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Dexler Energy
Dexler Energy

India’s push towards the development of renewable energy sources, the initiative from the industry to take up the challenge, and newer advances in technology have all come together to play a vital role in rendering solar power at par with conventional sources of energy. The role of technology needs particular mention- newer advances in PV modules such as better panel design for greater generation efficiency can further increase the attractiveness for solar technology.
The Role of Good Policies
The growth of rooftop solar panels has been continuing at a steady pace, but is still highly dependent on government tenders and projects.
The government is providing the policy framework, a mandate for change and financial incentives to the private sector projects to fulfil the current demand.
Thus, the Government has been able to support such ventures through subsidies during the early stages of market development, when the scale of the effort was too small to make financial sense.
Likewise, in order to support the Indian Government’s vision, the private sector is also bringing in additional capital, knowledge, expertise and technology to the development process. When both these forces join hands, the results can be truly magical.
This is the opportunity that Dexler Energy Pvt Ltd (DEPL), established in 2013 is  leveraging on. With the introduction of innovative, sustainable and affordable clean energy, and energy efficiency solutions to power the nation’s energy security, their vision is large and oriented towards the future.
DEPL focuses on developing customised, clean and efficient energy solutions to help customers achieve their energy goals in a cost-effective manner.
DEPL develops assets in a Build Own Operate (BOO) and Group Captive Power models to provide customers with suitable custom solutions that enable them to adopt sustainable technologies.
As on date, DEPL has enabled a transition of a total of 84MW of current energy requirements to solar power plants.
Customized Clean and Green Energy Solutions
DEPL offers solar PV energy efficiency and sustainable fuel supply solutions to help organisations reduce pressure on their bottomline. The company engages with consumers in both Capex and Opex models, based on their investment priorities, which enables the customers to adopt sustainable technologies without incurring high capital expenditure. Some of the solutions offered by the company to the commercial and industrial sector are:
Solar Open-Access Solutions
Dexler Energy offers solar open-access power solutions which help consumers optimise their energy utility costs and reduce their carbon footprint in a sustainable manner. It provides BOOT/ RESCO, Group captive and Captive turn-key solutions for Solar Open-access. Besides, the company offers captive and non-captive open access solutions to large energy consumers for replacing their existing power with solar energy.
Energy Efficiency Solutions
The company provides solutions for intelligent energy management, monitoring and analytics to industrial and commercial ventures. It helps organisations integrate energy efficiency and conservation measures, right from the plant design stage to daily operations in a simple, risk-free environment. It also helps organisations optimise their power consumption in a phased manner.
Solar Rooftop Solutions
Dexler Energy’s solar rooftop solutions incentivise consumers by turning their idle roof space into a source of clean energy. The consumers can decide either to invest in their own solar power plant or get avail of reduced power tariffs in a BOOT model.
The company offers solar rooftop solutions to industrial, commercial and education sectors for onsite power generation without any capital investment. It invests in setup and manages the plant so the key stakeholder can leverage the benefits of such an arrangement without the associated hassle of maintenance and operation.
Helmed With Expertise And Care
Ravi Kumar, the CEO of Dexler Energy Pvt. Ltd., has over 13 years of experience in the power sector. His areas of interest include economic regulation, policy, process improvement in utilities, market assessment, feasibility reviews, transaction advise, financial analysis, bid strategy, project management, procurement process advisory, commercial contracts, and open access power off-take.
Prior to joining DEPL, Ravi worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers India, leading the business operations for power and utilities in Karnataka, and the utility business in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Ravi has also worked with a number of utilities and regulators in the sector as well as some large Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in renewable, conventional and reputed industrial houses with interests in the power sector in India.
Future Roadmap
Our vision is to reduce the cost of energy and increase the efficiency and durability of power through multiple, greener options for all” -Ravi Kumar.
At present, solar developers and Independent Power Producers are shifting their focus towards the more lucrative off-grid segments due to aggressive forecasts of multi-Gigawatt demand from remote parts of the world.
On the one hand, the adaptation of solar energy in remote areas in India is on the rise. Multi-use solar pumps, combined with net-metered rooftop systems are rendering power to farms and rural electrification programs.
On the other, the evolution of battery and pump storage is turning solar energy systems into a more dependable power source for off-grid applications. Even the Indian Government has incorporated various off-grid installations through standalone solar energy systems in remote areas.
With this in mind, Dexler Energy is looking forward to diversify further into areas of energy storage, micro-grids and to address the issue of power cuts effectively by developing and strengthening the independent grid systems across the country.

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