Jade Global: An Award-Winning Champion for the Most Trusted IT Services Outsourcing in India

Jade Global
Jade Global

In the dynamic realm of IT services, Jade Global emerges as a pioneering force and trusted partner for global enterprises seeking superior outsourcing solutions. Acknowledged as the foremost among the Most Admired Outsourcing Companies in India 2024, Jade Global stands as a beacon of excellence in the digital landscape. Jade Global was founded in 2003 and currently has over 2000+ employees.

As a Technology Partner to Digital Enterprise, Jade Global creates value through its extensive portfolio of globally delivered IT services, facilitated by highly skilled and experienced consultants. Services encompass business application implementations, integrations, software product engineering, cloud services, technology advisory, testing, and managed services. Jade Global boasts domain expertise across various industries, including manufacturing, high-tech, energy, pharmaceuticals, and warehouse distribution. The company demonstrates proven proficiency across diverse technology platforms such as Oracle, NetSuite, Boomi, SAP, Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, AWS, among others.

Anant, elucidating Jade Global’s commitment to excellence, underscores the following pillars:

  • Deep Focus on Innovation: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including AI-ML, cloud computing, and automation, Jade Global delivers optimized solutions tailored to client needs.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Jade Global holds ISO 27001, SOC II, CMMI® SVC V2.0 Maturity Level 5 certifications, reflecting its dedication to industry-leading practices and exceptional results.
  • Global Reach with Local Touch: With a presence across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Jade Global ensures highly customized IT services attuned to diverse business cultures and local nuances.
  • Expertise Across Diverse Industries: With extensive experience spanning financial services, insurance, high-tech, healthcare, life sciences, government sectors, and manufacturing, Jade Global offers tailored solutions for each sector.
  • Focus on Customer Success: Jade Global’s collaborative approach prioritizes building strong relationships and understanding client goals, driving measurable success across their entire ecosystem.

Beyond its remarkable track record, Jade Global fosters a unique work environment that empowers employees and nurtures a culture of innovation. Recognized as a Great Place to Work® in India for two consecutive years, the company attracts and retains top talent, further contributing to its success and client satisfaction.

Jade Global stands as a testament to excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication in the realm of IT services outsourcing, poised to shape the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Unlocking Success: The People-Driven approach defines the DNA of Jade Global

In the realm of IT services and tech outsourcing, one company stands out for its unwavering commitment to excellence: Jade Global. Led by Anant Soni, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jade Global has redefined the landscape of customer-centric solutions.

“Customer experience via consistently offering value is our premier goal,” asserts Anant Soni. For Jade Global, shortcuts are non-existent. The company’s ethos revolves around deeply caring about its impact on clients, employees, vendors, and communities alike.

Whether it’s enhancing operational efficiency, speeding up time to market, providing specialized expertise, or being a reliable partner, Jade Global is the epitome of trust and innovation. Anant Soni’s vision resonates throughout the organization, making Jade Global the best choice for its customers.

Anant Soni’s journey from being Jade Global’s first employee in India to becoming its COO symbolizes the company’s global success saga. His leadership embodies a collaborative spirit, fostering transparent and rewarding engagements with stakeholders at every level.

Reflecting on his trajectory, Anant traces his roots back to the burgeoning IT industry of the early ’90s. His stint in Singapore and subsequent years at KPMG Consulting in the USA sharpened his technical and managerial acumen. His experiences, collaborating with diverse talents on large-scale projects, illuminated the transformative power of IT in solving complex business challenges.

“The biggest learning was how businesses operate,” reflects Anant. “IT systems are only the means to solve the business problem, not an end in themselves.”

At Jade Global, technology is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for meaningful change. Anant Soni’s leadership ensures that the company remains at the forefront of innovation, driving value for all stakeholders.

As Jade Global continues to thrive in a dynamic industry, one thing remains clear: it’s not just about technology—it’s about people.

Anant’s Journey: Leading Jade Global’s Promise of Excellence

In May 2005, Anant embarked on a formidable mission: establishing Jade Global’s Indian arm. Amidst established industry giants, this endeavor marked a defining challenge. Reflecting on his journey, Anant recounts how a personal connection blossomed into a professional commitment, propelling Jade Global towards unparalleled success.

Having collaborated with CEO Karan Yaramada at KPMG, Anant’s transition to Jade Global epitomized a fusion of camaraderie and vision. His trajectory, from pioneering Jade’s offshore delivery centers in Pune and Hyderabad to orchestrating client services across diverse domains in the USA, exemplifies a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Now assuming the mantle of Chief Operating Officer (COO), Anant embodies Jade’s ethos, epitomizing resilience and innovation. His tenure underscores an unwavering dedication to intricate client engagements, spanning continents and industries.

“As the COO,” Anant affirms, “I navigate the dynamic landscape of modern business, leveraging technology to surmount challenges across diverse geographies.” Central to his vision is the ‘Jade Promise’—a commitment to operational excellence and unwavering client support.

At the helm, Anant champions a triad of pivotal functions: Corporate IT, Delivery Excellence, and Human Resources. These pillars underpin Jade’s ethos of empowering employees, fostering a culture of innovation and growth.

Rooted in a philosophy of ‘Customer-First,’ Jade Global has emerged as a beacon of reliability in India’s IT services landscape. Anant elucidates, “Our enduring legacy is our commitment to customers. The Jade Promise encapsulates our pledge to stand by our clients, unwavering in the face of adversity.”

Jade as a consulting partner, Anant asserts, “We thrive when our clients thrive. Our journey is intrinsically tied to theirs, guiding them through every phase of digital transformation.”

Anant’s narrative epitomizes resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment—a testament to Jade Global’s enduring legacy of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of IT services spells out

  • Anant’s journey from inception to COO underscores resilience and innovation.
  • The ‘Jade Promise’ epitomizes unwavering client support and operational excellence.
  • A triad of functions—Corporate IT, Delivery Excellence, and Human Resources—fosters a culture of growth and innovation.
  • Customer-centric philosophy underscores Jade’s legacy as India’s leading IT services provider.

In the realm of management, Anant’s narrative serves as a blueprint for navigating complexity, fostering innovation, and driving sustained growth in the digital age.

Jade Global – Pioneering Excellence in Innovation Leadership

Innovation leadership at Jade Global stands as an exemplar of unwavering commitment to value and customer satisfaction. Since its inception, the company has remained steadfast in its mission to deliver excellence across advisory, consulting, solutioning, and implementation services.

“At Jade Global, our foundation is built upon the principle of exceeding customer expectations,” affirms Anant, a guiding force behind the company’s ethos. “Our clients trust us implicitly to resolve their challenges, and it’s a responsibility we embrace wholeheartedly.”

Central to Jade Global’s success is its unique corporate culture, where employee satisfaction directly correlates with customer delight. The company’s teams operate under the ethos of ‘customer first,’ ensuring that promises made are promises kept. Collaboration and support are not just encouraged but ingrained within the Jade Global work culture.

Strategic partnerships further amplify Jade Global’s ability to deliver unparalleled value to its clientele. Through a relentless pursuit of excellence in consulting, solutioning, and delivery, the company consistently redefines industry standards.

A pivotal milestone in Jade Global’s journey is the establishment of Jade Labs, an innovation hub dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibility. From its inception, Jade Labs has been committed to research and development, resulting in the creation of proprietary IPs, accelerators, and cutting-edge solutions.

“Innovation is in our DNA,” explains Anant. “What began as an idea in 2010 has evolved into an AI-based platform, marking a significant leap in our technological capabilities.”

Today, Jade Labs stands as a testament to Jade Global’s unwavering dedication to innovation. The evolution into an AI-based platform has not only enhanced service offerings but also paved the way for the emergence of a separate product company.

At Jade Global, these principles serve as the cornerstone of our philosophy. As we continue to innovate and evolve, our commitment to delivering value remains unwavering. With a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and a culture of innovation, Jade Global sets the standard for excellence in management and beyond.

Fostering Kanverse.Ai – Jade Global’s frontiers to Innovation and Success

In the dynamic landscape of consultancy, Jade Global stands out as a beacon of innovation and strategic foresight. Anchored by a commitment to market research, customer engagement, and agile decision-making, Jade Global has consistently positioned itself ahead of industry trends, delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clientele.

Anant, a driving force behind Jade Global’s success, attributes the company’s competitive edge to its robust Market Research and Analysis wing. This division meticulously evaluates market trends, enabling the leadership to forge strategic partnerships and anticipate emerging opportunities.

Integral to Jade Global’s approach is the direct engagement of executives and senior leaders with customers. By understanding clients’ domains and business landscapes firsthand, Jade Global augments its expertise with practical insights, ensuring solutions are tailored to meet implicit needs effectively.

A hallmark of Jade Global’s strategy is its willingness to pioneer partnerships with emerging OEMs. By identifying promising technologies early on, Jade Global has consistently reaped long-term rewards for itself and its clients. From Oracle to Gen AI, the company’s portfolio expansion reflects its agility, flexibility, and commitment to delivering value.

Central to Jade Global’s recent success is its foray into artificial intelligence, culminating in the development of the Kanverse AI platform. Launched as a wholly owned subsidiary, Kanverse AI has quickly garnered attention in the market, exemplifying Jade Global’s dedication to innovation and adaptability.

Anant’s leadership, characterized by its responsiveness and vision, has been instrumental in Jade Global’s ascent. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and customer-centricity, he has propelled the company to new heights.

Jade Global’s deliberate emphasis on right-sizing has facilitated agility and responsiveness to evolving customer needs. Through ceaseless engagement and feedback mechanisms, Jade Global remains poised to evolve, adapt, and surpass industry expectations.

As Jade Global continues to redefine the consultancy landscape, its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. With Kanverse AI leading the charge, Jade Global is poised to shape the future of consultancy, one innovative solution at a time.

The Leadership of an Innovation Infinitum

In the orbit of leadership and team building, Anant’s journey at Jade Global illuminates a path marked by vision, integrity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As the inaugural member of Jade, Anant’s approach to recruitment and leadership reflects a steadfast dedication to fostering long-term growth and success.

Anant’s recruitment strategy, rooted in personal conviction and transparency, laid the foundation for Jade Global’s formidable team. Despite the absence of a recognized brand, Anant’s compelling vision and deep technical expertise attracted individuals who shared his unwavering belief in Jade’s potential.

Central to Anant’s leadership ethos is the cultivation of consensus and shared values within the organization. Rather than dictating rules, Anant emphasizes the importance of establishing norms and leading by example. His accessibility and willingness to embrace accountability set the tone for a culture of transparency and openness at Jade Global.

At the core of Jade Global’s operational philosophy lies a commitment to employee empowerment and engagement. By sharing financials and soliciting employee input on strategic decisions, Jade Global fosters a sense of ownership and accountability across all levels of the organization.

Anant’s leadership style underscores the importance of candid communication and inclusive decision-making. By involving employees in discussions surrounding new initiatives and changes, Jade Global ensures alignment, buy-in, and seamless execution.

Through this inclusive approach, Jade Global not only cultivates leaders at every level but also fosters a culture of innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement. As the company continues to evolve, Anant’s steadfast commitment to transparency and collaboration remains the cornerstone of Jade Global’s enduring success.

In the journey of leadership, Anant’s vision and values serve as a guiding light, propelling Jade Global towards a future defined by innovation, excellence, and limitless possibilities.

Leadership Excellence: Navigating the Path of Operational Proficiency to exceed Client Expectations

In the dynamic landscape of IT services outsourcing, maintaining an exceptional equilibrium between operational proficiency and exceeding client expectations is pivotal. Anant, a seasoned leader in the industry, articulates this equilibrium with precision and pride, reflecting the core values of his organization.

At the heart of their ethos lies the profound commitment to WE-CARE and INSPIRE:


We as People and Team: Harnessing the strength of diversity within their workforce.

Customer Delight: A relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Achievements: Collective pride in shared success.

Responsibility towards Society: A commitment to ethical and socially responsible practices.

Ethical Standards: Upholding professional ethics to the highest degree.


INnovate and stay relevant.

Learn continuously and improve Self.

Help others to achieve their highest Potential.

Act with Integrity.

Be Rigorous but not ruthless. Be a role model.

Enjoy the journey and own the results.

Anant elucidates, “Our values and beliefs are not just words; they form the fabric of our identity and our vision as a trusted partner, offering innovative solutions that accelerate enterprise digital journeys.”

The essence of their success lies in the seamless integration of operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Anant emphasizes, “Client expectations are the cornerstone of our operational efficiency.” They view profitability and value provision as symbiotic, constantly refining their expertise to maintain this delicate balance.

Clear and consistent communication, strategic talent acquisition, and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of their approach. Robust project management methodologies, agile practices, and ongoing investment in their personnel ensure alignment with client needs and industry demands.

Anant’s leadership team remains vigilant, proactively identifying and mitigating risks to ensure uninterrupted service delivery. Their commitment extends beyond mere business transactions, embodying a culture of accountability, integrity, and unwavering dedication to their clients’ success.

In an era defined by rapid technological evolution and dynamic market landscapes, Anant and his team exemplify the epitome of management excellence, navigating the complex terrain of operational efficiency and client-centricity with unparalleled finesse.

Techno-Logically Ever-Advancing: Unveiling the Synergy of People, Processes, and Technology in IT Services

In the dynamic landscape of IT services outsourcing, the nexus of technology, people, and processes forms the cornerstone of organizational success. In this exclusive feature, we delve into the strategies employed by industry leaders to leverage cutting-edge technology while emphasizing the indispensable role of human capital and streamlined processes.

Anant, a luminary in the realm of IT services, shares insights into how his organization navigates the complexities of the digital age. Drawing inspiration from pioneering entities like Uber and DocuSign, Anant underscores the importance of aligning with the ethos of game-changing clientele. By providing robust technical support that seamlessly integrates with clients’ core operations, his team ensures a symbiotic relationship that transcends conventional service paradigms.

Beyond the allure of groundbreaking technologies such as Gen AI, Anant underscores a fundamental truth: technology alone cannot guarantee success. The efficacy of any IT solution hinges upon the caliber of individuals wielding it—their values, communication skills, and proficiency in understanding underlying processes. As Anant aptly puts it, “The effectiveness of People – Processes and Technology enhances through the catalysis of right values, attitude, knowledge, and behavior.”

In an era where customer service reigns supreme, Anant’s perspective serves as a beacon for organizations striving to achieve excellence. By intertwining the threads of innovation, human capital development, and process optimization, businesses can forge a path towards sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Join us as we unravel the intricate tapestry of modern IT services—a realm where the convergence of humanity and technology yields unparalleled results. Discover how forward-thinking leaders like Anant are reshaping the industry landscape, one transformative initiative at a time, where Visionary Leadership Meets Operational Excellence.

We are a TEAM: Cultivating a Culture of Empowerment and Growth

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, fostering a culture of growth and empowerment is paramount to organizational success. At the heart of every thriving enterprise lies an able workforce, driving innovation, and spearheading progress.

We delved into the ethos of Anant, a visionary leader who understands the pivotal role employees play in shaping the destiny of their organization. For Anant, the bedrock of success lies in nurturing a workforce that feels valued, respected, and empowered.

“We recognized early on that our employees are the cornerstone of our success,” Anant affirms. Unlike mere cogs in a machine, employees are esteemed as invaluable human assets, deserving of respect and dignity. Anant’s philosophy is rooted in transparency, honesty, and empathy—a testament to his unwavering commitment to his team’s well-being.

In the pursuit of excellence, Anant’s organization prioritizes continuous learning and development. Through state-of-the-art technical training programs, soft skills enhancement initiatives, and leadership development modules, employees are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Moreover, Anant’s unwavering dedication to his team’s growth extends beyond the confines of the workplace. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, employees are encouraged to address personal challenges openly. In embracing the human element of work, Anant fosters an environment where individuals can flourish both personally and professionally.

Central to Anant’s vision is the belief in equal opportunities and recognition for all. From on-site assignments to mentorship programs led by senior leadership, every employee is empowered to chart their own path to success.

The results speak for themselves. Anant’s organization boasts one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry—a testament to the enduring strength of its culture of empowerment and growth.

Join us as we unravel the secrets behind Anant’s success—an inspiring journey fueled by empathy, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to fostering excellence at every level. In the world of management, Anant’s story stands as a beacon of hope—a testament to the transformative power of cultivating a culture of empowerment and growth.

Maneuvering Obstacles: Jade Global’s Resilience During COVID-19

Amidst the tumultuous waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jade Global, a prominent leader in the Indian outsourcing sector, faced its defining moment. In an exclusive interview with Anant, the stalwart leader of Jade Global, we delve into the profound resilience and unwavering commitment that steered the company through unprecedented challenges.

As the pandemic unleashed uncertainty and fear, Jade Global swiftly adapted to the evolving landscape. Anant reflects on the daunting onset, recalling the abrupt closure of work facilities, shrouding the future in uncertainty. “The lurking fear of the invading pandemic in India made us shut our work facility without any time,” Anant recounts.

Amidst the chaos, proactive communication emerged as Jade Global’s beacon of hope. Anant underscores the pivotal role of leadership in fostering solidarity and reassurance. Through relentless online engagements, the leadership team cultivated a sense of unity, affirming Jade Global’s commitment as a family, bound by resilience.

In a remarkable display of solidarity, Jade Global’s employees rallied behind a shared purpose. Anant shares the inspiring narrative of the voluntary Covid task force, epitomizing compassion and altruism. In a profound gesture of sacrifice, employees embraced salary deferrals to safeguard livelihoods, underscoring the essence of camaraderie and sacrifice.

Moreover, Jade Global’s unwavering commitment to employee welfare shone through its proactive transition to remote work, prioritizing safety and continuity. Leveraging cloud technology and unwavering dedication, the company navigated the remote landscape seamlessly, fortifying its resilience amidst adversity.

The indomitable spirit of Jade Global extended beyond its internal realm, resonating with unwavering support for its customers. Anant reminisces on the poignant anecdotes of executive teams embracing symbolic gestures of solidarity, emblematic of Jade Global’s ethos of resilience and compassion.

Reflecting on two decades of relentless perseverance, Anant underscores Jade Global’s remarkable journey through recessions and the COVID-19 pandemic. With unwavering resolve, the company emerged triumphant, fostering growth amidst adversity and cementing its legacy as a beacon of resilience.

In the annals of management history, Jade Global’s saga epitomizes the triumph of human spirit and collective endeavor. As we navigate the uncharted terrain of uncertainty, Jade Global’s narrative stands as a testament to the enduring power of resilience, unity, and unwavering commitment to weathering storms and emerging stronger, together.

Navigating the Frontiers of Intelligent Data Solutions

In the competitive landscape of outsourcing, the contours of innovation have transcended traditional boundaries, permeating into the realms of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and online security. Jade Global stands at the forefront of this transformation, charting a course that integrates cutting-edge technologies into its service offerings.

In an exclusive conversation with Anant, the visionary leader at Jade Global, we delve into the strategic imperatives driving the organization’s approach towards addressing the exigencies of the digital age. With a nuanced understanding of the evolving landscape, Anant underscores the pivotal role of artificial intelligence and machine learning, asserting, “We have been at the forefront of AI-ML integration for four years now.”

Central to Jade Global’s ethos is the infusion of Gen AI into its service spectrum, epitomized by the comprehensive integration of AI-ML technologies across its Kanverse platform. Emphasizing the organization’s commitment to innovation, Anant highlights the establishment of the Innovation Lab 2.0 as a testament to Jade’s proactive stance in delivering value-added solutions to its clientele.

A cornerstone of Jade Global’s strategic direction is the inception of the Intelligent Data Solutions division, a pioneering initiative underpinned by the transformative potential of AI-ML technologies. As Anant affirms, “Our new division is dedicated to harnessing the power of AI-ML, offering bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.”

In navigating the transition towards intelligent data solutions, Anant acknowledges the paradigmatic shifts reshaping the employment landscape, asserting, “While certain roles may undergo transformation, the advent of AI-ML heralds the emergence of new, exciting opportunities.”

As organizations worldwide embrace the imperative of digital transformation, Jade Global’s steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence emerges as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path towards a future defined by intelligent data solutions.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of Jade Global’s journey, exploring the convergence of technology and vision in shaping the contours of tomorrow’s outsourcing landscape.

Precise Advice: Navigating the Complexities of the IT Services Outsourcing Sector

In the fast-paced realm of IT services outsourcing, Anant stands as a beacon of experience and wisdom. With a nuanced understanding of the industry, he imparts invaluable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking success in this challenging domain.

“Ours is a very, very, very difficult industry to get into,” Anant cautions, reflecting on the formidable landscape shaped by mature consolidation and the perpetual emergence of niche players. Yet, for those with a clear vision of their value proposition, opportunities abound.

Key to thriving in this competitive arena is a meticulous alignment of people, processes, and technology. Anant emphasizes the necessity of an intelligent amalgamation, one that underpins every facet of business operation.

“Innovation must be backed by robust processes and supported by adept individuals,” he advises, highlighting the indispensable role of customer-centricity. In an industry where service trumps product, effective communication with customers becomes paramount. Understanding their needs, challenges, and ecosystem is not just beneficial but essential.

In the pursuit of excellence, Anant underscores the pivotal significance of top-notch personnel dedicated to customer success. In the intricate dance of technology and service, technical expertise coupled with unwavering customer service takes center stage.

In essence, Anant’s guidance encapsulates the essence of thriving in the IT services outsourcing sector: clarity of purpose, innovation driven by insight, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. As the industry evolves, these principles remain steadfast pillars for success.

Proliferating a Perpetually Prosperous Future

In conclusion, as Anant articulates his vision for the future, it becomes evident that Jade Global is not merely focused on the traditional metrics of success. While aiming to ascend as a tier-one IT services company, our aspirations extend beyond profit margins. The establishment of the JADE Global Foundation underscores our commitment to societal betterment, particularly in empowering underprivileged children, especially girls, through education and life skills. Through our partnership with TOUCH and active employee engagement, we are nurturing the next generation for a brighter tomorrow. Jade Global’s ethos encapsulates a holistic approach to success—one that encompasses both business growth and societal impact. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we invite businesses to join us on this journey toward a future of shared prosperity and meaningful contribution. Explore our website or connect with the Jade Global team today to discover how we can catalyze your strategic objectives into tangible realities.

To learn more about Jade, please visit them online at www.jadeglobal.com, or email info@jadeglobal.com.

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