Disha Habitat Ventures: The Trust Diligence Company

Disha Habitat Ventures
Disha Habitat Venture Private Limited

Home is the basic need and a dream everyone aspires for, those who have accomplished certain goals and even those who have not. For an individual, choosing the right home is often a lifetime decision, primarily based on factors such as budget, infrastructure, amenities, location, and available conveyance.

However, the most important factors that the buyers look for are transparency and trust, as the transactions are often complex and involve legal formalities that buyers may not understand until it is too late. Thus, equally important is promoting fair play in real estate transactions and ensuring timely execution of projects.

This ensures a long-term association amongst the customer and developer, as he not only buys a product but a service as a package. Sharing all the information of the project with the customer in a transparent manner assures the customers of them taking an informed decision and awareness about the under construction project.

There are several real estate companies mushroomed in every part of the country, but only few have created an everlasting impression. Delivering quality homes, with premium facilities while offering properties free from any legal hassle, a lot more is offered by the Disha Habitat Ventures Pvt Ltd. Trust and transparency are the cornerstones of the company, which the customers vouch for.

The Professional and Thoughtful Company

Disha Habitat Ventures is among the leading reality and infrastructure companies in India. A widely reputed and professionally managed organization, the company currently operates in the business of mid-range apartments in Bengaluru.

With its motto of improving the lifestyle standards of people through creating state-of-art facilities and projects, Disha Habitat is committed to undertake challenging tasks with increased focus and dedication.

Alongside working with leading architects who fulfill the customer’s dreams, technology plays a central role in each of its undertakings. Disha, uses project management software for real time monitoring of the construction progress, as well as woks with a top-ofline Structural Design & MEP Firm called Cratis Designers.

The Dream Project

Disha Habitat Venture has to-date delivered three landmark projects in East Bengaluru with highly spacious and impeccable quality standards. Having delivered excellence in its previous ventures and lessons learnt from the past, it has continued its progress working on the existing project- ‘Disha Courtyard’.

Disha Courtyard is located in Whitefield- the most sought-after suburb in about 4 acres of land. Delivering a mind boggling 53% undivided share of land, it provides maximum engagement space for families living here.

Disha Courtyard offers a unique combination of contemporary living in a lush park like setting in the Garden City. The apartments are designed to provide utmost convenience with the right touch of style. As a professionally managed community, Disha Courtyard is everything one expects from sophisticated apartment living. The site has about 1000 native trees, shrubs, and wildflower plantings, creating a natural and lively environment.

Interestingly, it has 30 different exciting amenities including work-spaces and guest rooms to cater to all age groups residing at Disha Courtyard.

While growing water scarcity is now one of the leading challenges in Bengaluru, Disha Habitat’s progressive water management approach ensures effective water management at the site.

The Erudite Leaders

Disha Habitat is at the stage where the company has acquired immense experience while at the same time retaining youthful energy and zeal. Disha Habitat Ventures is an entrepreneurial venture by the Founders, Mr. Gunaranjan J & Mr. Rajasekhar K. They abide by the fundamental principles including trust in relationships, transparent transactions, quality in construction, environmental focus, and adherence to timelines. Their previous projects cover about five million square feet, 10+ acres of development, with over 750 happy families residing in them.

Their imagination and application have led Disha Habitat’s business blooming into almost all spheres of the reality development. Mr. Gunaranjan J & Mr. Rajasekhar K, have taken upon the mantle of furthering the company’s business to new horizons, embracing new strategies and expanding to new areas and geographies. Due to their innovative offerings, they are the most trusted and respected names in the real estate sector today.

The Real Estate Scenario and Opportunities

As both the leaders state, ‘the real estate industry has been one of the best performing in its asset class for decades now and has continued to flourish in India, where for people home is more than an investment’.

Disha Habitat envisions continuing its journey by offering newer and innovative products both in the budget and midrange apartment space, while providing few luxury-villa options in the coming years. The team is geared to surpass the shortcomings and outshine the sector this year, delivering more for the company, for itself and most certainly for its customers.

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