B&R Industrial Automation: A Global Player Delivering Cutting-Edge Automation Products

B&R Industrial Automation

The manufacturing industries are on the rise worldwide which are evolving and adopting the next generation technology solutions. Over the past years, India is pushing towards technology adoptions, aspirational and no longer has wishes to project itself, as low cost hub rather wanted to be the best-of-class in preferred choice. With these technology transformations, Indian players are not only becoming increasingly competitive but also serving the ever-growing demand of domestic and international market. The initiatives and policies from the Indian government such as ‘Make in India’, infrastructure development are aiding ambitions of SMEs, thus creating an attractive business environment for the Indian industry.
On July 6, 2017, an innovative automation company, B&R Industrial Automation Private Limited became a business unit of the ABB Group with its headquarters in Austria. As a global leader in industrial automation, it combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced engineering to provide customers with complete solutions virtually in every industry for machine and factory automation, motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology. The industrial IoT communication standards like OPC UA, Powerlink and Open Safety as well as the powerful Automation Studio software development environment are constantly redefining the future of automation engineering. The innovative spirit that keeps B&R at the forefront of industrial automation is driven by a true commitment to simplify the processes and exceeding its customer expectations.
With over 200+ offices worldwide, the company provides an entire range of products and software based open-architecture solutions for machine and factory automation. By pairing the B&R’s innovative products and software solutions with ABB’s world leading offering in robotics, process automation, digitalization and electrification, they have expanded their position in industrial automation. At present, B&R is uniquely positioned to seize the growth opportunities resulting from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
An Enthusiastic and Adept Leader of B&R
Jhankar Dutta is the Managing Director of B&R India. Jhankar holds a PG degree in Business Management – Marketing after completing his graduation in Electronics engineering and then joined the field of automation. With an extensive experience of over more than a decade in the industrial automation, he is specialized in machine and factory automation in different industry verticals. Jhankar began his B&R career in International Sales at Austria. Subsequently he was heading one of the major offices of B&R India in preparation for his new role.
B&R Factory’s Advanced Automation Applications and Services
B&R is well-known as a technology leader and takes pride in delivering cutting edge technology products. The company provides unique solutions to the machine builders and factory operators in various industries namely packaging, plastics, printing and paper, textiles, automobiles, food and beverages, semiconductors, wood, metal and mining, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Over 4000 machine builders and 30000 plants and factories from around the world trust in B&R.  Even the machine builders from India have been associated with B & R over many years, which is strongly resonated in the number of customers visiting their flagship, interactive event called Innovation Day.
B&R acts as a key enabler for companies moving in the direction of Industry 4.0 by offering them technologies & solutions. This facilitation improves the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of their machines and factories. B&R’s Orange Box lets user’s access various parameters and process data from digitally isolated machinery. The Orange Box brings smart-factory intelligence to brownfield installations with cost- effectiveness. It reads data from the machines without making any changes to the existing hardware or software.
B&R also realize that a product with high features is insufficient from the market-leader situations. Hence, they focus on having professional manpower’s who have mastery over the products to help their customers select and implement the new products and features. They provide integrated one-stop solutions for machine factory automation applications and services. It also serve as a perfect automation partner to machine builders helping them achieve a successful Industrial IoT implementation. In addition, they also offer complete assistance and guidance to their customers during their project design and implementation.
Successive World-Class Customer Support of B&R
B&R’s innovations in its products and technologies are an ideal partner for achieving a cost effective, high performance, modular machines and production units. B&R has been a believer in open source architectures for over a decade. Ethernet Powerlink, the open source real time deterministic Ethernet communication acts as a backbone for all B&R systems.
APROL from B&R acts as a middleware and simplifies process data capture including energy and condition monitoring. It collects, monitors, logs and analyzes data, along with providing extensive reports and trends for real time decision making. Users thus do not need different systems for satisfying different needs of energy, condition monitoring and data acquisition and everything can be handled in a single system. Condition monitoring systems help in predicting the behavior of the machines and reducing unplanned downtimes. APROL PDA can be used to monitor one or more lines of machines in a factory. A clear overview of the entire plant, including aggregated status signals, makes it possible to assess data from individual production lines or an entire plant at a glance. APROL is equipped with comprehensive analysis and reporting tools that generate individual reports at the push of a button. These analysis and reporting tools round off the functionality of the automation platform and make the system an ideal tool to meet the challenges of the future. Factory operators get a complete view of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), energy data and condition data at their fingertips.
Enhancing Customer Support Experience
Over the years, B&R has consistently grown with their customers playing a vital role in its success. Together with their customers, B&R wants to pursue their goals and objectives and consolidate the future. “Our mission is to enhance customer support experience and deliver satisfaction efficiently in a shortest possible time. We are proud to say that we are providing best in class service and support to our customers. Our world-class support will definitely enhance our customer’s experience, enabling them to offer their customers faster service and reduce machine downtime” states Jhankar, while discussing the future plans of the company.
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