B’risk Intelligence: Emerging Stronger by Tackling Risk

Risk Intelligence is the new buzz word in the business community across the globe. Aware of the potential it offered, B’risk Intelligence ventured into providing risk awareness in the Indian subcontinent to it’s global clients in 2009.
B’risk Intelligence provides a host of risk management solutions to their clients across the globe that are aimed at analyzing the threats as well as opportunities in the external environment.
Gradual Metamorphosis
The company made a foray into risk assessments when the business community was just waking up to the importance of taking calculated risks, meeting regulatory compliances, managing reputation, protecting investments and knowing the market as well as their competitors. They have tread a path less taken and have emerged stronger, by that extra effort put in to streamline their processes, find secondary sources of information and develop a reliable primary source network which makes them capable of delivering discerning answers to the client’s queries.
Today, B’risk Intelligence comprises of a team of competitive intelligence and investigative professionals from the consulting background with over two decades of experience in their respective areas of specialization. With their synergies, the company strives to find solutions to complex and diverse issues across all industry verticals within India.
Having achieved a milestone 500+ customized market research/due diligence assignments in the last 8 years, B’risk Intelligence is now firmly positioned to reach out to the next level.
Out of the Box Solutions
B’risk Intelligence helps their clients take business critical decisions by providing them with better-researched facts in a concise and meaningful manner that lends clarity to their business horizon. Some of their service offerings are:-
Business Intelligence– Third party risk assessments, due diligence, reputational risk assessments, corporate investigations, as well as compliance checks.
Competitive Intelligence- Researching the marketing strategies of competitors along with an assessment of their financial performance, the effectiveness of their supply chain, pricing policies, and new product launches as well as a study of their key strengths and weaknesses.
Market Intelligence- Market research, trend analysis, forecasting, market sizing as well as a roundup of the regulatory and political landscape.
Pharma Competitive Intelligence- Insights into new drug discoveries and developments, regulatory approvals to product launches, fact finding as well as patent research and monitoring.
Pursuing Global Trends in Risk assessment
More than looking for threats in a given business situation from a historical perspective, risk mitigation techniques are traversing towards predicting risk with the use of behavioral science and cognitive technology. Along with the social media platforms, smart devices and intelligent software have a big role to play in analyzing trends and helping companies stay ahead. The very same smart technology might also become a cause for some concern and will make organizations look for out of the box solutions to increase cyber security and reduce online frauds.
Even competitive/market intelligence as a discipline is fast gathering momentum with budget allocations to CI departments steadily on the rise.
A Challenging Journey
Risk reporting is akin to investigative journalism wherein one needs to gather facts discretely and report these in an unbiased manner without attracting attention or drawing any conclusions. At B’risk Intelligence, they understand the sensitivities involved and are extra cautious of adhering to a strict code of conduct as well as maintaining high levels of business ethics. This requires a lot of tact, foresightedness and a resolute will to probe until the truth unfolds.
The market dynamics in India are also extremely complex. A lack of structured and transparent public domain information further makes it a challenge to gather information through secondary research. 
Resolute Will of an Entrepreneur
Rashi Khetarpaul, Founder & CEO of B’risk Intelligence is a qualified Cost and Management Accountant (AICMA) with close to 25 years of successful experience in diversified management roles with at least 15 years being dedicated to risk mitigation related services.
With an extra sensory perception, she has the knack of digging out the hardest to find information effortlessly. She is the kind of a person who thrives on challenges and has been credited with delivering results even in the most complex and diverse scenarios.
Always a Step Ahead
To remain a step ahead B’risk Intelligence has created a diversified portfolio of services across all verticals and are trying to project themselves as a one stop shop for all their client’s business information needs – be it due diligence, reputational intelligence, competitive intelligence, market research or simply business analytics. Business intelligence has been the mainstay of their business so far, however, they are even passionate about competitive/market intelligence, although this discipline is yet to catch up with the west in India.
Adding on, diversification of their services around their core strengths would be the key focus aside from entering newer markets. For instance, they have already made a foray into Pharma CI around three years ago and have made some reasonably good progress there as well. Another recent introduction to their services is trend analysis and forecasting using statistical tools.
‘Be smart and be fast’ is the new mantra for success, says the CEO of B’risk Intelligence.
Website:- www.briskintelligence.com

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Risk Management Solution Providers

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