Convergence IT Services: Strengthening Businesses with Complete IT Solutions

Convergence IT Services

Competition has never been fiercer, and it has become imperative for each corporation and business to compete for every inch of the consumer share. A compelling website, combined with marketing and search engine optimization activities, are playing an increasingly significant role in helping businesses and individuals, achieve their objective that conclusively enhances the brand value. Convergence IT Services is the perfect partner for an organization to align web-based branding strategies with their goals. Convergence Services was founded in the year 2008 by young technocrats who knew how to make a difference with their unprecedented and ameliorated solutions.
The organization was established with the unswerving efforts of Priyanka Jain, Creative Director & Co-founder of Convergence IT Services. She holds an engineering degree from Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College and an MBA from Welingkar College, Mumbai, with a specialization in Human Resources. Priyanka was fascinated by and dabbled with web designing since her graduation, and after working with TCS for ten months, she inaugurated Convergence with Vicky Jain. They were later on joined by Abhay Talekar, who now completes their top-management trio.
“Leading-edge” Services
Convergence is concentrated on providing infinite values to their clients, i.e., exceptional service at a fraction of the cost. They specialize in providing website maintenance services to their clients through their brand Convergence Support Desk, which is well known in the international market. The company also designs and creates Custom Websites and Web Applications using CMSes like Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. Their flagship product is uKnowva, an enterprise collaboration platform; regarded as a ‘one-stop solution’ that can host all applications, an organization needs to function smoothly. uKnowva has a social intranet, its own instant messenger, a discussion forum, a document repository, and many other features that make it popular.
Pillars of Success
The Convergence team has profound dexterity and experience of delivering out-of-the-box and appropriate solutions to the clients and is the supporting pillars and strength of the company. According to Priyanka “almost 70% of web-based products fail because the requirements have not been understood correctly. The team of Convergence is adept at understanding requirements and implementing them to clients’ satisfaction.” Their team is great when it comes to visualizing from the user’s perspective and paying attention to the user experience that plays a major role in user acceptance.
Initial Inspiration & Motivation to Commence Convergence IT Services
The calendars from father’s office had stories of JRD Tata, how he had created a flourishing empire from almost nothing. This always motivated and inspired Priyanka, and she was optimistic that she can do something great despite being from a financially humble background.
Key Elements to become a Successful Businesswoman
Priyanka believes that a person should be smart, young by the mind, genuine, and passionate about what he or she does; if one can take risks, and strong mentality to pursue personal goals, success will be assured. This is the motto of her organization.
Learning from the Obstacles
For Convergence, the early days were challenging with understanding client requirements. The team used to stumble around in the beginning, and there were times when they would create something else entirely.
“Looking back at those times, we certainly laugh, but they were great learning experiences. There was this one time when our client wanted us to make sure that all the information he fills in his application form should be in uppercase. I had suggested to him to keep his Caps lock on while entering information in the form, but he blatantly refused. and expected from our software to do all the work.”
Priyanka’s take away from the past impediments is that: “no matter what you need to keep going.” Giving up is not an option, and being honest in what you do is, what will help you long term. Convergence has grown so far with minimal marketing and only because their work speaks for the company. Convergence believes that “Quality will never let you down.”
Measuring equilibrium in all aspects of life
“I got married last year after which I have reduced my working hours so that I can give time to my family too. Working at a stretch is great, but I make sure I take off with my husband twice or thrice a year so that we have some time together,” says Priyanka.
Promising Future
Convergence aims to transform the small businesses into major players with their innovative and ground-breaking solutions and products. The company’s recent sensation is Convergence Support Desk already known in the local and international markets. In the coming years, the company is targeting to transform ‘uKnowva’, which is an in-house extensible collaboration platform. “I envision that uKnowva would have taken over the local market and made its presence felt in the international ones too,” says Priyanka.

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