Cyber Security Hive: The Game Changers in Cyber Security

Akram Khan | CEO & Co Founder | Cyber Security Hive
Akram Khan | CEO & Co Founder | Cyber Security Hive

As the digital world expands, threats of cyber-attacks are increasing in density. There are over two-thousand attacks daily. The most common industries targeted by the attackers (hackers) are small and medium enterprises, healthcare, government agencies, energy companies, and higher educational institutes.

It is always a big issue for industries, big or small, that who will provide them with professional cyber security solutions and penetration testing services in the area of specialised web application penetration testing, network penetration testing, and mobile application penetration testing.

This is where Cyber Security Hive had entered the game to change the playing field for all the most vulnerable industries from India and the USA, UAE, and the rest of the world.

Cyber Security Hive was started by two cyber security experts, Akram and Maaz; both are school friends and have been in the cyber security industry for more than ten years and collectively carry twenty years of experience in different areas of cyber security.

When both met and realised, they had a common goal and vision in the cyber security industry, they decided to form the Cyber Security Hive to make the digital world a more secure and safer place.

In an interview with Insights Success for ‘India’s Leading Cyber Security Companies-2022’, the marshalling Leader, CEO and Co-founder, Akram Khan, of this cyber protector organisation from Bengaluru, India, is speaking in detail about his company’s gameplan.

During his ten-year tenure, Akram Khan worked with Amazon, Deloitte, and other startups. Since Akram has worked for the biggest organisations, he understands the complete cyber security ecosystem. He and Maaz and their team of cyber security experts can successfully provide customised solutions and personalised services to clients depending on the size and scale of organisations.

Major tactics of their gameplan are produced below for your business.

Please describe Cyber Security Hive in detail.

Cyber Security Hive is a five-year-old company based out of Bangalore. We provide end to end cyber security services specialising in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We provide cyber security services ranging from VAPT, Security operations centre, phishing simulation and awareness training, endpoint security, etc.

Cyber Security Hive has a vast client base from enterprise customers, SMB, start-ups and has helped them solve multiple cyber security problems they have been facing in their organisations.

Cyber Security Hive is also becoming a product-centric company by launching its very own fully managed vulnerability management platform( A client can request an on-demand penetration testing with Ai based support technology, zero false positives, online and offline reports, and threat score of your application. It currently supports only web applications, and we will soon add support for network and mobile applications.

What are the USPs that highlight CSH as a leading name in Cyber Security Industry?

There are hundreds of companies in India providing cyber security services. Cyber Security Hive specialises in penetration testing and managed security services.

The approach we take to perform penetration testing is quite different from the standard approach. Our senior pen testers develop a standard checklist along with the latest vulnerabilities and then perform checks based on the checklist that covers the latest attacks and OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

We also run our cost-effective security operations centre as well where we help small to large enterprises in deploying a cost-effective SIEM solution.

What are the immersive benefits of the services/solutions you provide to your clients?

Our specialisation is VAPT, where we deliver the testing with multiple OSCP certified resources along with a detailed report of all the vulnerabilities identified; we also deliver a checklist of over 140 manual checks that we would be performing on your application along with all the technical documentation we will also provide a certificate that can be shown to the companies that a valid penetration testing has been performed and all the vulnerabilities identified during the testing are now closed.

For our security operations centre, we do provide cost-effective open source SIEM solutions with integrations with JIRA and multiple and other ticket solutions with shared and dedicated SOC analysts, both L1 and L2. For enterprise clients, we also deploy enterprise SIEM solutions such as Splunk, IBM Qradar, Logrythm, etc. We also have made in India cost-effective solutions that we can provide to SMB organisations who would want to stay on top of security.

What were the initial challenges after venturing into Cyber Security, and what are the challenges now?

Initially, when we ventured into the field of cyber security, it was not easy to gain clients’ trust with their confidential information. After working with many enterprise customers such as Tata Technologies, Landmark group, and Fairtrade, gaining trust became easier as our portfolio increased.

Currently, we are constantly having a problem of build management and tracking their vulnerabilities with some of our customers, and to solve this, we are launching our own product called, which can help clients manage their vulnerabilities with complete life cycle management of vulnerabilities along with on-demand pen-test, retest, interactive dashboards, and human-AI based support.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how Cyber Security is crucial today and what advancements we expect in the future?

With everything becoming digital these days, I cannot emphasise how important cyber security is currently and how important it is going to be in the near future.

According to the statistics from security magazine, there is a cyber-attack every 39 seconds, which means 2200 attacks every day. Hackers are developing new techniques to perform phishing. Viruses are getting more intrusive; DDoS attacks are bringing hundreds of websites down.

From a future standpoint, I think that AI will definitely play an important role in cyber security. For example, a new signature of a virus could be detected easily by AI before an anti-virus company marks the signature as a virus and flags it. I also see a lot of revolutionary AI-based VA tools which can reduce human intervention in the industry.

What would be your advice to the aspirants who are willing to venture into the field of Cyber Security services?

Cyber security is a competitive market. Unless and until you provide fabulous services at a cheap rate in the Indian territory, it would be tough to crack the Indian market. From my perspective, cyber security is a saturated market.

Although if you would want to enter into the cyber security industry, it would be wise to develop a cyber security product that would help solve a problem.

What is the future roadmap for Cyber Security Hive and what innovations can we expect in the future?

I would be happy to announce that we are coming up with our very own next-gen AI-based vulnerability management platform. We would be providing managed vulnerability management services or pen-test as a service.

You would easily manage your pen-test, track vulnerabilities, generate online and offline dashboards and have a human-based approach towards penetration tests. Our team manages all of this and much more at the Cyber Security Hive. For more information, visit

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