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Mr Dhruv Khanna | Co-founder CEO | Data Resolve
Mr Dhruv Khanna | Co-founder CEO | Data Resolve

The world today is more reliant on technology than ever before. The growth and emergence of technological tools have positively impacted human life, but the convenience has however come at the risk of cyber threats.

It has become very crucial to keep the data safe and unexposed from data breaches. Coming to the rescue; Data Resolve is an organization that provides security from inside threats and cyber security. It offers a mechanism through which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities involving data theft.

Under the astonishing leadership of its CEO and Co-founder Mr Dhruv Khanna the company has offered several product benefits in its last nine years of operations. In an interview with Insights Success, Khanna has discussed the journey of the company along with the several products they offer to the corporate sector.

Let’s see how it is contributing to the ever-increasing needs of the IT Solutions industry in the current times.

Please tell about Data Resolve in detail.

Data Resolve Technologies is Asia’s fastest-growing Data Security Company, an emerging player in Cyber Security and intelligence for Enterprises. It is focused on addressing insider data theft and data leak with security analytics via endpoints, from on-premises and on-cloud platforms, with products christened as “inDefend – Solution for Insider Threat. We have 300+ enterprise customers with a customer presence in multiple countries.

We have been recognized amongst the top ten emerging companies by NASSCOM, EC Council, Deloitte, Government of Canada, Ministry of IT. The list goes on honors and accolades.

We offer a unified platform that offers a 360 view of employee activities and leaks on a single pane of glass irrespective of employee location and country. A GDPR compliant stack that offers both protection to customers with ease of use.

We offer a mechanism through which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities about data leaks, theft, frauds, and compromised employee behaviors. The platform offers an overall risk assessment index for your organization, as well as recommendations on improvising policies to minimize the risks detected through the Cyber Intelligence report and a management dashboard, apt for senior leadership.

The various product benefits are:

  • Protection against data compromises and thefts
  • Unified platform that reduces the cost to manage endpoints across multiple OS
  • Management dashboard to offer Org wide risk score at zone, process, department level
  • Customer rule builder, where you can customize your rulesets
  • Complete control over exiting employees and transparency on their activities
  • A unique workflow analysis to manage access permissions for scattered employees
  • Record and maintain live screenshots of employee crimes for legal proceedings
  • Share information with external parties with an in-built encryption stack
  • Full fidelity report of employee behavior on digital assets and their productivity
  • Protect trade and financial secrets from falling into competitors’ hand
  • Total cost of ownership on account of lighter architecture
  • Maximum transparency over every employee regardless of the organizational strength.


Mr Dhruv, tell us about yourself and shed some light on your professional tenure in the cyber security niche.

I, Mr. Dhruv Khanna – (CEO, Co-Founder-Data Resolve, Founder DeskSight.Ai) comprehend a 360 degree, 20 years + Cyber Security leadership roles across Business P&L, Sales Leadership, Team Management, Product Development, New GTM, Cyber Security Consulting/Delivery, Sales, and Marketing Automation, Marketing Analytics Build, Global Market expansion.

In my professional experience, I’ve been helping organizations to build and execute business models from a nascent level. This experience involves working with Startups, early-stage companies to global MNCs. These assignments have helped companies to scale businesses multifold, which is substantiated by leading industry accolades and awards. Along with mentoring CEOs of Cyber Security Startups on GTM.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the Cyber Security niche?

I think the key driver is to create a strong Data Security Company out of India and scale globally. Data security is a key issue with the adoption of cloud, tech automation, hybrid devices accessing applications.

One big objective is to create employment and build skills for Cyber Professionals. To challenge overseas peers that an Indian too can create a great product.

What are the USPs that highlight your brand/company as a leading name in Cyber Security Industry?

  • Work with customers and co-create features
  • Nimble when we build and engage clients
  • Simplify Cyber security as its already a complex topic for CXOs
  • Offer a bird’s eye on confidential data to CXOs and how the same is disseminated
  • Drive compliance for regulatory-driven sectors
  • Indian Co, supporting Indian Operating system
  • One service to offer a view of information sharing from desktops, laptops, mobiles, cloud emails, printers, virtual drives, virtual conferencing tools, and more services with blocking capabilities
  • One dashboard for all reports and analytics

What are the immersive benefits of the services/solutions that you provide to your clients?

With its expertise and as a preeminent company in the industry, Data Resolve provides:

  • Visibility about where sensitive information is, how this data is shared with internal and external stakeholders, both authorized and unauthorized ones
  • Help them to protect leakage of information to unauthorized entities
  • Compliance to meet regulatory requirements
  • Visibility of how Company assets, software, services are best leveraged by employees
  • Business-specific use cases based on co-creation requirement
  • Integrate our platform with clients existing security controls and help them to strengthen their Cyber Security posture
  • Create a strong secure application environment with application whitelisting, so it allows only wanted applications to run on employee devices
  • Convenience and security layer to employees when they are operating from remote locations
  • Record and maintain live screenshots of employee crimes for legal proceedings

What were the initial challenges after venturing into the field of Cyber Security and what are the challenges now?

In the initial stage, we as a company faced challenges like:

  • Indian Co foraying into Cyber security, a handful of product Cos played in this when we started
  • Product certifications, Local Patents support
  • Driving GTM with eco-system
  • Skill gap
  • CXOs willing to accept Indian Cyber Security Products

Being an experienced leader, share with us your opinion on how Cyber Security is crucial today, and what advancements can we expect in the future?

It’s part of everyday life as we are living a digital life, with metaverse, sensors around, but doing our jobs is a matter of just a few years. Every service we follow or consume must be embedded with Cyber security controls and journey already started across sectors that are not regulated today.

What would be your advice to the aspirants who are willing to venture into the field of Cyber Security services?

One doesn’t benchmark success with two-three years window. It’s a game where you need a good amount of patience, self-drive, and trust to be ready for every good aspect to go fail in order to achieve success. Don’t follow valuation game, drive creativity, niche product, revenue driven mindset, rest will fall in.

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