Oakcapita Advisory LLP: Offering a Myriad Range of Swift and Seamless Services Globally

Oakcapita Advisory

Oakcapita Advisory LLP is a specialist M&A advisory firm diversified across sectors and geographies to reach out and serve clients seeking in-depth strategic, investing and financial expertise. The company consolidates its globally structured professional expertise to render seamless advisory and investment banking services to clients in major sectors including manufacturing, automobile, industrials, consumer product, real estate, retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

It strives to provide a broad spectrum of strategic M&A solutions in due diligence, capital raising, equity offerings, debt issuances, and derivatives. Be it sell-side, buy-side or corporate restructuring, the company offers these solutions through all the phases of M&A. It functions from originating deals to post-deal execution and also help businesses to achieve their strategic goals and stand uniquely positioned on the global front.
Oakcapita Advisory LLP has an inclination towards working with eminent firms having a reputed stature and it also keeps a track of all kinds of businesses be it seed funding, distressed, novel or promising.

The Resourceful Leader
A diligent personality, Binesh Balan is the Founder and CEO at Oakcapita Advisory LLP. He has a rich experience of over a decade working in the Investment Banking industry. Binesh is an expert in the various areas, which includes M&A, private equity and venture capital deals, project finance. And also specializes in equity and debt syndication fund raising assignments, market entry strategies, JV’s, strategic tie-ups and management consultancy specialized in GCC, Asian and European markets. He is closely associated with leading family offices, business groups, HNIs and private equity funds in the Middle East, Europe, the US and Asia. He juggles his work routine between countries of Middle East, Europe and India.

Accomplishing the Clients Desires
The main pursuit behind a merger, acquisition or restructure is to create operational strategic and financial value. In order to achieve the successful completion of these outcomes, it requires greater transparency, in-depth market and industry research, well-conceived strategies, planning, implementation and execution excellence.
Oakcapita Advisory LLP has strategic partnerships with a number of advisory firms globally, giving its clients an easy access to foreign capital markets. The company has an exclusive network of international investors, which helps the clients achieve their strategic intent of growth, expansion, cash flow generation and profit maximization.

The company is highly focused and committed to integrate effective measures for developing customized growth strategies to help clients capitalize from complex challenges. Its agility, adaptability and creativity in an emerging business landscape will ensure success in spanning sectors such as corporate finance, debt advisory, capital-rising, corporate restructure and M&A transactions.

Upcoming Services and Plans
Oakcapita Advisory LLP plans to enter into Blockchain / Technology space, possibly even as investors. It is planning to incorporate its expertise with customized digital based solutions to handle deal complexities and ensure smoother deal implementation and execution. Embracing the advanced M&A technology solutions can reduce the cost and time and improve global collaborations and accelerate M&A deal making and transactions.

Effectively Tackling Challenges
The major challenge Oakcapita Advisory LLP faced initially was operating in the global context, where markets are more interconnected due to the increasing globalization of the M&A sector in general. Another challenge for the company was to surpass the competition by establishing itself as a brand to stand out from other boutique advisors and securing interesting deals. The company has faced numerous challenges till date and successfully overcome it. It believes that every challenge can be seen as an opportunity to rise in the longer run. Taking the right step at the right time can make a world of difference and position the company uniquely in a globalized world.

It is striving to deliver its insights, expertise and experience to its clients through each phase of the merger and acquisition process. The company selects its deals after proper due diligence and prefers in quality over quantity. It is investing in developing a rich human capital to identify challenges and harness them to opportunities by using local and global knowledge to deliver customized strategies suited for each client in such a highly competitive landscape.

The Present and Future Times of the Industry
Currently, firms globally are realizing that inorganic growth is the way ahead. With a relatively high level of market concentration of business startups, corporates are downsizing or realigning their operations by spurring consolidations to focus on profitability, core business areas and operational efficiency rather than market share. The global economy has witnessed a gradual, but steady growth over the recent years in terms of value from global M&A transactions.

Exploring the Road Ahead
Embracing the digital revolution hands down is the way forward. Going digital, can improve global collaborations, deliver data-driven insights, reduce costs, time and streamline the processes in a detail lifecycle.
Oakcapita Advisory LLP wants to create an era of giving back to the society by covering and creating opportunities of M&A with a shared purpose of social innovation and business growth. The company believes that greater commitment towards making a difference can often lead to greater returns on investment. Delivering scalable investment strategies by bringing together dynamic business leaders and forward thinking investors can generate economic returns with positive and measurable social outcomes. It is also planning tie-ups with various start-ups ecosystems globally, to serve its clients even better.
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