Digital Marketing: The way forward for India

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

India is at the cusp of revolution as India is the second fastest growing country in the world and there is a popular belief among the economist that India GDP would surpass USA by 2040. India’s demographics is its biggest asset where the age group 18-35 would be the driving force behind the Indian economy phoenix rise. The penetration of India Digital Age got a legs up with an Indian government’s open call for Digital India Movement.
With an expected billions of network devices and millions of Indians hooked to the internet, we can expect India to ride the Digital Age with innovation and be the benchmark for the world. Digital Age brings its own set of unique challenges and success that will help the companies take a notch up in their success milestones. Digital Marketing is the buzzword across every small, medium or big companies seeking the new age digital wave to leverage their potential for growth and revenue. David vs Goliath is the theme playing across India as the biggest companies of the world comes face to face with an Indian company’s innovative approach towards work.
Digital Marketing is the weapon of innovation driven strategy of the Indian small and medium sized firms willing to work hard and gain traction in the competitive Indian market. Digital Marketing has been in the lexicons of the decision makers in the top echelons of management, but the terms of engagement has much changed with the advent of technology focused strategy. Using internet and the mobility of the emerging smartphone world to change the dynamics of engagement with the user and gaining new users is the motto.
Technology has changed the narrative of the cliched marketing terms and brought a new fresh edge allure to digital marketing. Technology driven Digital Marketing will be the clinching factor for the upcoming, small sized or medium staged business as they seek to bring in new customers, growth and success. Digital Marketing is a nascent one, yet it guarantees big bucks on low investment as it incorporates technology. In India, consumption of content is on a high scale plus unprecedented in the world. With rising use of internet enabled smartphones, access to content from anywhere across the vast world of web is easy while leading to digestion of information from the brands.
Indian smartphone industry is growing at a speed that is defying the expectations, Apple considers India the biggest market for its products overlooking China and all. India digital age is pushing the companies to look at the internet as the biggest base for consumer growth. Brick and Mortar shops are using the internet to reach out to a wider base of consumers who might be hitherto unknown to the business. Technology advancements like the Apps which allows the companies to touch and reach the high point of consumer success chart. Digital Marketing is a unique form that has access to the internet-savvy population, there are immense opportunities in digital marketing for Indian SMEs to explore and gain from.
Technology is one common theme across the business plan of every firms willing to leverage the economic potential of India. I will be illustrating some of the common technology platforms used to leverage digital marketing for the help of the companies. We haven’t seen the enough of technology platforms, but in the near future we are going to see the full impact of technology on the lives of people in India. With so many different ways that customers access media, whether through Facebook, YouTube, news websites, via mobile or tablet apps, a strong idea can quickly gain huge scale and traction.
Messages can be targeted with a laser focus to very specific groups offering them relevant content. The modern-day digital marketing strategy is built on the rocks of the creative side of the discipline. It’s all about the futuristic sounding albeit realism principles –Data analytics is a core part of any strategy. Many organizations are leveraging data from different sources to improve upon the previous digital marketing campaigns. Removing rough estimates from the calculation allows marketers to detect changing trends and therefore use them for more targeted campaigns. Ability to uncover new insights built on the analysis of data with technology aid culminates in better ability to spot opportunities, correct courses and engage with customers.
Core result from the advancing digital marketing wave is the belief that it is the strategy to help small and medium companies grow in the Digital India age. The digitization is on the up and it is time for companies to ride the wave and achieve success and growth.
About the Author
Sravan Kumar Paka is the Founder and CEO of Samskriti Business Solutions (P) Ltd. He is a self-motivated graduate in Chemical Engineering with an inspiring and envisioning mind to create a new dynamism in the arena of digital marketing. To begin his passion for entrepreneurship, he showered his vibrancy as co-founder and CEO for Bloom Web Search Pvt Ltd for about 6 years exploring the online marketing industry coupled with his software development and managerial skills after returning from the US. Sravan Paka is also a strategic investor and Marketing Director in Surya Color Products P Ltd, a leader in decorative paints in India. With over 18 years of experience Online Marketing and Software Development fields, he is known for his in-depth subject knowledge and extraordinary managerial skills across globe.

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