CoEvolve Estates: Building Premium Sustainable Homes and Properties

Suhail Rahman |CoEvolve Estates Pvt. Ltd
Suhail Rahman, CEO, CoEvolve Estates Pvt. Ltd

A home can be glamorous, luxurious, commodious, and fun. However, can it be sustainable? According to some of today’s most innovative designers and builders, a home can be anything one wants it to be. Starting from construction to design features, the future of real estate is pointing in the direction of sustainability.

It is well known that increasing pollution, harmful gas emissions, the millennial lifestyle, and the entire process of building projects are the greatest contributors to global warming. Hence, it is mandated to construct buildings that support our natural ecosystem.

Once considered as a trend in home building and design, sustainable or eco-friendly homes are here to stay. Developers today are taking a conscious step to curtail the use of natural resources and other natural elements and are instead finding ways to replace them.

Featured in this edition is CoEvolve Estates Pvt. Ltd, a real estate company based out of Bengaluru, that embraces environment-friendly methods for construction. Staying ahead in the competitive real estate space can be challenging and CoEvolve Estates has taken this challenge by exchanging the greens for concrete.

Redefining Real Estate

No matter how many reviews one will read or photos one would see, nothing will prepare you for the real experience of CoEvolve Estates’ homes or properties. “We strive to build a world with awareness of the interconnected nature of our existence, where creative innovation evolves into living beyond sustainability,” is the mission statement of CoEvolve Estates. It has carved a niche in the firmament of the Bengaluru Real Estate & Development sector.

However, the real question is how does CoEvolve fit into the jigsaw of real estate and how the journey of CoEvolve commenced?

The journey began in 2005 when the Founder and Chairman, M. A. Rahiman stepped into the real estate business to provide credible housing solutions without the umpteen number of legal hassles that most home buyers have to deal with. His vision was to set up a company that runs ethically providing legally compliant homes and properties with crystal clear documentation. Thus arose the company’s motto, ‘Built on Ethics. Built to Last.’

Over the past 15 years, CoEvolve Estates has grown leaps and bounds. It has delivered over 1.5 million square feet of living space spread across luxury villas, apartments, budget homes, sustainable green buildings and plotted developments.

An Unconventional and Unique Purpose

We now know the ‘how’ but, not ‘why’ did CoEvolve Estate achieve such superlative success in the real estate realm. Based in Bangalore, one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia, CoEvolve Estates’ CEO, Suhail Rahman, realized at an early stage, the responsibility we have towards the environment. In the recent past, the garden city, began to lose a lot of its greenery, giving way to industries and software parks. Bangalore is also predicted to run out of groundwater in a few years. This change in the dynamics of the city also affected the quality of life within homes. Mr. Rahman decided to take small steps to protect mother nature while also providing the best home-owning experience and thus CoEvolve Estates emerged as an eco-friendly saviour.

An Investor in Nature

At the helm of this close-to-nature developer is Suhail Rahman, He is an engineer with an MS from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK with over 14 years of industry experience. He has completed his business leadership program from IIM Bangalore. He handles Marketing, Procurement & Construction. He is very passionate about sustainable practices and is the force behind Asset Aura – among the top three sustainable residential communities in Asia Pacific region (Awarded by World Green Building Council in 2016). He was also chosen as the most enterprising CEO (2016) by World Sustainability Group for his contribution to sustainable developments. Mr. Suhail spearheaded the emotionally challenging re-branding process from Asset Builders to CoEvolve Estates.

A Green & Natural Portfolio

Satisfying clients and meeting all their demands is of paramount importance to CoEvolve Estates. The fact that CoEvolve Estates has zero litigations against any of their projects, stands testimony to their commitment to live by the high ethical standards set. This has earned the trust and goodwill of customers and peers alike.

However, achieving this level of comfort, luxury is not easy, it comes with a price and here it is, ‘by embracing nature.’ CoEvolve has engaged a highly motivated team of experts to research the latest developments in construction technology, resulting in a lot of path-breaking initiatives being implemented in its projects. Harnessing renewable sources of energy, 100% recycling of water, rooftop organic farm, conserving electricity and effective waste management are just a few of the innovative steps taken towards the fulfillment of this goal. The concept of ‘Sustainable Green Buildings’ became the ultimate objective.

Sustainable developments reap not only short-term benefits for the immediate user but also long-term rewards for generations to come. While most green buildings limit themselves to harnessing solar energy, CoEvolve Estates have been harnessing Wind energy through the windmills installed in the rooftop of many of their projects. This is indeed a sight to behold!

CoEvolve Estates’ first Green building, Asset Aura was awarded the highest Platinum rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). At the time, this was a big achievement for a residential apartment. Asset Aura went on to bag multiple awards at national and international forums. “What makes us truly content is not the awards that we can showcase but the simple words of appreciation expressed by our clients”,asserts Mr. Rahman. The patrons are extremely pleased with their weather-friendly homes and the fresh produce from the rooftop garden. They are proud to own a peaceful haven, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.

After the success of Asset Aura, CoEvolve Estates has come up with its crown jewel: the ready-to-occupy CoEvolve Northern Star, located at Thanisandra, North Bangalore. CoEvolve Northern Star is also an IGBC Pre-certified Platinum rated Green building and boasts of being a ZERO WATER DISCHARGE COMMUNITY. “With the imminent water crisis set to befall Bangalore, most of our research for this project was centered around maximizing water efficiency. We have a plethora of features which not only ensures that almost all the water used is recycled but also optimizes the water consumption. We have laid the best foundation for the community to practice the 3 R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” pinpoints Mr. Rahman.

The CoEvolve Northern Star has been featured in a United Nations report – ‘Policies for Financing Water-Related Sustainable Development Goals’. CoEvolve Northern Star features as a case study – ‘Crafting Communities for Change in a Megacity.’

Towards a Sustainable Future

By now it is evident that CoEvolve Estates is striving to create sustainable and environment-friendly homes that adhere to robust standards. Hence, it is safe to say that this developer will evolve as one of the most desired builders in the country. Mr. Rahman says that in future, CoEvolve Estates will be foraying into the commercial real estate space, with two tech parks of over a million sq.ft in the pipeline. Furthermore, it also plans on building a student housing facility and a shopping mall. Alongside these, this real estate builder also has a residential project pipeline of over 2 million sq.ft spread across different areas of Bangalore.

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