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Bar for “Plant Engineering” is set very high. It stands in the need of wide ranging knowledge and experience in process, machinery, codes, control systems and project management. It depends on the client’s considerations and approach to plan and design, and at last it comes to construction.
To release the burden of the client when they move on to set up a new project, upgrade the systems or decide to do a process optimisation, EWE Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd. comes into action, determined to work in unison with the client. EWE Consulting provides enthusiastic support in order to bring the project to a successful and logical conclusion. Stepping in early at time of conceptualization and working hand in hand till the handing over to the client, has been the forte of the company.
Having a dedicated talent pool with core engineering skills in key industry segments makes EWE’s service line a completely integrated service model. Being an expert in handling complex projects, EWE Consulting is a master, knowing very well the art of collaboration with downstream service providers and parties for project delivery, which helps them to provide cost effective and optimal solutions.
When it comes to be the best in the market, EWE has a policy of theory backed by practical experience. It competes with companies bigger than itself and prides itself in terms of Speed of Delivery, Optimization, Cost, Robust System Design and Seamless Integration with present plants, which is a vital feature of Brownfield projects. They have a reputed clientele in their kitty which includes firms like JK Group, Wood Group,  BTS, Hitachi, Sun Pharma, Dalmia Bharat, ACME to name a few.
‘Consulting with a difference’
Founded on the premise of ‘Customer Relationship’ & ‘Human made”. During the early phases of its formation, getting the right people on board was critical and tough, which mades the company struggle untill 2014, but without letting up  its morale, EWE Consulting Engineers continually valued timelines, respect for peers, constant learning and doing things right the first time.
Though the process of evolution was slow, especially when you are driven by policies and values, EWE prides itself on its system and policies, and getting its team a right work life balance along with customer relation as being its prime focus.
Consulting Services at Par
Founded in 2008, EWE Consulting Engineers have grown steadily into new arenas starting from just Water Management. They operate through their verticals:
It includes Solid Waste Management, Waste to Energy, Waste to Fuel / Cellulosic Ethanol, Waste to Manure, Bio Remediation of Soil and Water Bodies, IBT Composting, Noise Abatement, Hazardous Waste Management,  Oil water separators, Sludge Management,  Leachate Treatment Sludge Dewatering and management, EHSS (Environmental, Health, Safety & Social). They also offer design & Engineering support to other equipment manufacturers and clients for air pollution control system like ESP, Bag filters etc.
Includes offers like, Biomass, Geo Thermal based Power plants, Captive and Stand alone power plants (Sub critical & Super critical), CBM, Gassification, Biogas, CBG based Power Plants, Cross Country Piping & Upstream O&G systems, Tanks farms and WFI systems.
Analytical Services:
An ISO 9001 certified Lab is manned and operated by an able team and has capabilities to test Water and Waste water, Soil, Air Pollution, Noise Pollution Chemicals & Fuels.
Water and Waste Water Treatment:
Design & Engineering of Water and Waste Water Treatment Products & Solutions, Clarification & Filtration, De-mineralisation, Sea Water De-salination Systems (Membrane & Thermal), Sludge Management, Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Recycling systems (ZLD), Catalytic Advanced Oxidation Process (ACCOP), DAF, and WAO (Wet Air Oxidation).
Apart from the above, the company offers design & Engineering of water intake systems and distribution system along with design of water retaining structures for above 5000 m3/h upwards in various configurations with / without SCADA
They offer process engineering and detailed engineering expertise for the following range of chemicals, PAC, Sulphuric Acid, Distilleries & Breweries, Starch & Allied Products, Adhesives (Including Anaerobic) Essential Oils, Flavours, Fragrances, Toileteries & Cosmetics, Adhesives, Bio fertilizers, Bio Cultures & Enzymes.
Process Equipment Design:
EWE Offers its expertise is design of structures like chimneys, distillation columns, reactors, boilers & heat recovery solutions, ESP, Product development, cross country pipelines etc. Apart from this they also offer MEP services to the Infrastructure sector, black utilities, including HVAC services and likes of it, HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, SIl studies are undertaken.
Vikrum Kishore, Nous behind EWE
A truly disciplined person, with a background of armed forces, Vikrum Kishore, CEO of EWE Consulting Engineers holds a Chemical Engineering degree from LIT Nagpur, with a post graduation degree in Energy & Environment from IITD. Vikrum has had stints with companies  in the field of Water, Chemicals, Infrastructure, Power, etc.
It all got started when Vikrum got a campus placement and joined Thermax Limited. . He hardly had any idea that this opportunity would prove to be a milestone in his life, as it was here that the seed of Engineering was planted in his mind.
Vikrum is a person who never ran the race to be first at everything but believed in building a strong foundation and concept. This attitude of his, coupled with quick response, being a self-learner and willing to take the road less taken, has many times led him to the failures eventually landing on success due to his persistence and tenacity.
A true believer of “Good to Great & Great by Choice” of Tom Peters, Vikrum changed his outlook and set up a vision to be great, agile and adaptable by choice. It was his belief in the saying, which laid the  way forward for  EWE Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd
Vikrum admits, “The first step of Change happened in 2013, just as I stepped to take control of the company and the next change occurred  in the last quarter of 2016 which is  under implementation now to gear up the company for the consolidation & uphill destination.”
Vikrum has been known to do many ‘first of its kind’ and mostly without a ‘Technology transfer’. Instead of calling him a Chemical Engineer he prefers to be called an Integrated Engineer, seamlessly moving from Chemical to Thermal to Environmental to Civil to E&I and so on back and forth. He relies most on experimentation and piloting to develop technologies.
The adroitness of understanding the core of consulting business.
The story of Vikrum becoming a consultant is quite interesting. It was in 2013 that Vikrum entered the consulting field. When he stepped in, the first lesson he learnt from his associates was, “A consultant is one who borrows words from the client and phrases a sentence and returns it back to them”. Initially, Vikrum did not understand the meaning of this sentence. It was later, when he gained  experience in the field, he found that the sentence has some truth lying in it. “It is just that you have the most sophisticated Gadgets and Armory but lack the terrain information. In consulting business the client mostly helps us with Terrain information”, says Vikrum. As per Vikrum, with client inputs the consultant is better placed with offering solutions to them. Practical insight and feedback make a consultant help design a better facility. He compares the consultant and client  relationship with a relationship shared by a Doctor and a Patient. This is a service industry and methodology & yardsticks differ from general industry and market standards.
Future Consultant Industry from Vikrum’s Viewpoint
This industry needs to move out of borders and disciplines. Presently, most larger Consulting firms are multinationals and Engineering is more of a back end office in India.
Indian Engineers are one of the best in the world, perhaps amongst the top 10 in the world. The government has not done much to give it an Industry standard. While much of it is splintered and cohesion among consulting firms is in its infancy.
Process Development and new product development need to be developed in India. Expenditure in India on R&D is quite low and so is it in Engineering, while Process Development is part of R&D, product development would be classified as Engineering.
Unbuoyant of the future of Consulting Business, EWE Consulting is tying up with technology partners to offer Technological solutions along with design & engineering services and gearing its self for the way forward. It is on an advanced stage of tying up with a leading technology provider in the field of Air Pollution abatement with simultaneous SOx & NOx treatment. More so EWE Consulting Engineers is a first of its kind in the country trying to offer the soft and the Hard part of the technology with its applications and engineering softwares which it is developing in the current phase along with mobile engineering apps.
EWE’s future in the constantly inconstant consulting scenario
In this world, the only constant thing is ‘Change’ and this drives the Design, Engineering and Consulting firms to constantly reinvent themselves. They need to better their Engineering deliverables, knowledge of national and international codes & standards. “Constant learning and a constant challenge to prove that Indian Consulting firms are if not better, at Par with the Western counterpart drives EWE to better their performance each time”, adds Vikrum.
At one front, EWE competes with firms on the soft part of Engineering while on the other hand, with the hard part of Engineering along with other disciplines which have different approaches. It is time for consolidation for the company and gear up to reach new heights.
While describing the change Vikrum denotes that, with the onboarding of the young and Energetic team of Lijo Jacob, Sonal Tiwari and Nandni Joshi, EWE saw the consolidation in phase one. Lijo Jacob took the task of Customer Relationship and IT, while Sonal Tiwari worked hard to see Human resources and relationship works at EWE. Nandni looks after the Water & EHSS section.
The second phase saw the onboarding of Satadip Ghatak and NK Bhardwaj. Satadip looks after Operations in East while NK Bhardwaj is focused on the Middle East. It is only because of the dexterous team of EWE Consulting Engineers that the company now has its branches in Kolkata, Mumbai and Kuwait. EWE is now vying Bengaluru as its fourth Indian base and has extended tentacle to Africa and SAARC countries from where they are soon to get their first International order.

Source :- The 30 Most Valuable Consulting Companies

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