Google Maps for Android Updated with Better Transit Times and Traffic Data

Google Maps for Android has new updates with a nifty new user interface dedicated to traffic around you and transit times. Using a swipe from bottom gesture, users will have choice to access popular places nearby them. Google claims that Transit, Places and Traffic are 3 of the most used features on Maps apart from Directions or Navigation. This feature will be a adding factor for Google to get in line with the competition which has for long been significantly better in terms of displaying transit related data.
As for traffic, Google can utilize all the resources from Waze, which it obtained back in 2013. Places is something that Google has made its own appreciation to comprehensive results and data presented on Search. The update is live right away, but might take some time to reach all users. This won’t be a server side update, so it will be seen on the Play Store. Be sure to keep an eye on the Updates tab on the Play Store to make sure you get it as soon as it is sent out.
There’s still no word as to when iOS users will receive the update, although we sense it shouldn’t take long for the users to see it on their iPhones and iPads. Knowing how Google Maps is the preferred navigation app for millions of smartphone users, it behooves Google to send out periodical updates such as these to keep user experience fresh and bring in more features over time.

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