Deceuninck Profiles India Private Limited: Operating with the Belief of Sustainability, Innovation, and Ecology

Deceuninck Profiles India
Dev Chandwani | Business Development Director (India) | Deceuninck Profiles India Private Limited

While doing any business, it is very important to have core values and to abide by such values is again very crucial for the overall image of the organization. There are a lot of companies that have ethics and morals as their driving forces. Having a sense of accountability always helps in the long run. With a similar approach to all the things said above, there is one company that works in alignment with its business ethics and strives to make a difference in the uPVC sector. That company is none other than Deceuninck Profiles India Private Limited. In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, let us see what Dev ChandwaniBusiness Development Director (India) of the company has to say about its dynamics and operations in India. Given below are the highlights of the interview:

Kindly brief us about your company, its history, and its journey since inception.

Deceuninck started its PVC business in 1937 with buttons for clothing, then ventured in PVC profiles for roller shutters and finally into Profiles for Doors and Windows. Deceuninck has been in the fore front of producing high quality profiles and systems for Doors and Windows in over 90 countries worldwide with 14 manufacturing centres and over 40 Distributions centres globally.

We supply more than 200K Tonnes of profiles and champions of recycling of old PVC Windows – close to 45K Tonnes. We started in India in 2006 with a Channel Partner in Bangalore and have been growing stronger across the country. Currently we have 2 warehouses in India – Chennai and Noida and have executed more than 100 projects across the country through our dedicated 46 exclusive Channel Partners.

Tell us about your company’s operations, its mission, its vision, and its core values.

Deceuninck believes in Sustainability, Innovation and Ecology producing products which are highly durable produced with the latest technology to offer systems which are Best-in-Class in energy efficiency, Thermal Insulation, Air Tightness, Water Tightness and Structural performance. Deceuninck has several firsts in Innovative solutions – Linktrusion and Thermofiber to name a few.

Ecology is one of our major concerns and as a company we have taken steps in all our plants to adopt Green Energy through roof top solar panels. To avoid end of life dumping of old windows in Land Fills, we set up a 45,000 tonnes recycling plant in Belgium and are working on such units in different countries too. Most of our plants are Environment Product Declaration Certified – all process adopted in the factories are environment friendly.

How is your company catering differently to its clientele, to stand apart from the competition in the uPVC Windows and Doors Solutions space? What safety, hygiene and quality-assurance standards does your company abide by to inspire the trust of its clients?

Deceuninck has the widest range of products to offer in both white and colour laminated windows. While most of market offers only one series based on the 60mm platform, Deceuninck offers 60mm, 70mm and premium 80mm high quality systems. Their Multi-Chamber design offers Best-in-Class window properties.

We work closely with Architects and Developers to offer the window designs best suited for the project considering Wind Speeds from IS 875 Part 3, Water tightness and Air Tightness. The Channel partners are trained in every aspect of window production and installation so that the window lasts long and is user friendly.

The latest technologies are adopted in our production factories be it in compound processing, Extrusion technologies or warehousing operations. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EPD Certification in all plants. All our window systems are tested at international laboratories IFT, SKZ, PBT as per EN, BS and AAMA standards.

What, according to you, are your company’s most notable contributions in the industry?

Being the first in high quality premium window systems some of the unique offerings include:

  1. 70mm in 5 Chamber design with Uw 1.4W/m2K with up to 40dB noise reduction
  2. 80mm in 6 Chamber with Uw <1W/m2K up to 49dB noise reduction.
  3. Shift and Slide Doors with high performance Water Tightness – 450Pa
  4. Widest range of colour lamination – 3 Wood Finish Colours and 3 Solid colours.

What challenges has your team faced in the earlier days of the company? What struggles is the team going through now?

Deceuninck has seen it all from early non-acceptance of PVC in the market dominated by Aluminium Players to low-cost imports with lead-based formulations from various other markets. We believe every challenge comes with its own opportunity and it is for the brands to choose their niche and become market leaders in that segment.

What are the strategically driven plans that you are implementing to scale your company in the year 2021?

We are expanding our Channel Partner network to 100 by the end of this year, to be present in all State Capitals and major cities across India. Strong focus on brand building and showrooms in major cities is driving our business in new builds as well as renovation markets.

In future, what are the prospects of your company?

The PVC window market is currently at 14-15% of the Rs. 15,000 Crore total window market and we see a big demand in high quality PVC Window systems. Currently, the market size is around 70,000 tonnes which is bound to reach 200,000 tonnes in the next few years given the high acceptability of PVC in the new build markets.

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