Receives A CO2 Neutral Website Certificate

CasinoExpressindia receives a CO2 Neutral Website Certificate to show that its carbon emissions from the server and client-side are neutral.

Reasons Why the CO2 Neutral Website Certificate Is A Great Deal is the proud recipient of the CO2 Neutral Website certificate. The certificate will be valid until 09-30-2021, and it proves that is a participant in the CO2 Neutral Website climate initiative. 

As a recipient of the CO2 Neutral Website certificate, Casinoexpressindia will have the opportunity to display their CO2 Neutral Website icon on their site. The icon will allow the site’s users to know that the website has a neutral carbon emission–an indication that the site is eco-friendly or green. Casinoexpressindia’s CO2 Neutral Website certificate will allow the site’s users to know that the platform is building renewable and sustainable energy sources while also supporting CO2 reduction projects. Additionally, the certificate and the icon will help Casinoexpressindia to promote environmental consciousness among the site’s users.

A Look at The Timing of The Announcement

There are over 2500 companies that participate in the CO2 Neutral Website climate initiative. has now joined the league of environmentally conscious and friendly websites. The platform will be making this huge announcement on the backdrop of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic that stopped life as we knew it. 

Working from home has become the new normal, and this means that people are spending more time online. Students too, are spending more time online since more learning institutions are embracing and rolling out online learning programs. The gambling sector has also been affected by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Most retail casinos closed their doors to players to limit the spread of the virus, and this led to the rise in online gambling. 

More online activity results in an increase in the amount of carbon emission from a website’s server and client-side. It now becomes evident that the ongoing covid-19 pandemic is taking its toll on both human life and the environment. Casinoexpressindia’s announcement, therefore, wouldn’t have come at a better time. 

It is also worth pointing out that the platform’s announcement comes at a time when people’s attitude towards climate change and environmental protection is changing. Initially, a lot of people thought that climate change was a hoax. This, however, is not the case, thanks to the demystification of the topic. The use of research-backed evidence to show that climate change is real has led to a massive shift in public opinion on the issue. 

Consumer trends are also changing. More consumers want to make informed decisions when buying a product or service. A large number of consumers are concerned with environmental safety, protection, and conservation, and this explains why eco-friendly (green) sites are becoming increasingly popular. There is more awareness among the public on the harmful effects of CO2 emissions on the environment. In addition to being vocal on the issue of environmental protection, consumers also want brands to take action to reduce their emissions—a move they believe will be more impactful than merely supporting environmental protection initiatives. 

What Should You Know About Co2 Emissions as A Casino Enthusiast?

Scientists have uncovered a link between the world’s carbon emission and global warming. For those who don’t know, global warming is the rapid increase in the earth’s surface temperature. According to scientists, CO2 emissions are the main greenhouse gases emitted into the earth’s atmosphere and the gas results from human activity. Carbon (IV) Oxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere, but human activities have the potential of altering the natural CO2 cycle­ in the ocean, plants, atmosphere, or soil. More CO2 enters the atmosphere as a result of different human activities. When this happens, forests lose their ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere naturally.

A lot of critics have dismissed the concept of global warming in the past. Nonetheless, things have long changed, and global warming (the observed and recorded increase in the average temperature of the earth’s oceans and atmosphere) is becoming a global concern. Scientists believe that global warming has the potential of impacting every human on the planet. Unless properly addressed, experts and scientists believe that global warming can drastically affect human life. These professionals also claim that global warming can have serious consequences on our way of life if it is not addressed promptly. 

Scientists, leaders of various academic disciplines, and scholars have been trying to find a solution to global warming, and the task is proving to be a challenging feat. There are different initiatives that governments around the world have tried to implement, but most of them have been unsuccessful. The failure of these government initiatives has resulted in different corporations being forced to absorb ineffective regulations. Other corporations have been forced to transfer the cost of unsuccessful regulations—something that has significantly increased their cost of operation. Meanwhile, environmentally conscious consumers remain frustrated because they lack an effective way to help the environment. 

Casino enthusiasts should understand that individual effort can sometimes play an integral role in the overall carbon footprint reduction. It is also worth noting that there are instances where a firm’s effort can slow down both the impact of climate change and global warming. Given that individual effort only works in certain scenarios, it would be wise to consider taking alternative but more decisive steps aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. In this light, it becomes clear that companies that are taking the necessary steps at lowering CO2 emissions are not only helping the world by making it a greener, healthier, and safer place but they are also forging stronger business ties with like-minded enterprises. 

About CO2 Neutral Website

CO2 Neutral Website gives enterprises or organizations that have websites a chance to cut back on their emissions. Weather and climate patterns have been changing at an increasing rate over the past few decades, and scientists link these phenomena with the increase in CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere and its ecosystem. Enterprises or brands that want to reduce their carbon footprint can opt to partner with CO2 Neutral Website since this way; they can reduce their CO2 footprint on their servers and also on the client’s end. 

Upon realizing that the internet and ICT technology produced more CO2 emissions than the entire air transport industry, Erik Sommer established CO2 Neutral Website—and this was in 2009. The purpose of this climate initiative was to increase awareness among the public on why reducing CO2 emissions could play a vital role in reducing the world’s overall carbon emissions. 

Unlike other climate initiatives that are working towards cutting down the world’s CO2 emissions, CO2 Neutral Website stands out because its projects have direct results, and they also impact the immediate community. For instance, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions through its projects, CO2 Neutral Website also improves the standard of living for many families that are in developing countries.

How Does CO2 Neutral Website Help Online Brands to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

As earlier mentioned, CO2 Neutral Website helps online sites to cut down on their carbon emissions. The climate initiative achieves this by reducing the carbon footprint on the server and client-side of an enterprise’s online presence. Below are some of the few projects undertaken by CO2 Neutral Website to reduce carbon emission. 

  1. Development of energy-efficient stoves that can be used by most African families

Poverty is a serious issue in Africa. Unemployment is highest among the youth, and most women aren’t economically empowered. These issues, coupled with the fact that most African families live on less than 2 dollars a day, explain why firewood and charcoal are a preferred source of fuel. The use of charcoal on regular stoves results in the wastage of fuel since these stoves aren’t designed to save energy. CO2 Neutral Website’s energy-efficient stoves are safe and also healthy. 

  1. Building of boreholes

There are millions of families in Africa that are not connected to piped water. These families have to resort to fetching water from local water sources like rivers and streams after which the water has to be boiled. Boiling water increases CO2 footprint, and this explains the CO2 Neutral Website’s decision to venture into the building of boreholes. Cleaner water from the borehole improves the quality of life while at the same time CO2 emissions. 

  1. Creating new renewable sources of energy

Using renewable energy is one of the best and most effective ways of reducing carbon emissions on earth. CO2 Neutral Website has played a significant role in the development of numerous windmill parks. 

  1. Conservation of rainforest from destructive deforestation

More carbon emissions from human activity and the increase in deforestation are the leading causes of climate change and global warming. Knowing this, CO2 Neutral Website is investing in different projects aimed at protecting rainforests from devastating deforestation.


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