Google Daydream View VR Headset Available in The Market

Google puts its daydream view VR headset in the market. Just months after Samsung launched its Samsung  Gear VR, Google has put its VR headset on the market for $79 USD. Following the successful launch of Google Cardboard, Google will be expecting  high results from the daydream view VR headset.
The Headset to be launched in 5 different countries  US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia. Yet there is no word when it will be launched in India. Surely Indian customers will be waiting for Google to give them an after the Diwali gift.
Different apps such as news app also games like turret shooter Gunjack 2 and puzzler Danger Goat will be available at the launch.The Headset is to be launched in three different colors.
“A big part of what makes Daydream View special is the Daydream controller. This small yet powerful controller lets you interact with the virtual world the same way you do in the real world. It points where you point, and is packed with sensors to understand your movements and gestures. You can swing it like a bat or wave it like a wand. And it’s so precise that you can draw with it”. Clay Bavor, Google’s VP of virtual reality had said at the earlier event where it also launched  Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.
For now its compatibility  is limited to Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Though Google will be aiming to widen compatibility range from Samsung, HTC and Sony et al. It consists of a daydream controller for the control alongside with a headset in the package. The Daydream View, which comes in slate gray, can also be ordered through Google’s online store and will start shipping by next week.
Google has definitely joined the race with the likes of Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and the HTC Vive in Virtual reality. Virtual Reality actually brings the user into the digital world by cutting off outside stimuli. In this way the user is solely focused on the digital content. So in simple words start day dreaming with Google’s  daydream view VR headset.

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