Dhabriya Polywood Limited: Delivering Excellent Quality Customized Products while Upholding Customer Satisfaction

Dhabriya Polywood
Mr. Hitesh Agrawal | Chief Financial Officer | Dhabriya Polywood Limited

The most prominent uPVC windows and doors solution providers offer aesthetically pleasing and durable products. They offer environment-friendly doors and windows, which are termite free and require low maintenance. These companies produce products that are recyclable, ecofriendly, possess great insulation, and are corrosion proof.

One such prominent name in the uPVC windows and doors solution industry is Dhabriya Polywood Limited.It was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 in the year 1992. The company commenced its commercial production of R-PVC (Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride) profiles in the year 1995 under its registered brand name “Polywood”. It derived the brand name from the idea of making polymer-based wood substitute products and started manufacturing PVC doorprofiles.

Thereafter, the company continued venturing by making other wood substitute products such as PVC false ceiling, wall paneling, prefabricated structures, and so on.In the year 2007, Dhabriya Polywood started the manufacturing and fabrication of uPVC Windows and Doors. Team Dhabriya Polywood believes that ‘Polywood’ uPVC Windows and Doors fortifies environmental and economic advantage. ‘Polywood’uPVC Windows have heat and sound insulation and drought-proofing qualities which are proven to be lasting for at least 10-25 years.

Standing Ahead in the Competition

Team Dhabriya Polywood states that the uPVC windows and doors solution is more of a combination of service and product. The whole process right from the fabrication of windows to site measurements and selecting a suitable design of window and advising which type of window will be suitable for which place is done by the company’s in-house team of highly skilled professionals.

The fabrication of “Polywood” u-PVC windows and doors needs five different combinations:

  1. State-of-the-art technology and the best quality raw material is used at the company’splant.
  2. The company has a 6-lane high-capacity window fabrication facility which ensures in-time processing of orders.
  3. Reinforcement is another crucial step of the window fabrication and for that Dhabriya Polywood only trustsits in-house G.I. reinforcement rolling.
  4. The company usesbest in qualityhardware for all the doors and windows.
  5. High-quality glass and mesh is used in all of Dhabriya Polywood’s products.

The company’s products are maintenance free, retaintheir surface gloss, and offer greater potential energy saving than timber, steel, aluminum due to, material characteristics. “polywood” uPVC windows and doors are controlled to maintain the higher technical and professional standards and it reflects with the company’s policy of continuous development with meticulous efforts.

The Visionary Leader

The person who has contributed dedicatedly towards the success of the company is none other than Mr. Digvijay Dhabriya, the CMD of the company. He planted the seeds of the company’s uPVC window business in 2007. Since then, Mr. Hitesh Agrawal has been heading the uPVC window vertical of the company. His contributions to the company in business strategy, financial management, and operations management have been immense and have largely contributed to the multi-fold growth of the company.

About Mr. Hitesh Agrawal

Mr. Hitesh Agrawal is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Rajasthan and is a Fellow Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He has over 20 years of experience in his functional area and associated with Dhabriya Polywood since May 2001. Mr. Hitesh’s contributions to the company in business strategy, financial management, and operations management have been immense and have largely contributed to the multifold growth of the company. He takes care of all accounts, banking, taxation and financial activities of the company. His primary responsibility involves managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting.

Mr. Hitesh provides day to day leadership and management guidance which mirror the adopted corporate mission and core values. He ensures that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative, and reporting procedures to meet operational and financial targets. Mr. Hitesh collaborates with the management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the rapid growth objectives of the company.

Noteworthy Contributions

Being one of the first companies to enter this industry, Dhabriya Polywood Limitedhas made several contributions. It has introduced various types of uPVC window solutions and window types in the industry for the first time in India, thereby offering new and unique solutions to its clients from time to time. The company offers villa windows, arched windows, casement windows, sliding windows, and many other variants of each type customized as per the client’s requirement. Dhabriya Plywood’s policy of no compromise with the quality of the product has set a standard in the uPVC market.

Dedicated towards Protecting the Environment

With the inspiration of Lt. Prof. S.S. Dhabriya who was an environmentalist and remote sensing expert, his son, CMD Mr. Digvijay Dhabriya has taken ‘SAVE TREES’ as a mission of life.  To achieve the same and to give shape to his father’s teaching, he developed and started manufacturing polymer-based wood substitute products.

DhabriyaPolywood Limited’s core value is to make environment friendly, sustainable, and zero wood houses to bring about ecological balance and save natural resources. The brand name ‘Polywood’ has been associated with wood-substitute products with a mission to SAVE TREES. The company saves nearly 7 lakh trees a year; for the last 27 years, it has been an undeniable part of the “save Trees” campaign by bringing to the minds of people the use of uPVC and PVC profiles which was only confined to European Countries earlier.

Taking on Challenges Confidently

In its initial days, the company had to face the major challenge of spreading awareness about uPVC windows as a product among its target market. At that time, the competition was low and the market size was also small. However, over time, the world’s leading brands have come to India in the last 10-15 years resulting in major competition in the market. Moreover, the prices have also reduced by almost 50%. Hence, Dhabriya Plywood is now struggling mainly to keep an edge over its competitors by providing value-added solutions with quality services. The team believes that to stand tall in the market, the only way is to provide high-quality products at a competitive price.

Confronting the Pandemic with a Game Face

Team Dhabriya Plywood states that the pandemic affected the business in the same manner as most others in the construction and related industries. Firstly, because of a sudden reduction in the operations of the real estate industry in general, new demand for windows and doors has been compromised. Secondly, labour migration, transportation, and manpower-related problems due to lockdown and the panic created by the pandemic have introduced various challenges in delivering the required level of services to the clients. The company authorities state that the situation is now getting from bad to worse with the arrival of the second wave of the pandemic and the economy is also getting disrupted owing to the same.

Achievement Galore

Throughout its illustrious journey, Dhabriya Polywood Limited has achieved various prominent milestones. It has received recognitions at various levels, which have been mentioned below:

  • Award for Excellent Manufacturing Facility by Plastic Manufacturers’ Association Jaipur in the year 2008
  • Award for Meritorious Industrial Development by the Indian Economic Development & Research Association, New Delhi in August 2009
  • National Award by Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India for Innovation in Polymer Waste Management & Recycling Technology and Green Polymeric Materials & Products in March 2017
  • ET Business Leaders 2017 Award for Environment Protection and Conservation in July 2017
  • Award by the Institute of Engineers for Eminence and Contribution in the field of Township Development with Eco-friendly Products

Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs

Mr. Digvijay advises the emerging entrepreneurs who aspire to enter the uPVC Window and Door Solutions space to understand that it is a big space, where one may enter at various levels such as a profile manufacturer, a window fabricator, or dealer. He states that the Indian demography makes it a huge market for u-PVC doors and Windows.

He states, “Based on their resources, whichever level one may choose to enter this market, one must always remember that it is the level of overall services that determines getting repeated clients and not just reduction in product quality and price’’.

Towards an Interesting Future

Marching ahead, Dhabriya Polywood Limited plans on expanding its services to new territories and to start a dealership or franchise model to be able to cater better to the retail market. The company aims to become the biggest window fabrication facility and cover the entire north and south region. It further aims to launch various new types of windows and to distribute UPVC window profiles to window fabricators pan India.

In 2021, Dhabriya Polywood intends to start a new 75000sq. ft. production plant in Bengaluru. In the same year, it will also initiate its uPVC window profiles facility in Bengaluru. The company further has another aluminium fabrication facility project in the pipeline. The authority believes that all these initiatives will help the company to scale up.

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