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Solar energy is the most abundant and cost-effective source of clean energy available. India, with its vast natural resources, is well positioned to gain from it. The solar industry is growing with unprecedented pace and it is required that everything related to solar power production should be easily available. Electrical vehicles and EV- charging stations network are new emerging areas impacting the lives of people. Many startup companies are coming up with the innovative solutions. IndiaGoSolar is one such company creating an online marketplace for the solar business via e-commerce route. Competitive products and services than non-renewable energy providers and decreasing costs of installation of plants are the driving force behind the growth.
A Complete Solar Ecosystem
IndiaGoSolar serves as an online trading marketplace for all kinds of solar products, projects & services. It is facilitating buy & sell transaction and creating awareness about solar energy. The Journey began with registering the website in 2014 and launching the platform in 2015. In subsequent years IGS worked on product refinement and partner additions while creating customer awareness. The company has put in a lot of effort to raise the quality standards of existing solar products and services available in the market. It is also making the financial solutions like the project and working capital financing available through the third party for promoting the acceptance of solar products & projects by consumers. It never stopped creating the market development around solar solutions. IGS is crafting niche of a solar community where every solar & Electric Vehicle professionals – engineers, installers, manufacturers, financers have a place to contribute through this platform.

An Entrepreneur with a Mission
Dr. Harish Ahuja, Founder, and CEO, has efficiently managed and revamped his professional credentials from being a civil servant to an entrepreneur in his two decades of career. Prior to realizing and exploiting his entrepreneurial competencies, Harish served on various positions in Govt. of India like Joint Secretary, Department of Power in Govt. of Delhi and Director (Finance & Law) in Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission.
IndiaGoSolar is yet another endeavor for Dr. Harish, directed towards innovating the way the solar sector businesses are conducted in India. Being the founder, he is responsible for the company’s business strategies, marketing, and human resource. He is a Ph.D. from IIT, Delhi and has done his MBA from NTU, Singapore, and BI, Oslo. His mission is to provide every Indian a convenient access to products, services, and tools which help them get the maximum benefits from solar energy.

The Challenges in the Beginning
Building an online marketplace in year 2014 was a little ahead of the general learning curve and therefore there were multiple challenges around creating awareness, product design, logistics’ tie ups, subsidy release & third party vendors related quality issues. However core team successfully met all those challenges.
AT present, this solar e market is one stop solution for solving all B2C customers’ worries related to technology, warranties, financing, transportation, and installation and after sales service & repair of solar products and systems. The company is built on the strong pillars of values such as trust, technology, and transparency.

One Platform for all Solar Services
Exclusive solar products, projects & services are available online for both B2C and B2B customers. More than 1400 solar products, projects and services offered by 96 top quality manufacturers, 330 Engineering, Procurement and construction agencies (EPCs), and 103 I&C companies. The financial solutions from 11 banks & NBFC are offered on the platform. IndiaGoSolar (IGS) has the privilege of having real-time information about customer needs and market scenario from its online traffic & offline affiliates. IGS has developed proprietary IT tools for translating consumer insights and market data into concrete initiatives.

Grid-Connectivity for Surplus Power
IndiaGoSolar is providing innovative solutions for grid-connectivity all over India. Most of the states have come up with net metering policies. The attractive tariffs for feeding surplus solar power are incentivizing the customers. Technically also, grid-connected PV systems are installed to enhance the performance of the electric network. The power generated during the daytime by these systems is used fully for powering captive loads and if the plant is in connected it feeds excess power to the grid. The captive loads are supplemented by drawing power from the grid if the sun gets covered by the clouds and the solar power is not sufficiently generated. This helps for the continuous supply of power which is an added advantage. This helps for the continuous supply of power which is an added advantage.

Creating the Future with Clean Energy
IndiaGoSolar (IGS) is following an Omni-channel with assisted e-commerce strategy to offers its products, projects & services and at present, it has more than 106 offline affiliates across 14 states. It has launched in Jan 2016, one more portal by the name – It is India’s first platform for trading solar products and services where one can buy, sell & auction solar products, projects, and services online in Bulb. With the deep insight of industry, consumers, government regulations, policies, technology, clean financing and the global movement towards renewable energy, IGS is committed to creating a future in which solar energy is as common as sunshine in the backyards.

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