DigiOn- Developing a Multi-channel Strategy to Achieve Digital Goals


In today’s digital landscape, for any business to get ahead of its competitors, it’s very important to implement various digital marketing tactics as an overall part of their strategy. Most startups these days have adopted digital marketing. But not all the weapons that digital marketers have in their arsenals are equally effective. Some digital marketing strategies hit the bull’s eye, while others don’t even come close. DigiOn aims to ensure that their customers leverage the power of internet to the fullest extent possible. It helps the business owners looking to market their business online, by providing them with promoting Trends, Ideas and Information at a price which they can afford.
The organization is witnessing a huge transformation in terms of digitization and its ever growing demand in the industry. Having the opportunity of working with different startups, DigiOn understands their requirements very well and helps them in building a strong online presence.

Professional and Determined Personality
With more than 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing space and associated with startups & prestigious firms like Oracle, Hewlett Packard (HP), ING Life, Vedantu, MetricStream, Amit Kumar, the Founder & CEO of DigiOn is a seasoned digital marketing professional and an industry expert. He possesses great expertise in simplifying the challenges faced by different organizations especially the startups.
He holds a different belief and says “A startup fails not because of the product but, because of the wrong marketing approach.”  He also says that for the success of a business there are two primary parameters i)  building the presence where customers are and ii) providing them with the solutions and the services which can solve their hindrance. “This is challenging but with our expertise & experience, this process can be achieved far more effectively and efficiently”- adds Amit.

Awards and Accolades
The success of any business is determined by how well they keep their clients. For any organization, customer retention rate is a very important part for the growth. DigiOn not only holds a good customer retention rate but, they have also been referred by their clients to others which showcases their excellent work in customer service.
It has also been awarded as “20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Service Providers- 2018” by Silicon India. The organization believes that this is just a beginning and hopes to achieve many more through the hard work and dedication.

Creating Customized and Focused Strategies
Being one of the best SEO companies in India, DigiOn offers the best-in-class SEO services to their clients which helps them improve their online organic presence. It has a well-functioning team which blends according to the business and requirements to help get optimum result in the best possible & ethical way. DigiOn provides awe-inspiring digital marketing services, purely because of the vast knowledge that it holds, operating for different clients from different verticals. It’s a proven fact that higher ranking directly gives higher website traffic. Thus, the organization creates customized and focused strategies for the clients even before they are onboarded to make sure their websites stand out in the crowd. SEO can be the best weapon to gain a long term success for relevant searches and traffic that will generate continuous sales and growth for the business.
Offering Online Organic Presence

DigiOn has been working with various domains like EdTech, Home Decor, FinTech, Software Solutions, Hardware, Skin & Hair, Travel, Cyber Security, Life Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Quality & Compliance and many more.
No matter what size the business is or what industry it belongs to, a strong online presence is a crucial component of the marketing strategy. To build an online organic presence DigiOn enables the clients businesses by offering them what they need. It can be a website creation, or creating a social media presence or listing them on local directories.

The organization’s potential clients are well-known large to small-size companies and anyone who wishes to offer their products or services to their clients.

Amit Kumar articulates “For us SEO does not only mean Search Engine Optimization, it also means building an organic presence that can sustain for long and also keep pace with the emerging trends.”
DigiOn takes a customized approach, right from the market research to implementation, and goes beyond the quality-centered work culture for the client’s success. With this approach it stands apart from other agencies and builds a long-term relationship with the clients.

Multi-channel Strategy to Achieve the Digital Goals
In today’s marketplace, it is a prerequisite for any business implementing digital marketing strategies is to have a strong foothold in the online world. The tough job of SEO is imperative for any business working in this direction and standing out from the crowd. Sometime back, people started to think that SEO is dying. This was because people misconstrued it to be a way of manipulating search engines to place sites that don’t really deserve to rank well at the top, this meant a gamut of malpractices. However, DigiOn’s objective is to provide honest service to clients and safeguarding them from such fraudulent activities.

DigiOn supports its clients’ objectives and offers stimulating strategies, research based experiences and implementation platform to realize their objectives efficiently. With the increasing use of modern marketing channels for growth, it is very critical and important for businesses to target their prospective customers and build a strong online presence and grow their customer base.

The key differentiator of the business is the 360 degree approach DigiOn takes with the clients. The focus is to drive not just quantitative traffic but qualitative traffic to the website which can be potential leads for clients. Social Channels, Search engines, Video platforms, App Store Optimization, Map Optimization, E-mailers, etc. enable us to do so.

With an increasing amount of traffic on various social media platforms, it is critical for any business, especially startups to invest in the right strategy and social media management. As a reputable SEO agency in India, the company delivers top notch marketing expertise for all business requirements.

“People say ‘SEO is free’ but, we don’t think likewise because, it takes a couple of months to show the noticeable change and if not done properly, our precious time & effort both go in vain, which is the key for any startup,” asserts Amit.

Formulating Strategies to Ensure the Growth and Development
To stay ahead of the competitors the organization formulates business strategies based on the recent changes and developments in the respective sector and changes made in the Google Algorithm. Their expertise in data analytics helps to understand the current market scenario and provides data driven insights as well as solutions to the clients.

Making promises are easy but meeting the customers’ expectations requires sincere and dedicated effort. The organization is here to deliver quality services to the clients and partners. DigiOn always adds value to the services which it provides and empowers their business to grow and prosper.
The organization believes that change is the only constant and therefore it is willing to embrace progressive change, and persevere to stay ahead. It does not settle for anything less than excellence in work with a team of passionate, young and innovative minds working with integrity and a sense of ownership.

Certainty about a Bright Future
DigiOn’s endeavor is to grow ahead with clients by creating commendable and award-winning services in all the aspects of digital marketing and Web Design through the creativity and innovation.
The organization would like to increase the presence and foothold in the industry and will continue to make the innovative approaches and improvements in meeting the best quality results for its clients. “We will keep up our good work through our expertise and focus on quality rather than quantity”, says Amit while sharing the future endeavors. The company’s main aim is to become the first choice for any business especially the startups by providing them with all the solutions they would require to achieve their business goals.
Website:- digion.in

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