Dazeworks: The Best Minds in Salesforce

Imagine a software that can track business development activities of sales people, reports of customer interactions and the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. A software helping to collaborate between employees, partners and customers in which even people outside the organization could be safely given a login access. That software could have only one name and that is Salesforce, the ultimate collaboration tool. According to the 2016 Forbes ranking, it is regarded as the second most innovative company in the world and is now the 7th most in-demand software skill. In India, the Salesforce community is growing fast and holds huge potential with user groups and developer groups being nurtured in different regions.
Buying Salesforce is the easy part. Like any other tool, using Salesforce as a branding tool and carrying out tabs and home page customizations requires you to know your way around the platform. If you are looking for one place for all solutions for running your business, then head to the land of the Silent Valley where you will find an organization that competes with those in the Silicon Valley. Dazeworks, headquartered in Alappuzha, the Venice of the East, is a pure-play Salesforce consulting company with a love for all things Salesforce.
A team of 70+ certified Salesforce developers, architects and consultants who share a passion for the Salesforce platform work with clients to build and deploy top-notch solutions to their business challenges. Dazeworks has 3 expert MVPs in India, 2 in the US and 1 in the UK who come together to offer a gamut of services ranging from Salesforce consulting, development and implementation to Appexchange and Salesforce1 mobile app development.
Providing Robust Solutions and Services
Salesforce development services are designed to customize a client’s instance in accordance with their specific requirements. The team at Dazeworks builds add-on applications hosted on Salesforce infrastructure and can work in tandem with their existing Salesforce system. Their implementation services include enterprise architecture planning, configuration and customization, data migration and system integration, reporting and analytics.
Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce Lightning is a new concept from Salesforce with its components and apps that constitute the future of the Salesforce1 platform. It introduces an entirely fresh way of interacting with the CRM. The experts at Dazeworks assist in building powerful apps that can be used from any device using the Salesforce Lightning components.
Salesforce Consulting Services
Salesforce.com boasts of thousands of solutions that simplify operations in the organization. Those who have invested know that it can change the entire way of doing business. With Dazeworks, clients can capitalize on that investment by relying on their experience and expertise in meeting their varied requirements that span across industries.
Salesforce1 Mobile App Development
This is an API-rich platform that is a powerful and a smooth blend of Force.com, Heroku and ExactTarget Fuel. It was created to tackle all the concerns related to mobility and with Dazeworks, a client can unlock the true powers of Salesforce1 to give the ultimate advantage to their employees, customers and partners.
Salesforce Development
Through APEX, Visualforce, workflow, triggers, custom objects, Lightning components, process builder and much more, Dazeworks incorporates the best of Force.com to tackle complex business process that have rapidly evolved into bottlenecks. With flexible engagement models, extensive support services, expert in-house QA team, pixel-perfect designs and on time delivery, Dazeworks is the one-stop shop for everything in Salesforce development.
Salesforce Communities
A social collaboration environment not only drives customer loyalty, brand advocacy and social intelligence, but it also keeps a tab on the latest updates like targeted recommendations to members and the impact of page building and file-share integration with Lightning Builder and Google Drive respectively. The team at Dazeworks helps their clients to define and build the best engagement experiences with both internal as well as external stakeholders.
AppExchange App Development
At Dazeworks, with a set of certified developers and UI designers, any breakthrough idea for an app can be materialized without all the stress involved in app development. With extensive experience in Java, Apex, VisualForce, API and AppExchange integration, Dazeworks experts can tackle the menacing issues of APIs, checkouts, platform limits, unit tests, permission models and so on. This can ensure that the app clears the stringent Salesforce security review before getting listed in the business app store of Salesforce Appexchange.
 Salesforce Admin and Developer Support Services
The role of a system administrator might have subdued in this age of SaaS, but a timely support from experienced Salesforce Administrators can increase user adoption rates and improve technology investments. With Dazeworks’ handpicked certified admins and developers, clients receive faster response time and problem resolution that results in a scalable team focusing on the core business. With optimized delivery costs and a dedicated resource for the projects, clients have the option to either go for a dedicated resource or a pre-determined professional service package.
Salesforce Implementation Service
The expertise on disposal at Dazeworks can also be used as guidance before implementing and customizing Salesforce. Through their exhaustive experience of working with Salesforce1 and Force.com they can assure a smooth and hassle-free setup and transition. The services expand to enterprise architecture planning, configuration and customization, data migration and system integration to reporting, analytics and support services.
System Integration and Data Migration
Cleansing, organizing and de-duplicating data requires certified experts and strategists to choose the most extensible integration option. Dazeworks experts can integrate and migrate data from existing legacy systems to a new or existing Salesforce environment.
Expert Architectural Guidance
With a total of 6 MVPs under one organizational umbrella, the in-house teams of their clients are presented with not just tips and tricks but also with technical design sessions, architecting technical solutions and leading custom development solutions and interfaces.
The Intellect behind the Innovation
Shivanath Devinarayanan, CEO and Chief Ninja of Dazeworks, is a complete technocrat, and a serial entrepreneur. He owes his inspiration to technology since childhood to Dexter, a popular cartoon character and his unfathomable love for Salesforce to Jeff Douglas.
He took the less-trodden path of APEX instead of C# at a time when Salesforce was not trending in India. Thanks to an experience of working with a client, while working as a C# developer in his first job, he shifted his focus to Salesforce and eventually never looked back. During his term at his second job post, Shivanath successfully interfaced with 50 clients, at the same time using the Salesforce platform. It was here that he understood the art of business and started looking at the business side of things. He learnt a lot from just working with Apex and learned the importance of Salesforce community.
The highlight of his career came when he joined Groupon where he was engaged with a project that involved 28 countries merging two Salesforce organizations into one large international organization. Shivanath credits the success of that complex project to his four enthusiastic team members and the Salesforce platform.
Shivanath gives back to the Salesforce community that provided and still provides immense support to him, by contributing answers over the forums and by leading multiple Force.com webinars.
His interactions with Salesforce MVPs and successful business heads at the Dreamforce events gave birth to the idea of Dazeworks and realized his dreams of being an entrepreneur. He is in awe with his current team at Dazeworks and the entire Salesforce community.
The Cloud’s Own Solution to Salesforce Implementation
The certified experts at Dazeworks are among the best in the field and work hand-in-hand to provide extensive architectural guidance to clients. They have always relied on their custom development and implementation methodology to closely track the deliverables, changes and accordingly take corrective actions to ensure that the project remains on track. They always focus first on meeting business needs and then applying a technological solution.
Looking Beyond the Curve
With Salesforce beating its earnings estimates, quarter after quarter, the team at Dazeworks has to be on their toes and remain updated with the latest upgrades that occur at least thrice a year. With their recent recognition as a registered consulting partner by Salesforce, it has opened up new avenues for them in the Indian market.
Dazeworks already has an exciting path laid out for the coming years and while accelerated growth can make it harder to innovate, they are determined to break the barriers and be a next-generation partner for all their clients. Salesforce is a platform where nothing stays stagnant. The learning tool from Salesforce – Trailhead – is a great and fun way to stay abreast of what is happening. As a short-term vision, Dazeworks aims to enhance their technologies into Mobile, Artificial Intelligence and IoT.
The Crux of their Business Philosophy
They believe in staying ahead of the curve in this competitive world and their team has constantly developed innovative solutions for clients’ business challenges. They value the time the clients have spent on them and speed of delivery is the driving force of all their engagements.
Following Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Dazeworks believes in giving back to the community through initiatives of Pledge 1% where they pledge back 1% of their equity, time and service to the community. Through monthly events such as blood donation camps, medical camps, cancer awareness programs and other initiatives, Dazeworks is joining an impressive network of entrepreneurs and companies across the globe that have committed to philanthropic efforts through the Pledge1% movement.

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