Dibya Ranjan Dash: Proliferating the Modern Herbal Era of Herbage Personal Care

Dibya Ranjan Dash
Dibya Ranjan Dash

We always have choices. Not only to be or not to be, but also how to be. There had been an Eastern way of living in the embrace of nature. In-synced with the natural ecosystem of Mother Earth, the provider of everything, all our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. They used natural things for everything, from eating and learning to treating their diseases, illnesses, sicknesses, and disorders, to healing in an organic way. They called it Ayurveda – a combination of traditional Indian and Chinese medicines; Siddha; Unani; Yoga; Naturopathy; Homoeopathy; and Sowa Rigpa.

In modern times, scientifically and economically backed Western medicines succeeded in promising and convincing a large part of the population to replace these Eastern systems with quick-relief-giving Allopathic healthcare systems. The recent COVID pandemic compelled everyone to consider the limitations and severe side effects of chemically induced allopathic medicines.

Mighty scientific and research-oriented minds are taking a renewed look at all these ancient systems again and finding novel ways to combine them with allopathic methods to create a sustainably healthier way of life. Dibya Ranjan Dash, being the CEO of Herbage Personal Care Incwww.herbageherbal.com, for the last 19 years and eight months–since 2004–has been keenly observing this shift in the global perspectives. He always felt in his heart that herbal is the better way of treating one’s personal and healthcare.

Striving for Global Wellness

Thus, Mr Dibya saw the world turning towards nature for the solution of its health and beauty problems, which is evident from the current orientation of the modern world towards the exploration of herbal wealth intending to develop safe and natural alternatives to replace toxic drugs and cosmetics.

Mr Dibya says that human beings have traditionally used thousands of herbs since antiquity in the management of health and personal care problems. There is a need to integrate modern science and traditional herbal remedies to have better and safe personal care/beauty products for the benefit of humankind.

Keeping this objective in mind the excitement and stimulation of creating something new of his own, Mr Dibya – a self-motivated entrepreneur, postgraduate in physics from Ravenshaw College, Cuttack and MTech in Cosmetology decided to call the short of having a herbal cosmetics manufacturing company in Bhubaneswar itself.

Transforming Indian Heritage into Modern Healthcare

According to Mr Dibya, with the prime motto of ‘Committed to Produce Quality Herbal-Ayurvedic Formulations,’ Herbage Herbals is continuously striving to produce the highest quality products at an affordable cost and offer prompt service for the all-round development of natural products over the globe.

He adds, “We are not leaving a stone unturned for making the perfect blend of most advanced manufacturing infrastructure and truly dedicated research. This helps us present the natural medicines in an ultra-modern form to serve the ailing humanity with outstanding results that too without exposing other systems of the body towards unwanted effects.”

He furthers that their mission is

  • Striving for global wellness through herbal health care products.
  • Reach worldwide markets.
  • Translate the rich heritage of India into modern world-class health care and personal care products.
  • Ensure sustained satisfaction for all our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Fostering A Herbal Way of Living

Our speciality is that we are the pioneers in formulating and promoting herbal products in the key health segments with a definite rationale behind them. Our dynamic strategies have enabled us to promote our products in modern medical language with dynamic strategies,” puts Mr Dibya, adding that this has resulted in a significant demand for their products in the domestic market in a short duration.

At Herbage Personal Care, Mr Dibya’s job starts from procuring raw materials to despatching finished goods. “We are an eastern-based company involved in cosmetics manufacturing. Besides our brand Herbage, we are also involved in contract manufacturing for several companies.”

The product marketing and promotion of Herbage brands are also included in his job profile. Mr Dibya and his team run different types of state-of-the-art technologies and approaches, like using nanotechnology ingredients to sophisticated vendor appraisal systems.

The Dashing Leadership of an Enlightened Spirit 

A Postgraduate in Physics from Utkal University, Mr Dibya was involved in many student activities. He won Chancellor Cup for debating and received hundreds of certificates for debating, essay-writing, and quiz competition.

Mr Dibya was also the Secretary of the student union during his graduation days and Seminar Secretary during his post-graduation period.

Today, apart from being the CEO of the brand Herbage, Mr Dibya is

  • A faculty member in physics at different engineering colleges in Orissa.
  • Consultant for many Hi-tech industries like CD replication units, offset printing units, and more.
  • Guest faculty in different management colleges as a practising entrepreneur.
  • Advisor in reputed software training firms in Bhubaneswar and Kolkata.

Thus, in the dynamic landscape of India’s ever-evolving socio-economic and political scenario, Mr Dibya is emerging as an individual who possesses the vision, determination, and leadership qualities to inspire and guide the nation towards progress. A visionary with a remarkable track record, Mr Dibya has emerged as a guiding light, showcasing exceptional leadership skills and a deep commitment to the betterment of India.

On a Mission of Sustainable Development

With a career spanning educational, entrepreneurial, Hi-tech, software, and herbal products sectors, Mr Dibya’s influence has left an indelible mark on various spheres of Indian society. As a seasoned entrepreneur, his ventures have not only driven economic growth but have also created employment opportunities, contributing to the nation’s goal of sustainable development. Moreover, his unwavering commitment to social causes has been evident through his philanthropic endeavours, fostering positive change in education, healthcare, and community development.

Mr Dibya’s leadership style is defined by his ability to foster collaboration and inspire innovation. His inclusive approach encourages diverse perspectives, fostering an environment where ideas flourish, and solutions emerge. This has earned him admiration not only from his peers but also from the younger generation, who see him as a role model to emulate.

A Catalyst of Positive Change

In the realm of public discourse, Mr Dibya’s articulate communication and thought-provoking insights have garnered him a substantial following. Whether addressing economic challenges, technological advancements, or organic issues, his entrepreneurial and leadership acumen resonate with a wide audience, igniting meaningful dialogues and catalyzing change.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, influential leaders like Mr Dibya Ranjan Dash offer a beacon of hope and direction. Through his actions and words, Mr Dibya is inspiring the nation to strive for excellence, embrace change, and work towards a future that is prosperous, inclusive, and harmonious.

A Healthiest Future for Humankind

As he delves into his future journey with a pool of contributions, it becomes evident that Mr Dibya’s leadership is a force to be reckoned with, and his influence will undoubtedly continue to shape India’s path forward in the coming times.

For more information about Herbal Personal Care and the numerous exciting products offered by it, please click on www.herbageherbal.com, or email at info@herbageherbal.com or ceo@herbageherbal.com, or connect @ +91 (0) 674 2579310, 9861444010.

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