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Risk is of supreme significance in organizations. Businesses must identify, evaluate, manage and report many types of risk for improved external decision making. Risk Management, an expression frequently linked to key corporations as a corporate governance requirement is a convenient course that MSME’s can implement to advance their chances of sustained and successful longevity. From many years, risk management has been well-known as a vital process in the business institutions. It is further understood that risk management is less established within the small business sector where strong initiative culture can only help in working under risk in a specialized and designed way.
The persistence of a business entity totally depends on its proficiencies to anticipate and formulate the change rather than waiting for the change and then reacting on it. It should be clearly understood that the objective of risk management is not to preclude or prohibit taking risk, but to safeguard that the risks are deliberately taken with comprehensive knowledge and clear understanding such that it can be dignified to help in mitigation. Numerous large and international firms employ their own Risk & Insurance Managers, but for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, it has always been tough to validate these extra costs.
Instigated in 2001, Risk Tech Solutions is a frontrunner in providing of outsourced risk and insurance management services to companies in the S.M.E, IT, Education and Care sectors. Risk Tech is a worthwhile and best substitute to “in house” risk & insurance departments. Its clients have outsourced Risk Tech for risk management, insurance administration and purchase function, rather than employing a full-time insurance and risk manager. Meritoriously, Risk Tech provides supreme risk management solution by saving management time administrative costs and premiums. Risk Tech’s modest risk services help industries and businesses to classify the public living in the area of their business and reduce the acceptable risk level.
Risk Tech Solutions is the first to take this initiative to bring all the consultants together to provide dedicated services to medical professionals in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai & all over India.
MEDECO-INDIA is a spin-off of Risk Tech Solutions. The main objective of MEDECO-INDIA is to defend the doctors from medico negligence cases. The services provided by the company are:

  • Conduct Medico Legal Training for Doctors, RMOs, and Nurses & Staffs.
  • To protect doctors from physical assaults.
  • Medico Legal paper work.
  • Provide Lawyer Assistance – Apex Court, High Court, Supreme Court
  • Provide PR Consultancy during the period.
  • Provide Indemnity Bond.

An Ingenious Leader of Risk Tech Solutions
Chaitanya Sthalekar, Founder & CEO at Risk Tech Solutions and a Founder MEDECO-INDIA (A Spinoff Campaign by Risk Tech Solutions), has over 23 years of experience in providing top level managerial services in various fields, including 16 years in the field of Risk Management & Non–Life Insurance. As a professional in the field of risk management, he undertakes consultancy, training & assessment related work for Small & Medium Enterprises.
“To earn more, you must learn more,” Chaitanya adds and suggests organizational colonizes by expressing, “If you want to increase your level of income and achieve the best life for yourself, you must increase your level of intellectual capital and thereby the value of the knowledge component of what you are doing.”
A vast experience of Chaitanya in risk management field is very meticulous, detail oriented and dedicated that helps Risk Tech’s Clients to evaluate their lacking areas. He is a very dedicated and hardworking person who guides his clients by being supportive across all professional matters. Chaitanya has the ability to analyze and visualize every matter with deep interest which is taken by him. His level of ability in his field governs the quality and quantity of the results.
As an influential Leader, Chaitanya has coached a culture of making business more efficient and productive through many initiatives and with a focus on making organizations feel engaged, valued and empowered. He has been excellent in interpersonal relations. His experience and knowledge coupled with its utilization in the related field make him stand apart. Like a complete personality, Chaitanya has both impressive skills as a professional as well as a very understanding and human nature-guiding those around who needed counsel.
Superior Execution of Risk Strategies  
As a Professional Leader, Chaitanya guides people by saying, “A lot of things have no deadlines. Setting a deadline will help you finish your task faster. Balance every aspect of your life and business, get the work done to the best of your ability the first time and don’t second guess yourself. If you always work hard and don’t cut corners, then this is easy to achieve and you will be happy with your work.”
Also, he asserts, “If you don’t want a lot out of life then you don’t have to put a lot into it, but if you are like most of us and want to be successful then you need to plan ahead. Only you can decide how your life will end up so make sure and give yourself some options.”
On building new business relationships Chaitanya adds, “Network, Network, Network! I always believe that I am into the business of meeting people.”
Risk Tech’s Distinguishing and Notable Solutions

  • Enterprise Risk Management [ERM]
  • Business Continuity Program [BCP]
  • SME Business Insurance Planning & Design

Building Long-term relationships by serving Business Class
As a leading business owner and independent consultant, Risk Tech focuses their resources on gaining new business. However, a new organization doesn’t always have to mean new clients. Their timely and efficient communication form strong relationships with clients for repeat business set up. As a strong Risk adviser, they carry a heavy burden of professional responsibilities and rectify the risk areas to show a positive face to their clients. The energy and confidence of Risk Tech heighten clients’ work enthusiasm and makes them more productive in their work.
While building a strong and lasting relationship with clients, Risk Tech maintains a policy of openness when it comes to professional opinions and point of view regarding the best interests of the project. By confidently expressing honest opinions, they are smartly satisfying their clients. Risk Tech builds a strong relationship with a client by developing a reputation as an independent consultant who delivers exceptional results.
The key is to find the opportunity to go above and beyond in a manner that your clients will appreciate- by following this principle Risk Tech is gracefully satisfying their clients.
Risk Tech identifies the lacking business areas, assesses possible risks and places strategies for handling those risks.
Risk Tech assists following tactics for their most satisfying clients.

  • safeguarding business continuity
  • decreasing insurance premiums
  • reducing the chance of being sued in certain circumstances
  • reducing the time when the business may be unable to operate
  • allowing for a plan to replace key personnel
  • reducing the loss/damage to machinery and other equipment that is necessary for the efficient running of the business
  • Strengthening capacity to stay in business.

Future Revolutions
A fruitful initiative of MEDICO-INDIA of Risk Tech is collaborating all the consultants together to provide specialized services to Medical professionals in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and surroundings.
MEDICO-INDIA offers consultancy against Medico-Legal Risks & Cases. It supports in terms of defending Doctor’s Case on a day to day basis at every level in Consumer, Civil, Criminal Courts and Medical Council till the final judgment of the Apex Court. Medico-Legal problems are so technical that it can be dealt or understood by a Medico-­Legal expert only.
Risk Tech knows that today’s business environment is more complex and volatile than ever before – it’s a reality in work. An increasingly unpredictable and dynamic business environment demands the development of a clear Risk Management strategy. Risk Tech has combined best research with their extensive experience in developing and delivering Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategies.
Further, the newly researched ways of Risk Tech is incentivizing good risk behavior and increasing the performance of different areas in industries by improving Risk Management KPIs. This method organization can go beyond traditional ways of managing risks by using smart machines to detect, predict and prevent risks in high-risk situations.
In 2017, Risk Tech’s management team is going across all major industries for cultivating a strong risk culture within their companies. They are translating a solid Risk Management strategy, culture and framework into practice – in order to achieve real business change – demanding a centralized system of record. Also, they are establishing and actively promoting new methods for communicating, reporting and addressing risks throughout the industries.
Risk Tech’s greater proportion of work efforts in the workplace – particularly in front-line operational roles – are now equipped to convey experiences and outcomes that can help to form Risk Management controls, contingency, and mitigation plans. They are implementing new techniques in providing appropriate training to employees on how to protect themselves, as well as the organization, from threats associated with their job – from IP theft to data loss, occupational health and safety hazards and more – which is critical.
Risk Tech helps the industry and businesses to escalate and achieve their legal obligations pertaining to workplace safety & health and environment protection by identifying the laws and regulations applicable to the processes and operations carried out in their respective industries and workplaces. The direct risk reduction measures based on well-recognized standards & codes of practice and best industry practices if the evaluated risks exceed the relevant criteria for risk tolerability.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Risk Management Solution Providers

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