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During the eighteenth century, the industrial revolution came up and hence the automation was introduced. With the coming of Automation the machines were used to replace human labour and animal power. With the advanced technology coming in, electronics, computers, optical testing and rapid development in other fields has made machine control even more complex.
Softhard, since 1994, has devoted itself to the automation field. It is an ISRO 9001:2008 certified company that has a team of electronics professionals who have an aim of providing high quality hardware and software solutions. Today they have over 150 engineers and technicians spread over manufacturing, R&D, Sales and Servicing all over the country. Their sales have increased from USD 0.1 million to USD 7 million in last one decade. The main focus of this company is to provide robust embedded solutions across various industry segments. Driven by strong technology leadership and a committed team, Softhard is forging ahead to meet the challenges of tomorrow with constant focus on customers.
Experts in Hi-Tech Electronics Solutions
Softhard is a research, design and manufacturing company with domain proficiency in hi technology electronics solutions. The core competence of company lies in designing, development and fabrication of micro controller/ digital signal processor based product and solutions to meet industry business needs. From building management systems, data loggers, energy management and process control and automation to instrumentation and control, they have a wide experience profile to cater to all the customer needs. It is one of the few companies in the world to offer complete range of Air conditioning control solution up to 8000T.
Softhard’s vision is to become the best company in India for embedded and automation solution for manufacturing a commercial industry. They value their customers to the core. They wish to attain highest level of success in their dedicated field. Developing and providing robust technology at very reasonable rates and competitive prices. Providing an innovative and commitment enabling environment to all of its employees is their key feature.
About the Ingenious Mentor of Softhard
Mr. Milind Jagtap comes from a lower middle class Maharashtrain family. At first, his family did not allow him to do business as they believed that Marathis never succeeded in doing a business. Milind took the entrepreneurial plunge and left his job to try his hand at business with a promise of getting back to business if this doesn’t work. A business that was started with a capital of 20,000 in 20 years has reached 200 crore. He believes that innovation is the only way your business can do well. Hitachi and Tata Group of Companies were the first ones to give the order to Softhard.
With innovation, he has replaced many technologies in DRDO; they are in the main vendors for replacement of German and Switzerland technologies and they are the only vendors in India who have been approved in Missiles and many important technologies where secrecy is to be maintained. The Bhabha Atomic Centre,ISRO, the Prime Minister’s house are all clients of this prestigious firm. Softhard has made about 10 lakh Installations in over 20 years.
Overcoming the Challenges
Rising energy costs and ever-stricter environmental regulations are squeezing productivity and reducing competitiveness in the industry. Being profitable in today’s market means controlling expenses. Greater energy efficiency is therefore the order of the day. In order to achieve this, there must be more transparency and real time accurate information on actual amount of energy consumed as well as degree of efficiency and the losses incurred and/or likely to be incurred in case system is allowed to continue in its present form.
Power availability and reliability are among the most critical issues affecting the company’s profitability and competitiveness. The challenge is to ensure availability of safe, clean, reliable power, and meet expanding demand without raising production costs. SOFTHARD µ-EMS aids all phases of the operations. Its system can verify normal activities and provide actionable information to help proactively access and analyze the network to determine and implement improvements.
Expert in Intelligent Energy Management
SOFTHARD from day one has provided innovative, integrated solutions that make energy safer, more reliable and more efficient while making your operations more productive and sustainable. From power distribution to expert services and support, their unique solutions are focused on energy efficiency, reliability and safety. Softhard helps you to reduce costs and emissions, stay connected at all times, and tap into a clean, secure and uninterrupted power supply.
Softhard helps you discover new opportunities to make the most of your energy.
Mission of Softhard
Softhard’s mission is to be a leading Indian enterprise providing quality product and solution based on embedded system technology. Introducing automation and electronics to rural areas at a very affordable cost. Employing women, lower caste people and rural people and giving them special training is what this company aims to do. They wish to make maximum people independent with the employment that they provide. All in all Softhard aspires to improve the life of the people living in the urban and the rural areas of India.
Source :-The 10 Most Advanced Industrial Automation Companies

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