Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching: Helping You Take the Next Leap in Your Life

Jasmin Waldmann | Founder | Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching[Life Coaching, Life training, wellness market, healthy life, career, relationships, India, business magazine]
Jasmin Waldmann | Founder | Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching

To say life today is busy, would be an understatement. Everyone is multitasking, and in a rush to reach a place they think they want to be. However, once they reach what they thought was their destination, they often realize this isn’t what they wanted in the first place.

Mankind today is in such a rush to achieve it all, that it has forgotten living the life it has been gifted with. Fuelled by competition and assisted by technology, we seem to live a life that is designed by social pressures instead of individual desires and thoughts. The result is a life that is unsatisfactory, full of unnecessary stress, unhealthy and often stagnant.

Such a lifestyle leads to a point where one feels underachieved. One is confused about where to go next. While decades ago, this stage was called a mid-life crisis which happened in the ‘30s, thanks to the fast forward way of life today, there is no age limit for this feeling to strike. At such a stage, one needs guidance. A life coach, in these cases, helps an individual on how they can change their lives and realize their full potential. Life Coaching improves one’s career, relationships, life and most importantly the thought process, because as Buddha said, “What you think, You become.”

Helping people grow and achieving new heights, is Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching based out of Gurugram, India. The company’s mission is to help as many people as possible to become actually who they are. It helps people with life coaching to find out, and actually be, the one they truly are and even more than that. More importantly, they guide them to be happy and healthy.

A Powerful Founder

Our experiences often define and mould us into what we are today. Jasmin Waldmann, Founder of Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching, in each session of hers, includes her experiences in life, as well as an immense amount of training, to the coaching room. As a child, Jasmin had her grandmother and mother guiding, protecting and nurturing her. But fate struck and she lost both of them in quick succession. It fell on to tender shoulders to build herself up from nothing. Jasmin reminisces “So I was, basically, more or less on my own and I took care of my own life at the age of 13. What to do with my life and taking directions, etc. so to make my disadvantages, my advantages.”

At 19, Jasmin moved to Berlin and decided that it was time to change her life. She finished her graduation, then went to the US and later Australia to study the health and wellness market. She returned to Germany to start her own company. She met a client who was an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trainer. He coached her and helped her to finish the unfinished business in her past, to heal her scars, to understand who she truly is, and how she can become her true self.

Within a few months, she was cured and truly happy again, after 10 years of suffering. It was then that she understood her calling: helping people to help themselves and become who they truly are. Since then, Jasmin has been combining her knowledge and understanding about life and business and has become a powerful life and health coach.

Helping People Achieve

Being both life and health coach, Jasmin helps the individual to become stronger, heal themselves, and be more complete individuals. Those individuals, like the links in a chain, can then help the corporation become stronger by being stronger themselves. “Learning to see a business as more than the sum of the individuals that make it up is a life-changing new perspective. We make a firm stronger and more profitable by making its people stronger as well,” adds Jasmin.

She helps individuals through one-on-one sessions where she discusses with the clients about what is bothering them to identify the pain areas and treat them accordingly. For corporate or group training and coaching, Jasmin as a powerful speaker and guide helps create a positivity that enables individuals to push the limits and achieve new heights. Jasmin basically addresses the HR and the problematic situation then conceptualizes and delivers. Jasmin can show teams how to get to a new level of success by showing them the path to productivity and profitability.

Realization is the First Step

Jasmin coaches people of all age, genders, and nationality. Trough her interaction she realized that more often than not, people don’t know that they have an issue yet. She adds, “The issue is developing and people who have more life experience, they see how it’s building up but the millennials they don’t face so much of issues at this point of time. But I mean usually, later on, they are identifying and can address their difficulties and obstacles they are facing and are ready to get support.”

She feels that the compulsion in corporate life to be available around the clock is too much to ask for from an individual. In personal life too, people give-in to this compulsion of being available all the time either in person or in the virtual world. This stress is bound to invite mental illness sooner or later. She explains, “This especially happens because people do not switch off any more. They are switching not even off their devices, and they are not switching off emotionally, mentally. And this is what I help people with, to switch off and guide how to switch off, maybe with medication, with business activity, fitness activities, so all of that leads into a de-cluttered mind again, of a calm and content mindset because the thoughts are always the most crucial points.”

Taking it Forward by Going Back to Nature

Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching is already working internationally and is also looking for expansion wherever the opportunity presents itself. Jasmin describes her future as a quest to add more and more people in her team to fulfil her mission so as become actually, she says, human again. That means the team is also looking to include animals for pet therapy, which has a win-win situation. It is like taking care of not just the outer issues like sleep pattern, diet, physical check-up but and inner view, one that connects all human beings to nature.

Adding further, Jasmin says, “Reconnecting with nature is essential. It is basically reconnecting with ourselves because we actually are nature. Thus our company extends the offers which we provide to outside adventure trips.  from this year onwards we take people (individuals) outside into the mountains for some tours, and it’s called the ‘Tour of Change’. This is really to allow people to change, to meet themselves again apart from all the technology and their responsibilities and all the roles they are covering and away from all the things they have to do, to deal with and have to manage. So this is the plan plus in 2021 we are creating a centre in a bigger picture where people are coming to focus on retreats.”

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