Clasis Law: A Truly International Law Firm Which Focuses on Timelines and Excellence

Clasis Law

The leading law firms of today provide speedy services while upholding the law and following every regulation in the book. They make sure that their clients do not face any difficulty during the course of any ongoing case, along with ensuring that justice is served the right way. These firms also employ advanced technology and deliver quick services in an efficient manner. One such noteworthy law firm which delivers excellent legal services while maintaining international standards of quality is Clasis Law.

Established in 2010, it is a full-service Indian law firm that is truly international in its experience and capability with offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. It has an established capability and operational ability to advise clients across borders through its vibrant network of international law firms located in all major international cities globally including in some of the most difficult jurisdictions in the world.

Clasis Law’s expertise within the firm spans a range of practice areas including corporate and commercial, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, regulatory & compliance, aviation & aerospace, banking & finance, insurance, retail, hospitality, infrastructure, real estate, and a lot more. The firm acts for a diverse Indian and international client base across a number of sectors.

Clasis Law is recognized as a highly professional and process driven firm that has the necessary systems in place to provide hassle free services to the clients. The firm’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs and small businesses. It provides specialized services to international SMEs that choose India as their preferred investment destination.

In a League of its Own 

Lawyers at Clasis Law have decades of experience of advising clients on various aspects of Indian law and jurisdiction. The firm has been recognized by many of its partners as a leading expert in its field. It has been acknowledged by industry peers for its in-depth expertise and know-how. Together with highly trained teams, the firm is able to provide clients with bespoke solutions and exceptional service. Its expert team of lawyers ensures that each client, no matter how big or small in size and operations, receives the best attention and services at all times.

Why Clasis Law? 

Clasis Law provides a variety of facilities to its clients, which distinguish it from other law firms. It has a well-earned reputation for its legal expertise and has considerable experience in advising clients on complex cross-border transactions. The firm’s clients and their business’s success drive its practice. It provides dedicated, efficient, commercially-sound and results-oriented solutions to clients.

Clasis Law values the trust and beliefs vested in it by the clients and professional contacts. It provides a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all its dealings. The firm prides itself on its team of high calibre professionals with keen intellect and unyielding integrity, providing an international service to clients. It provides the clients with access to legal advisors across borders and around the world in order to give them a seamless and integrated legal service.

The Focused Frontrunner 

The person spearheading Clasis Law from the front is none other than Mr. Vineet Aneja, the Managing Partner and head of the Corporate Practice at Clasis Law and possesses around 25 (twenty-five) years of experience in a range of areas including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity, corporate advisory, employment, and compliance. Mr.Aneja’s skill set includes a deep transactional understanding as well as significant industry expertise across industries as diverse as manufacturing, media, medical devices, fashion, technology, telecommunications, infrastructure, hospitality, retail and financial services.

Challenges along the Way 

Clasis Law started with a small office and a handful of clients and today it can boast of a plush office and a flourishing practice with many fortune 500 companies as its clients. Mr.Aneja states, “While working with other law firms, I felt, there were many decisions that were not taken or delayed by virtue of having to go through the corporate hierarchy or structure that were affecting my output”. Seeing the hierarchical structure, he had decided that when he will establish his own firm, he would conduct matters in a more transparent manner and appreciate everyone’s opinion.

All these aspects/factors led to the start of Clasis Law in 2010 and the rest is history. Mr.Aneja faced various challenges throughout the course of his stellar career. These include running a business and practicing law at the same time, surviving unhealthy competition, having less time in a day to meet the needs of clients, lack of resources, difficult clients to contend with, and stress and pressure to achieve targets and deliver results. Mr.Aneja states that these challenges will always keep coming. He also feels that he has learnt from his past mistakes and has tried to overcome these challenges in a consistent manner.

Tackling the Pandemic Bravely 

The stiff challenges imposed by the current pandemic also have not stopped Clasis Law from achieving excellence and delivering the best client service. Mr.Aneja continues to focus on online and remote business development activities such as participating in webinars, conducting e-conferences on topical issues for certain jurisdictions, writing articles and contributing to publications, and partnering with organizations to sensitise the senior management of burning issues and upcoming laws.

Mr.Aneja opines, “It is important to understand, more than ever, that we are no one without the help and support of our team and people”. Towards this end, he strives to support and help his team navigate growth and reach their full potential. In these tough times, Mr.Aneja also continually tries to create an environment where people are inspired to be the best they can be. The firm conducts regular catch-up sessions on work and other than work matters to understand the problems people are facing both mentally and physically. Team Clasis Law believes that a lot of the planning for the future will depend on the graph the COVID-19 pandemic takes.

Prominent Achievements of Mr.Aneja & Firm 

Throughout its journey of delivering justice and speedy services, Clasis Law & Mr.Aneja have made various noteworthy achievements. Some of the remarkable accomplishments are mentioned below:

  • Mr. Aneja was recognized by Lex Talk World 2021 as one of the Top 100 Legal Falcons.
  • Clasis Law enlisted as one of the top law firms above 10 years of experience by Forbes India under the practice areas Corporate & Commercial, Labour & Employment & Insolvency & Bankruptcy.
  • Clasis Law was recognized by Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2021 as a Recommended firm for Employment and Labour practice and listed for Corporate & Commercial and Insolvency practice areas.
  • Mr. Aneja was recognized by Forbes India Legal Power List 2020 as one of the Top Managing Partners in India.
  • Mr. Aneja was recognized by Forbes India Legal Power List 2020 as one of the Top Individual Lawyers in India.
  • Mr. Aneja was recognized by Asian Legal Business 2020 as one of the Super 50 lawyers in India.
  • Mr. Aneja was recognized as one of the top 100 lawyers in India, for three consecutive years, by India Business Law Journal’s (Vantage Asia) A-List for the year 2020, 2019 & 2018.
  • Mr. Aneja was recognized as one of the leading corporate transactional lawyers in India – 2019 by Acquisition International.
  • Clasis Law received the recognition of The India Business 25 most Trusted Corporate Legal Consultants to watch in 2019 by Startup City.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs 

Mr.Aneja states, “After keeping my nose to the grindstone for many years and inhabiting the desire to go independent, Clasis Law was founded in 2010 in New Delhi”. The circumstances that led him to take such a decision were the desire to move out of his comfort zone and to become an entrepreneur. The passion that he has for his work and the thrill to take independent decisions coupled with working independently gave Mr.Aneja the courage to move out and start Clasis Law. Mr.Aneja says that perseverance and the dedication to excel are the two main factors that have brought him this far.

He advises budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the legal services sector that any organization/firm is nothing without its people. The most important decision that one makes as a leader is that which impacts the people/team and the people within the team. “We have a very open environment in Clasis Law”, says Mr.Aneja. People have the freedom to speak their mind without being judged. He also feels that in order to succeed in the service sector, the concerted efforts of each and every member is very crucial.

Shaping the Future 

Marching ahead, Clasis Law plans to transform into the most preferred legal service provider bringing together the best people to achieve the best results for clients. Further, Mr.Aneja has developed a keen interest in two relatively new practice areas – data privacy and white collar. He also wants to focus on fin-tech companies in the coming year. Mr.Aneja believes that the only way to succeed in the future is by adopting artificial intelligence in the legal arena, the use of which he plans to understand better in the near future.

He also intends to focus on business development activities which include partnering with organizations to conduct round table conferences and sensitizing the senior management and companies on the sector specific laws, which furthers his vision of the past years. Towards this end, Mr.Aneja strives to drive support to help the lawyers navigate growth and reach their full potential.

Furthermore, he wants to continue creating an environment where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Mr.Aneja wants to continue to strive to be both a coach and a cheerleader for Clasis Law’s professionals when they take on some of the biggest challenges out there. Having completed a successful 10 years in 2020, Clasis Law and Mr.Aneja now look forward to having another successful decade.

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