculcated a tool through which training is provided in an interactive manner.

Bija provides customized E-Learning services for every client depending on the industry and the functioning area. Mainly clients use this E-Learning for induction programs or general behavioral programs.


Bija Training has deeply sown the SEED of the cultural values within itself.

S – Share Creative & Positive Ideas

E – Ensure Openness & Transparency

E – Ensure to Keep up the Commitments with Prompt Service

D – Develop and Educate People Willingly for their Growth

Bija Training envisions developing and shaping people with positive skills & values. It believes in providing quality-oriented training for building the individual’s competence and making a better place to work.

Lending a Helping Hand

With companies focusing on making big in their respective fields, they often forget to take care of their families at work. But most of the clients of Bija understand the importance of outbound training.

Prakash says, “We also create a mechanism of creating a group through WhatsApp through which after the training program for 4 to 6 weeks where the participants share their success story which they have demonstrated. As one participant starts sharing a success story one after the other participant will share and create a positive environment.”

Bija Training provides fully customized activities to its clients. It customizes activities for its clients keeping in mind the objective of the training. The USP is in identifying the trainers who can gel with workmen to senior management. It conducts programs in regional language along with the English to make the participants understand better.

Through the intense network of certified trainers from pan India, it is possible to reach a different level of audiences. The company believes in customization and hence delivers the programs in almost all the industries, across various verticals in pan India.

We understand the clients need – basis that we give the course modules, accordingly we identify the right trainer from the relevant background with relevant experience to make it an effective delivery. Our Trainer’s Average experience is 15 plus years in specific industry which makes it more effective for us to deliver quality for our clients,” says Prakash.

Paving the Way to Future

Through the years, Bija Training has seen an upward growth. Since the inception of the company until 2018, its revenue had reached to 40 lacs. In the end, Prakash stats, “Our Future Road Map for the next 3 years is supporting all the Automobile OEM’s and Auto Ancillary Industry with revenue of Rs. 1 crore per annum.”

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