DesignBoat: Enabling Opportunities in the UX/ UI design space dynamically

DesignBoat | Enabling Opportunities in the UX/ UI design space dynamically
DesignBoat | Enabling Opportunities in the UX/ UI design space dynamically

The design has now become the heart and soul of the businesses. “Design used to be the seasoning you’d sprinkle on for the taste, now it’s the flour you need at the start of the recipe”, the quote by renowned American designer John Maeda, perfectly illustrates the significance of incorporating design in today’s businesses. Design is used everywhere right from making applications, creative visuals, videos, prototypes, illustrations, the list goes on and on…Design has become the ultimate secret sauce to enhance the user experience for the businesses.

As such the demand to cater to the design needs of these companies has expanded by 5X times. Moreover, UX/ UI design careers are amongst the highest-paid careers in the industry. This huge demand and lack of skilled personnel create a great scope for designing careers.

Unfortunately, when it comes to imparting design learning in India, there is no formal in-built education. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish such institutions which can provide mentoring from the best design gurus, advanced learning set-ups, exclusive resources and promised placements for the students.

Necessity is the mother of invention. This dire need to impart esign education in India gave birth to DesignBoat, a startup in the year 2016. DesignBoat is an ed-tech company that specializes in imparting knowledge in the field of UX/UI design.

From The Desk Of The Captains Of DesignBoat:

Harsha Kakkeri, Founder & CEO You can call this either word of mouth or the hard work done by our mentors, but our teachings started to make a difference.
Akshay Bukka, Co-founder We believe for the culture to grow; we need to build a like mind.


Chetan Deshmukh, Co-founder The entire course and teaching structure are maintained, and yes to our pride, the students have well responded to the new norm of online.
Sneha Bukka, Co-founder We have an industry-driven curriculum that helps the students get placed in just four months.

The Core Competencies And Differentiating Factor

  • Strategically designed courses that meet international standards and are up to industry norms.
  • Adaptive teaching mechanisms; classes are conducted now online in the pandemic.
  • Highly experienced design gurus who keep brightening the future of the aspirants.
  • Disrupted traditional textbook teaching approach by incorporating a holistic, creative and innovative learning model to create industry-ready professionals.
  • Known for building an astonishing relationship between mentors and mentees. Free-of cost lifetime support and mentorship to all their students. Many ex-students do come to clarify their queries and grab a coffee.

The Glorified Journey From 1 Sailor To 4000+ Sailors

  • In 2016, the design school had started with just one student. Within three months, they managed to acquire 180 students.
  • Owing to its exceptional performance, today DesignBoat has exposure to eight cities in India.
  • 4388 students have enrolled as of now, out of which 3060 have been placed at top-notch enterprises in the industry.
  • Successful completion of 134 workshops by the DesignBoat team to date.

A company cannot excel without the support of its employees.

Dynamics of Company’s Success and Involvement of the DesignBoat’s Staff

When the personnel keep their heart, mind and soul for the upliftment of the organization, such startups are bound to create wonders. The same goes for DesignBoat. It has been sailing smoothly even in the extreme weathers and crazy waters because of the exclusive guidance from the Chief Commanders.

Meet the Chief Commanders of DesignBoat:

Abhishek S. M A person who loves technology and blends it with lessons of UX design to teach the sailors in an interesting, innovative and inspiring manner.
Shree Harsha C.V A treasurer of the incredible UX knowledge who keeps imparting digestible design curriculum to the sailors.
Pavan Penurkar A master of producing the fascinating design portfolios and preaching the same in innovative manners to our sailors.

The Journey of the Boat Ahead:

Wishes to work and coordinate closely with schools and colleges of the country. This startup wants to begin various apt courses about design thinking at different locations. Wants to propose the idea of including design thinking as a subject in the academic curriculum for the undergraduates, so they can too apply for jobs in the design space. All set to incorporate the latest AR and VR technology in the designing sector. In the coming years, the company aspires to penetrate three cities post covid-19.

What Do The Sailors Have to Say?

  • Ketaki Kshirsagar

Placed: User Experience Designer at HCL

“ I’m an industrial design by profession. In the course of my first job, I developed an interest in User experience design. The fact that screens are replacing physical controls and digital experiences have become an essential part of delivering complete & meaningful solutions, motivated me to be versed in UX/UI design.

I came across Design Boat while doing my research. Learning at DesignBoat was an insightful journey. Along with acquiring skills in contemporary Experience Design.

I have confidently worked on several UX/UI projects independently since I completed the “Intensified UX/UI Design” from DesignBoat.”

  • Pradnya Barwade

Placed: Senior UX Designer at TCS

“I had a design background, but the DesignBoat School inspired my UX/UI design dreams. 14 weeks in DesignBoat School was a turning point for me. I am very happy with the mentor Mr Harsha and Mr Aditya Naik. Today was selected as Sr. UX Designer and all the credit goes to the “DesignBoat School”. Thank you so much for guiding my dreams, it was the right decision in my life. Finally, I met with my goal.”

DesignBoat is all set to make a change, a difference in the designing space with its holistic skill-based learning approach and create enormous opportunities for every budding UX/UI designer in India.

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