BIORx Venture Advisors: Providing Highly Specialized Financial and Strategic Advisory Services

BIORx Venture Advisors

The wealth management industry is facing one of its greatest challenges in decades as demographic and cultural shifts are simultaneously increasing the demand for investment services and thinning the ranks of qualified financial advisors.
BIORx Venture Advisors Private Limited (BIORx) is committed to provide highly
specialized financial and strategic advisory services. It has a proven track record of various transactional closures towards supporting superior investment growth opportunities and is committed to provide highly specialized financial and strategic advisory services.
An Astute and a Fascinating Leader of the Organisation
Vishal Gandhi, the Founder and CEO of BIORx Venture Advisors Pvt Ltd (BVA) leads an accomplished team of MBAs, Chartered Accountants and Life -Sciences Domain Experts. The focus of BVA has been on providing Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) /J.V advisory services, Technology Transfer, Commercial and Technical due diligence and helping clients raise capital. He has provided opinions and reports on over 100 valuations in his career. Prior to starting his own company, Vishal had a 7 year stint with YES Bank, where he significantly developed the Life Sciences and Healthcare Vertical bringing in business from over 35 significant transactions in the area of M&A/Private Equity /Debt Space.
He was extensively involved in financial, technical and commercial due diligence for Bank In -house clients and had worked with various Govt. agencies in conceptualization and implementation of the funding schemes. Some of marquee transactions he worked on includes financing of India’s largest Multi-Specialty single location hospital “Medanta Medicity” at NCR- Gurgaon. Vishal has authored/presented six Knowledge papersand, published few articles related to various facets of Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.
Value-Based Offerings for BIORx
The company strives to cater to its customer base according to the requirement in keeping with the best industry standards and below is a snippet of their offerings.

  • Private Equity Placement/ Venture Capital Placement
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory & Financing Arrangement
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Joint venture partner search
  • Identification of buyers for sale
  • Technology Transfer, etc
  • Term Debt Syndication-Arrangement of INR Term Debt, Project Finance and External Commercial Borrowings
  • Arrangement and Management of working capital facilities
  • Structured Finance

Smooth Seas do not make Skillful Sailors
Vishal Gandhi says the challenges the company has faced has made them grew, bloomed and are six years older and counting. The company has never perceived them as an impediment to our growth, but as lessons learnt over time enabling us to fine tune ourselves to nuances of different personalities.
During the journey towards growth the challenges faced were:-

  • It was new to business with many established competitors.
  • No proven track record to lure customers.
  • Low working capital and income made it difficult to hire brighter minds.

View on Current Situation
Trust is tested in times of crisis, and advisers should be aware of whether their clients fear crisis and market volatility. The founder feels that the industry we operate in is full of new entrants. Anyone with some knowledge of finance tries to become a financial advisor. Free entry and exit supports them whereas the repetitive business models applying for fund makes it difficult to get financed and acquired. Talking about its future looking at the current scenario, he believes that the future belongs to old players.
Customers at the Core of Business
Creating relationships with customers before and after the business in order to drive repeat business, loyalty and profits delivers high-quality products.
Vishal Gandhi further adds that we have seen many well-established companies fail, not because they were not technology enabled or they lacked capital to grow but because they were not client/customer centric.
Learning from them, BIORx grew keeping relationship as their top most priority.
The support/ benefits the clients get from BIORx side are:-

  • Less fees but global reach.
  • Better knowledge of the market to help connect relevant companies/investors.

Training and Development
Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees. The company believes that the training will give the employee a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, and in turn build their confidence. Most employees will have some weaknesses in their workplace skills. A training program allows one to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. A development program brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge.
Funding- Fuel that powers BIORx
BIORx plans to practice raising of money for working capital or capital expenditures by issuing debt to individuals or institutional investors. It plans to provide funding at lower rates than equity financing, especially in periods of historically low interest rates.
Competitive Spirit to Tackle Competition
It is always better to be Master of one than to be jack of all.
The organisation understood this and chose to establish itself only in one sector that is healthcare and not to be in many. This is one of the way of that the company chooses to tackle the competition.
The Director of the company has a good experience of more than a decade in same industry which helps to grow continuously.
Advancing towards a Brighter Future
To ensure that it is aligned with the advancements, BIORx have many plans for better future to flourish.
Some of them are:-

  • Installation of CRM, which means more human time for other fruitful works.
  • Using Social Media and other digital platforms by hiring people from same background.

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