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In the present Digital Age, the emphasis on marketing goes beyond just the branding and creating awareness. It also stresses on customer engagement so that there is a positive vibe among the customers about the company. The interesting part here is that many companies are doing digital marketing without a clear strategy and with a plethora of information at disposal over the digital stream, consumers are facing too many options and hence too many decisions which eventually do not convert into a successful conversion.
Mumbai based Yesweus was founded in 2011 by Vinod Kadam with the sole purpose of delivering services according to the requirements of their clients in a way that it leaves no doubt in the minds of their client’s clients. The company looks into different strategies for each client so that every step taken by Yesweus gives the client an opportunity to make their brand go global and stay competitive.
Strategies to Build Online Reputation
Keeping in view of every client’s affordability and comfort and branding strategy Yesweus has designed a slew of customizable services that would cater to every taste and needs. They work in close tandem with their clients and indulge in a few brainstorming sessions to bring out the best from their clients via the digital medium.
Search Engine Optimization
Keeping the Google Penalty aspect on the highest priority, Yesweus strictly follows all the white hat techniques that are followed during each step of Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research/Strategy and Activity Reports.
App Store Optimization
In App Store Optimization, they use the right keywords that help in converting visitors into users and get the desired number of downloads. Yesweus guarantees that the client’s app ranks at the top in the app store’s search results. They engage in app title optimization, app keyword optimization, apps landing page optimization and app screenshot promotion.
Social Media Optimization
They are the specialist in social media marketing with basic provisions such as submitting a video in video submission sites for YouTube and the complex task of building an interaction with the audience. They ensure quality posts and updates relating to the brand on all the social networking sites.
Mobile App Development
With everyone using the Smartphone and an increased dependence on mobile applications, mobile apps are clearly the future and are essential for that extra edge over the competition. They consider factors such as limitation of screen resolution, different brands and categories of mobile phones, developing different applications for each platform and the negative effect of device performance.
Website Development
At Yesweus, they firmly believe in the concept that website is the aspect that people look at first,and if that is not interesting, then the website won’t be sturdy. They design responsive websites that can be accessed the same way on a mobile phone as on a desktop and even under a slow internet provision. They expertisein PHP, Java, .NET, JavaScript and HTML5.
The Seed that grew into a Tree called Yesweus
Vinod Kadam, Managing Director and CEO of Yesweus, began his journey in digital marketing by promoting himself as an SEO Freelancer on Facebook and Google. Vinod Kadam understood the significance of the changes occurring in the field and worked hard to keep up with the changing trends.
With 6 years of experience in SEO, Web Designing, Web Development, SMO and SEM, Yesweus has already been scaling new heights of success. The founder contributes his companies’ immense success to each and every member and to all the happy customers and their word of mouth promotion of Yesweus.
The Secret behind their High Customer Retention
In their pursuit to become the best in their field, the team at Yesweus constantly monitors their own performance along with that of their rivals. They constantly learn about the new trends and the strategies applied everywhere and correspondingly devise it in a way that remains unique and beneficial for their clients.
Their forte lies in upgrading the existing strategies and also stressing on building broken links and discovering untapped keywords. They have a dedicated set of content writers who constantly update and upgrade old blog posts to gain an enhanced amount of traffic.
Collaboration with Yesweus, gives any small or medium scale company a platform to compete with large conglomerates by using a highly affordable way to advertise, managing online reputation, stretching out to new markets, improving usability and enjoying traffic to their websites.
Forthcoming Projections to watch out for
From simple backlink building, on-page optimization and creation of informative and relevant content, Yesweus has come a long way and is constantly moving towards a more inclusive strategy. They have already embarked on a journey towards the future of the Search Engine Optimization Field by indulging in Accelerated mobile pages, RankGain, Rich Answers and Knowledge graph and Integrated Real-time penalty pillars.
Their future ambitions include stretching their services towards Pune. They have also worked out a project where they have planned to expand globally with an exclusive office in the UK.
The Ground on which Yesweus stands upon
Vinod stays concrete over the belief that relationships need to be cultivated and nurtured over the years because relationships help the company in surging ahead. The team at Yesweus respects the views of each and every client and ensures that they are comfortable while dealing with them. They value their clients’ time and that is why their responses are always prompt. They respect each and every input from their clients and work on them accordingly.

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