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Google Partner is the premium platform to engage with new tools of Adwords and Google Partner Program offering dedicated support to badge holders by supporting in creating, managing & optimizing client ad campaigns to get best out of Google Adwords. Each badged partner is supported by Account Manager & Account Strategist and help in every step that is starting from acquiring new clients to offering the best ROI to clients.
Page Tuners is one of the successful and well established Google Partner companies. The Success story of Page Tuner is very interesting. S2DESIGNS is the Page Tuners’ parent company, which was started in 2010 as a startup firm with the aim to provide quality web design services locally and gradually started delivering services across India and overseas. It has developed more than 300 + active websites. Over the year’s team S2DESIGNS realized that just having a website is not profitable for the clients, they need to optimize & promote a website on multiple channels for better performance and increase a website’s sales and improve conversion rate, to implement this new service they have initiated with one more firm/service PAGE TUNERS.
Page Tuners started in 2013 with the aim to optimize websites to improve sales and conversion rate and they have received a tremendous response in just 3 years and awarded with Google Partner Badge in May 2017. At Page Tuners, team uses high-end technology tools & softwares and test with websites individually until its business goals reached and start delivering better performance, whether it may be generating more sales, subscriptions or leads. And they are always implementing & testing new technologies for consistent growth of the websites.
Designer of Page Tuners
Praveenkumar R. Hangalki is the Founder and CEO of S2Designs and Page Tuners. He started his career as a graphic designer and gradually focused on latest web technologies and trends. Now, he plays the role of a web designer, website promotion strategist, digital marketer & a consultant.
“Google Partner Program is very engaging & interesting platform where you will be encouraged to learn new things, get certifications, promotional offers & quarterly challenges and rewards,” says Praveenkumar while talking about the journey as a Google Partner.
End-to-end Solutions
Page Tuners work for all businesses from Startup Business to Strong Brands, and has categorized services as EMERGE, ENGAGE & EXPLORE
Emerge: Getting Started With New Website.
Engage: Optimize Website For Better Performance.
Explore: Boost Websites Sales & Conversion Rate.
Team Page Tuners treat all clients equally whether they are “Getting Started With New Website” or planning to “Optimize Website For Better Performance” or enhancing presently running promotion activities to “Boost Websites Sales & Conversion Rate”.
With Page Tuners industry specific solution, it offers complete end-to-end solution for each website and its marketing goals, starting from targeting potential customers, reaching them and engaging with them and makes them to take an action with website whether it may be newsletter signup, subscription or sales. Page Tuners is continuously engaged with clients to discuss about their ad campaign performance and new technology recommendation which helps to improve ROI or client business.
Benefits for Clients
Page Tuners is offering best in class technologies to clients always, with its new technology recommendation campaigns. Team Page Tuners personally meets clients or conduct workshops and discuss about new technologies introduced and their benefits and specific benefits to their website this helped most of their clients and are convinced with new technologies and opted those services from them. Some of the Examples of that: Converting website to mobile friendly feature, online payment gateway, email automation, landing pages, hotel room booking engines, newsletters, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Remarketing ads, YouTube ads,  etc.
Strategies for Success
Team Page Tuners knows that new technology learning and implementation is difficult task for any organization. They realized that it needs to spend specific time to learn new technologies and eventually started self learning and experimenting. This self learning made them to reach industry experts/masters  like Neil Patel, Peep Laja, Oli Gardner & many more. They continually keep on studying new outcomes from experts through their blogs, trainings & subscriptions and the new technologies they learned & experimented eventually implemented on clients’ websites and moderated.
Future Solutions and Plans
Team Page Tuners feels that still there is a lot of scope for optimizing existing websites, and there are very less number of agencies involved in Website Optimization Services. They are constantly reaching potential customers & conducting workshops to make them understand about new technologies and benefits.
Eventually Page Tuners is planning to offer training for web designing agencies (online/offline/at their office) in which it provides training and strategies of new technologies and train them how to generate more business from existing clients/websites by offering new technology recommendation & implementation.
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Source :- The 10 Best Google Partners to Watch in 2017

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