ONergy Solar – Pursuing an Agenda of Continuous Progression in the Evolving Solar Industry

ONergy Solar

As the traditional sources of energy are witnessing a gradual decline, renewable energy is evolving as an important trend for the future of mankind.  Over the recent years, solar-powered solutions have evolved as one of the biggest contributors to the renewable energy sector. The emergence of private players and the contribution by the corporate giants have further uplifted the solar market in a big way.
With the reduction in prices of solar panels, the market is getting competitive with each passing day. As the cost of production is reduced with the advent of PV module technology, escalating the manufacturing process or leveraging the economies of scale will assist to transform the industry in the coming years. Grid-connected panels are yet another market segment which is in huge demand, especially in the remote regions of the country.
Journey Fostering Creativity and Innovation
ONergy Solar (Punam Energy Pvt. Ltd.), an award-winning marvel has managed to turn the heads in the business fraternity by evolving as one of the fastest growing Solar EPC companies providing end-to-end and customized solar solutions. An ISO Certified Company, it offers complete turnkey and customized solar PV solutions across design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. The company has played a crucial role in improving the lives of over 8 million people by executing 11 MW solar rooftops and installing over 500 solar irrigation pumps. As an expert solution provider, it also offers O&M solutions for solar irrigation pumping, lightning, and microgrids. Over the years, ONergy Solar has won numerous accolades, prestigious awards and has been in the limelight by the media and through multiple case studies which have been published by top institutes. Reaching the remotest corners of the country, along with stringent after-sales service network and backed by high-quality products, the company has managed to create its niche market in the industry and continues to carry forward the legacy.
Piyush Jaju and Vinay Jaju – Leading Lights of ONergy Solar
The company is Co-founded by Piyush Jaju and Vinay Jaju. As the Co-Founder and CEO, Piyush has been truly instrumental in taking ONergy Solar to new heights with his business acumen. Right from the start, he had the spark to outshine others which get reflected in his life. Piyush is an Economics graduate from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata as well as a University topper. Prior to commencing his entrepreneurial venture, he has amassed wide knowledge and proficiency in the areas of financial services and investment banking. Apart from managing key leadership positions, he has also co-founded SwtichON, an NGO working in the field of rural energy access, agriculture, and skill building. He is a proficient business leader and a regular speaker at countless national and international forums. He has also received prominent international fellowships from Santa Clara University and Unreasonable University (USA).
Vinay Jaju is the other Co-Founder and COO of ONergy Solar. He is a recipient of the ‘Global Entrepreneurship & Leadership Award’ from AIESEC and has been awarded the CSA Fellowship from Packard foundation, Paragon Fellowship (FYSE) and BYCL Fellowship. Vinay is a Commerce graduate and has completed a management program from SP Jain, Mumbai. He has a global professional experience as he has worked in countries like Bangladesh and Australia. He is a member of the LVDC Panel at Bureau of India Standards along with been a guest faculty at admired institutes such as IIM Calcutta, IEM, to name a few.
Embracing Technology to Enhance Productivity
In the era of continuous modernization, ONergy Solar has successfully managed to embrace new technologies and innovations by implementing key strategies over the time. The company focuses to manage the technical and financial performance of the energy portfolios. Moving ahead of the traditional practices, it has implemented IoT through Remote Monitoring System which delivers extensive analysis. This transition has revolutionized the work portfolio of solar rooftop vertical and the company has progressed a lot in this segment. Integrating technologies like sprinklers, and drip system are allowing the company to foray into the solar irrigation sector. The in-house R&D team has developed innovative moisture sensor technologies by remote monitoring in solar irrigation. These small steps towards digitalization are assisting ONergy Solar to set the trajectory of growth and development.
Grid-Connected Panel – The New Face of the Industry
As the Indian Government is working towards electrifying every corner of the country, the demand for electricity has raised manifolds. Solar energy has evolved as the best option to minimize the use of traditional fossil fuels. Initiatives taken by the Government to offer ‘clean-energy’ has increased the demand for ‘Grid-connected’ solar installations across the country. This significant surge from the industrial, commercial, institutional, and social sectors has given the trust and confidence in the solar rooftop EPC market.
Challenges Obstructing the Growth of the Industry
As the demand for grid-connectivity has witnessed huge growth, the ‘net-metering’ system has come into play; however, the on-ground implementation has still not gained the momentum. This is majorly due to the gaps in implementing the policies at the ground-level. Finance is still a big constraint for the players as there is not much assistance from the banks or financial institutions.
Marching towards the Horizon
By 2022, the Government aims to generate 175 GW of renewable energy out of which 100 GW is to be generated by solar power. The emergence of private players along with increased government participation has set a very positive outlook for the solar market in India. ONergy Solar is determined to cement itself as a formidable player in the years to come. It is confident that the existing business model will assist the company to create milestones as well as in becoming one of the best players in the solar industry.

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