Cybervault Securities Solutions: Cyber Safety Re-defined

Anil Raj | Director Cybervault | CyberVault Securities Solutions
Anil Raj | Director Cybervault | CyberVault Securities Solutions

In today’s digital era, almost every business has automated its organizational structure and is shifting towards digital operations. Although this does provide an array of different benefits, it also paves the way for cyber-attacks.

If you think about it, all the business’ data is stored on servers, including confidential information regarding the company, its operations, and its clients.

If a hacker manages to gain access to such information, they can seriously deter the organization’s functioning in every aspect. One successful hack can lead to the foreclosure of a business, especially if the hack is made public or is targeted towards client data.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Would you ever invest in a business that does not effectively employ cyber security? Would you share any personal information with a company if you know that they cannot protect your information?

Even if your business has the best computers, top servers, or cloud service solutions, one attack can make all this meaningless. If a hacker manages to infiltrate a system, they will gain access to the entire network, and your business will be at their disposal.

The answer is quite simple! Instilling reliable IT security has now become a prerequisite in today’s digital era. And when it comes to implementing these solutions, Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt. Ltd. shines out in the cyber security niche as a leading provider of IT security and services to all levels of corporations.

Cybervault helps its clients and customers to protect their critical data from attackers/ malicious users by identifying vulnerabilities in their network and applications.

Moreover, the company provides detailed reports suggesting recommended fix that helps the application owner understand the root cause of the problem to fix it quickly.

The Commencement

Cybervault was founded by the visionary leader Mr Anil Raj after extensive experience in Information Security spanning many years with various multi-nationals. Cybervault was founded as a core IT Security Service Company.

Expressing his goals behind establishing Cybervault, Mr Anil expressed, “The main idea behind starting the company was to bridge the gap between the industry and requirements and smart technological solutions.”

“We started promoting the company by contacting various companies and agencies for promoting our services. Brick by brick, the company started taking shape. The company soon moved to a bigger premise in 2015,” he added.

To diversify its operations, Cybervault started a separate training division by being an Accredited Training partner to EC-Council USA, which has a global presence in 142 countries. Cybervault was always focused and consistent in delivering outstanding quality.

In 2017, the company moved to a bigger premise. The client base kept increasing – from IT companies to manufacturing companies, designing companies to production companies, financial companies, and cooperative banks.

Cybervault had a diverse client base with an increased client base in PAN India locations. The core competence was always on delivering the best service. Highlighting the key issues and securing its client’s data or applications, thereby saving their money and reputation, led to the success of Cybervault.

Hard work and efforts were combined and directed in a productive way to highlight the findings, analyze the results, and give apt recommendations to the clients. With such a rapidly increasing market presence in the field of Security, Cybervault is emerging as a brand to bank upon.

Mr Anil believes in – “Strong foundations are the key to huge success.”

Hence step by step and client by client, the company grew and continues to grow, establishing bigger benchmarks in the cyber security space.

The Legacy

Cybervault provides various IT security services: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Web application Testing, Wi-Fi Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Cyber Forensics Audit, and Information Security Audits.

All above audits are mandatory under ISO 27000/HIPPA/FISMA/SOX norms hence done as a mandatory IT security compliance.

VAPT helps identify vulnerabilities in the IT network of the organization. This is done using specialized software tools in both manual and automated approaches. The results are analysed, and suitable patches are suggested to secure the network from attacks. Patching ensures smooth working of IT Network.

Cybervault has a team of experienced and certified professionals. Web App testing finds vulnerabilities in software applications deployed over the internet. Web Applications testing is critical where payment gateway, exchange of confidential data, or access to critical confidential data are involved.

Similarly, mobile application testing is also performed over iOS, Android, and Windows applications using the mobile platform. Information security audit provides recommendations consistent with compliance and industry practices. Cybervault has a cyber forensics investigation team for Cybercrime and recovery cases.

Cybervault is also one of the best institutes in Pune, providing CEH, Ethical Hacking, and other information security certifications training with a high success rate and 100% placement.

Cybervault is an authorized training center for EC-Council Certifications, which is an international certification body in the field of cyber security. The company helps its customers with integrated services for their core business operations by offloading their IT infrastructure management. Cybervault not only delivers service to its client, but also establishes a long-term relationship.

The list of national and international clients represents the legacy of Cybervault’s Quality and success.

A Visionary Leader

Mr Anil Raj, Director, Cybervault, is a leader, a creative thinker, a modernizer, and a tech-savvy person who has founded Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt. Ltd. after getting an extensive technical experience from top MNCs. He has a diverse background that includes network and web application Security, Penetration Testing, Forensics, training, and regulatory compliance methodologies.

Having performed a number of penetration tests assessing well over 10,000 hosts in the Industry, Mr Anil has had considerable hands-on IT Security experience of consulting and lecturing, whether for Government Agencies, Telecom Companies, or Financial and international companies.

Mr Anil is imminently qualified in his field. He holds a string of professional qualifications in Networking, to name a few [MCSE, CCNA, Network+) and IT Security (Security, Diploma in Information Security), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester)] besides an Engineering degree in Computer Science.

He has featured in various newspapers like The Times of India, Pune Mirror, Mid-Day, Sakal, DNA, and many more.

Mr Anil has a specialized domain expertise workforce working for various clients globally. He envisioned Cybervault as a platform to merge innovation and creativity. Passion for technology and dedication has helped him create a gem in the field.

Mr Anil firmly believes, “Dedication coupled with inspiration leads to Innovation.”

He strongly believes that every dream can be lived with firm determination and dedication. He has always been an ardent leader, whether during his academic days or his professional career.

Setting A Benchmark of Professionalism

Over the years, Cybervault has evolved as a brand. A company becomes a brand when people recognize its achievements at a global level. Cybervault has a long journey of nine years where its team catered to multiple clients from diverse backgrounds and locations – in India and abroad.

Team Cybervault did some prestigious Information Security Audits where the clients were banks and multi-national IT companies.

Some audits involved clients from manufacturing and production sectors where cyber security awareness is lower than in the IT domain. Mr Anil felt that if he could make this sector aware of the need for cyber security audits, then he could truly excel in his work.

Apart from a certified and experienced task force, which everyone maintains, the main USP of Cybervault is the customization of service to suit the need of the hour and scenario.

Team Cybervault does not believe in offering generalist or standardized solutions which are generated by automated tools. They analyze the customer issues and provide them with a set of relevant solutions to eliminate or reduce their threats.

No system is 100% secure as threats and attackers are constantly evolving newer and newer ways to gain unauthorized access. Correct and directed solutions by a team of professionals with an in-depth understanding of the problem do eliminate the risk, though.

Another key aspect is its cost-quality balance. Team Cybervault never overcharges its customer for its expertise but, at the same time, they do not compromise the quality of deliverables.

The cost-effective services of Cybervault with a focus on quality and transparency backed by solid projects make it a force to reckon with in the industry. Also, the transparency of these services ensures that its customers get the very best.

Cybervault has always delivered the best quality and skilled staff to its esteemed customers. The company has always emphasized the quality of deliverables and never conducted business based on low pricing.

Quality has been the focus always. Moreover, Cybervault keeps total transparency with its clients, which has built their trust with the company. This has translated to the growth in client list year after year – be it in terms of new clients or existing ones.

Cybervault’s team of professionals from all walks of IT security brings along a wide scale of experience and expertise. All this coupled under one roof replenishes the customers with the best of everything. It leaves no reason to go anywhere else, as the customer can simply offload their complete IT security requirement.

Cybervault has always worked on customer feedback with its prompt technical assistance.

These two critical factors have helped to re-invent the relationship between client and vendor every time with a renewed sense of work enthusiasm and commitment. Cybervault also provides customized and personalized service which suits the customer requirement perfectly in harmony with his needs

Cybervault has always believed in offering ‘Quality’ to its customers. This quality has been followed in the quality of its services, quality of the deliverables, professionalism of its staff, and numerous other factors. Along with quality, Cybervault management has always emphasized flexibility in customer service.

They have followed a customer-centric approach where the customer and his needs were always the priority. Affability was and is always a prime factor that helped Cybervault stay as close to its customers as possible.

Transparency is always maintained, which helps the client to trust Cybervault easily. All these factors have always helped Cybervault be near its customers and establish a healthy business relationship with them.

Pearls of Wisdom

Sharing his opinions on how cyber security is crucial today and what advancements we can expect in the future, Mr Anil said, “Security measures are of prime importance to ensure safety and reliability of organizations.”

“Security breaches have become a common problem for organizations globally. The losses because of these are severe and huge, and hence organizations are becoming more and more aware and taking all the possible measures to curb these issues.”

“The attacks such as the recent ransomware attacks – Petya and WannaCry are a testimony to the fact of rising cyber security issues globally. Lack of awareness is the cause of these attacks; hence organizations need to make their employees more and more aware.”

“Most medium-level to large-level organizations have started following the global norms of IT infrastructure like ISO 27001, HIPPA for the health care industry. These are all globally acclaimed bodies issuing strict guidelines for IT infrastructure, from implementation to security perspective,” he added.

Mr Anil also expressed, “The organizations going for these audits are increasing day-by-day. Earlier organizations were skeptical on spending for IT security.”

“But the trend is slowing changing now. Most of the organizations are going for IT Security Audits on a quarterly basis – a much-needed audit for any organization,” he added.

Sharing the facts and shedding light on the industry scenario, Mr Anil stated, “Organizations are spending more on Intrusion Detection devices. The need and necessity for firewalls are increasing day-by-day and organizations do not look back to spend on them. Emphasis is on increasing stricter security policies, right from better passwords to more secure networks and security policies.”

“Since the user is the weakest link in the technical chain, technical audits and measures alone are not sufficient. It is being observed that more and more companies are going for employees who are certified and aware of cyber security and regulated for smooth network activity,” he added.

Sharing his advice for the aspirants who are willing to venture into the field of cyber security, Mr Anil mentioned, “New entrants need to be highly motivated and focus only on the quality of their services. They should never compromise work deliverables as the responsibility for the security posture of client lies with them.”

“Any lacking or discrepancy in their work is directly going to reflect the work quality they offer and thus compromise the client’s security at a larger perspective.”

“Keeping transparency with your customers makes a huge difference. Customers appreciate honesty and transparency, as this inspires their confidence in you and your brand. Nourishing the brand is more important than creating the brand as it makes your business model a sustainable one. Ultimately this leads to business success.”

“New aspirants and entrants should be focused on skillset and certifications to back their skillset. All this clubbed along with industry experience make their entrepreneurial journey a potent success.”

“Cyber security has a vast scope. A strong skillset is the essence of a successful venture which will yield a name for new entrants willing to make it big in this domain,” said Mr Anil.

Aiming for a Limit-less Future

Currently, many organizations are catering to various clients, including multi-national companies and companies in India.

At the same time, Cybervault is also doing a lot of projects for cooperative banks and other financial institutions where information security audits hold key significance as per ISO and other compliance.

Mr Anil wishes to diversify his organization to public sector projects where certain statutory and regulatory compliances are essential. Hence fulfilling those compliances is his current goal, and he envisions to cater to a larger sector of the industry by boosting his skills and expertise to that level.

“In cyber security, every day is a learning experience, and we need to add value to our brand by making ourselves more and more competitive. This adds a unique dimension to our organization and gives the best to our customers,,” expressed Mr Anil.

Journey of Mr Anil Raj

When I graduated with BTech 14 years back, cyber security was a relatively new field. Very few ventured into this field due to the nascent stage it was in at that time. Even during that time, I had a keen interest in computer networking subjects that forms the core backbone of information security.

I started my first job in the IT world in the Computer Networking domain and slowly graduated to cyber security out of pure interest and the vast area of interests it offered.

I have always loved to find vulnerabilities in the Network and Applications. Research, Analysis, and Development were my Forte, and cyber security gave me the perfect platform to implement it. I started to develop a keen interest in my cyber security findings and took up initiatives of conducting workshops in colleges in Aurangabad where I was doing my first job.

I received a massive response to this workshop which catapulted my confidence in my capabilities and projected me as a great orator with exceptional expertise over the fundamentals of the topics. My name and article were featured in the newspaper the next day, and my popularity grew manifold.

I started my journey in this domain as a trainer and moved on to become a corporate trainer in a short time. My concepts reached such a level of professionalism that my organization put me up on performing corporate cyber security audits and assessments.

My strong training fundaments helped me grow manifold, and my career in this domain was cemented.

I always attribute my success to all the students who showed their confidence in me and my seniors in the initial days who stood for me. Risk, compliance, and forensics are other areas that have been of keen interest to me.

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