DivyaSree Developers: World-class Urban Spaces that are Built to Last

Bhaskar N Raju | MD | DivyaSree Developers | Insights Success
Bhaskar N Raju | MD | DivyaSree Developers | Insights Success

India, at the time of Independence, was primarily a rural country. Most of its population was based in villages. With changing times, growing industrialization, globalization, and rapid development there has been a huge shift in demography. By 2030, it is expected that the urban areas will be home to around 40% of the population. This puts huge pressure on the Urban Infrastructure. The urban infrastructure should be equipped with all the necessary facilities required to give a decent and standard life to its residents. The builders and developers have a special role to play as they deal with the most prioritized asset of the human population – living spaces.
With a population of over ten million, Bengaluru, the IT hub of India, is a megacity, the third-most populous city and fifth-most populous urban agglomeration in India. As such it offers a huge potential for the urban developers amongst which DivyaSree Developers leads the race. With over three decades of achievement under its belt, it is counted among South India’s most reputed urban infrastructure providers. Since inception in 1975, DivyaSree has played a pivotal role in evolving real estate landscapes across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai, creating an infrastructure that has set industry benchmarks. It is a 600-strong, multi-faceted, multi-cultural workforce, currently expanding its footprint in the new key markets of Mumbai, Pune and the National Capital Region.
Building not just Spaces, but Memories
DivyaSree delivers world-class spaces which, being relevant to occupiers and users, makes them memorable. Its offerings include:

  • Office Spaces: Information Technology Parks, built-to-suit campuses and other commercial developments
  • Residential Spaces: Uber-luxury residential villas and condominiums, high-end and mid-range apartments, gated communities and specialised residential offerings like senior living spaces
  • Mixed-use Developments
  • Asset Management Services

Its core strengths are:

  • formidable planning skills,
  • strategic thinking,
  • market insights,
  • continuous innovation,
  • technical expertise,
  • global exposure,
  • asset management skills,
  • and focus on achieving the highest level of client satisfaction.

These have resulted in an exceptionally steep growth curve over recent years, with 99% occupancy across a commercial portfolio that encompasses over 150,000 workstations. This includes 5 “Grade A” operational business parks, 8 Fortune 500 companies and over 70 Blue Chip clients. Completed projects are spread over 27 million square feet, and more than 13 million square feet of spaces are in the making.
Inspirational Mentors
DivyaSree is spearheaded by Dr. P Shyama Raju, CMD and Mr. Bhaskar N Raju, MD.
Dr P. Shyama Raju is known for his legendary humility, razor-sharp vision, acute foresight, and resolute commitment to society.
Bhaskar Raju’s strategic thinking, hands-on and focused approach and eye for detail have facilitated DivyaSree’s paradigm shift.
The duo is a source of inspiration and guiding lights at DivyaSree as the people who have empowered it to become one of the most trusted brands.
Emerging as a Brand
In an industry that is crowded with competition, it needs an eclectic blend of unique characteristics for a company like DivyaSree to stand out. It has made its own identity through its corporate persona that is:

  • Innovative
  • Trustworthy, Ethical, Loyal and Client-centric: A high percentage of repeat business and multi-location clients vouch for it.
  • Confident: It is willing to take risks to deliver on its promises
  • Passionate: It has a knack of getting seemingly impossible things done
  • Flexible: It is able to change with evolving markets
  • Agile: Quick turnaround time is its forte.
  • Quality & Sustainability-driven: With an eye always on the future
  • Responsible: It is a corporation with a conscience

DivyaSree has a pioneering spirit and has been a trendsetter on many fronts. Some unique distinctions being:

  • One of the first developers to foray into the Government-Corporate Developer Partnership, building campuses for Fortune500 companies in collaboration with the Government of India.
  • The first developer of major SEZs in two prominent South Indian cities.
  • The first to deliver a captive power generation plant for an IT Park.

Award-winning Projects
DivyaSree considers all of its projects to be equally important, whether large or small, whether past, current or future. Here’s a look at some of its multiple-award-winning properties:
770 Town Centre comprises an intelligent mix of world-class commercial space and luxury residential property, inviting occupants to work and live in a seamlessly integrated, technologically superior, aesthetically pleasing environment created for them on its 60-acre expanse. This is the largest mixed-use development close to Bengaluru’s Central Business District.
DivyaSree Orion is a harmonious blend of SEZ and non-SEZ space with residential villas on its 40-acre expanse. All the commercial property has been LEED GOLD-certified.
DivyaSree TechRidge is a 55-acre commercial property with a development potential of 14 million square feet, located in Manikonda, one of Hyderabad’s most sought-after Business Districts.
The Republic of Whitefield in Bengaluru is a glorious celebration of work, home and life, and yet another testament to DivyaSree’s decades of experience, design excellence, technical prowess and maturity in the real estate arena.
Being a Step Ahead, Always!
The real estate industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, with the players continuously Innovating. The easy accessibility of information has increased customer awareness of global design quality and state-of-the-art construction technology. The industry today is witnessing an explosive growth of new trends focused on reducing time, conservation of natural resources and long-term cost efficiencies. This revolution, in part driven by informed end users, also enthuses and motivates developers to innovate as well as to incorporate new initiatives all along the project development cycle. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Building Information Modelling (BIM), robotics and 3D printing, drones, and immersive VR/ AR technology would also play an important part.
At DivyaSree, such early adoption and innovation is helping it in pushing back the limits, making it a truly exciting time in which to innovate, adapt and evolve to connect with tomorrow’s customer. Readiness to adapt has been at the core of the relationships it has built with corporate and residential customers all these years. An encouraging percentage of customers are buying into Brand DivyaSree multiple times because of the company’s willingness to

  • stay aware and ahead of changing industry trends and customer needs
  • evolve by incorporating customers’ feedback, suggestions and even their vision
  • explore and adopt exciting technological advancements to create systems that ensure comfort, quality and sustainability.

The Company’s take on Industry Rules
India’s real estate sector is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2030 (up from US$ 120 billion in 2017), and contribute 13 per cent of India’s GDP by 2025 (Source: IBEF.org). IT, ITeS, retail, hospitality and real estate are also showing significant growth, providing much-needed infrastructure for the country’s ever-growing requirements. Office space leasing in the top eight cities is expected to cross 100 million square feet from 2018 to 2020. Grade-A office space absorption is expected to cross 700 million square feet by 2022.
Regulatory reforms, steady demand generated through rapid urbanisation, rising household income and the emergence of affordable and nuclear housing are some of the key drivers. Game-changing developments are transforming the sector: RERA, which will rebuild the trust deficit between buyers and developers; GST, which would lead to cost savings of 3 to 4 percent; recent relaxation in FDI, which provided a boost to investment in the industry; affordable housing and warehousing segments, which would attract huge investments. The affordable housing segment has been granted infrastructure status; this would create new avenues for developers.
Visualising the Future
Bhaskar says, “Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leader in our existing markets and to explore new geographies to extend our footprint and success story”. DivyaSree is looking forward to building thriving and healthy communities across its verticals – Office, Residential, Corporate, Mixed Development, Asset Management and Specialised Spaces. It is also planning to spearhead technological advancements in the industry, so as to make its spaces more relevant and focused on user experience.
Having delivered nearly 27 million square feet of residential and commercial spaces, it aims to double the size of its portfolio within the next few years, leveraging its extensive land banks across the cities in which it operates. The journey ahead will be exciting, and the spaces it will create along the way will certainly be memorable.

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