The Golden Age of Digital Marketing is about to Begin

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

All the conventional marketing rules were thrown out the window and the status quo shaken to the core once the realization dawned on marketers how powerful a marketing tool the internet was going to be. To put it bluntly, the internet has changed the entire game of marketing and advertisement.
With the population of internet users increasing at an alarming rate, most companies are shifting their focus along with their advertising budget from traditional marketing to digital marketing strategies. It is due to this reason that digital marketing is growing at a tremendous pace globally. So if a business is looking to grow in this environment, it must establish itself online by concentrating on internet penetration and user engagement. In this new era of digitization, digital marketing is a high impact tool of advertisement capable of reaching a large audience anywhere and everywhere. It basically enables a brand to be ubiquitous in a sense because the internet is not bound and restricted by geography.
In India, the digital marketing industry is seeing a boom like never before. The culmination of various factors has led to this. Prior to the current situation, internet usage was a luxury of sorts, only a select portion of the population availed the service. But a silent revolution transpired in the form of changing the lifestyle of the populace. The internet went from being a luxurious service enjoyed by a few to a commodity meant for the masses all thanks to technological advances like smart phones, computers, tablets and so on. One great example of this transition is the growth of e-commerce which was aided by the magic of digital marketing. Currently, 34.8 percent of India’s population is using the internet, and it is being projected that by 2025 this figure will spike to 55 percent or more. Based on this fact alone one can tell that the Golden Age of digital marketing in India is on the verge of commencement.
The ultimate aim of any business is to grow because if it is not growing, it is bound to collapse at one point of time. To grow, a company needs to promote its business and expand its customer base. It simply cannot afford to rely on outdated marketing tools to achieve that goal in a highly dynamic business environment. This is where Google has become a boon for companies looking to market itself online and grow. Google has provided users with so many useful tools of marketing that one cannot help but be tempted to go virtual. Also, most companies have forayed into social media marketing to get a head start and expand the business as it offers great platforms to build a brand and reach out to potential customers. This is the prime reason why one gets to see so many renowned companies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media networks.
As of now, digital marketing is growing and with steady advancement in technology, it is just going to get better in the future. There are already few instances of virtual reality being implemented online and with artificial intelligence slowly making its way to the forefront of the digital world, the opportunities are sure to become limitless. And to make most out of it, companies around the world should prepare to keep up with changes that are inevitable. They must be willing to update and upgrade if they want to forge a brighter future for themselves. Exciting times are ahead and it is going to be one great ride for all those involved in digital marketing.
About the Author
Mr. Shailesh Kumar is the CEO of CHL Digital. With an enriching experience of over 10 years in the industry, he is leading CHL Digital to newer heights. Under his exemplary guidance, the company has been growing and expanding steadily. With his grand vision, he hopes to inspire and contribute to the industry.

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