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Technology is evolving each day, significantly affecting the way human beings live, work and dream. Mobile and web applications are the vehicles on which technology traverses through our daily lives, connecting the world seamlessly. In essence, Mobile and web applications hold the key to all future technological integration. App development, therefore, becomes an intriguing space to be in. Designing applications is exciting, as it renders power to people in order to change the way they live and do things. Moreover, with the rapid advancement in technology and the emergence of AI, IoT, AR, and other path-breaking technologies, app development has become even more intriguing and pleasantly challenging.

One such company taking the challenges head-on is Dot Com Infoway (DCI). It is an end-to-end IT and mobile solutions company that offers a wide array of services. The services include AI, Blockchain, mobile application development, mobile marketing, digital marketing, IT infrastructure support and IT staffing, and outsourcing services. Additionally, the company also offers IT consulting and business consulting services.

At Dot Com Infoway, we have the potential and experience to deliver what your business needs,” claims the DCI team.

DCI is an award-winning, CMMI Level 3 company that offers mobile and web application development and mobile app marketing services that are sought by markets around the globe. It follows the highest quality and service benchmarks in creating IT solutions across industries. The key differential in the company’s development modus operandi is the inclusion of IT and business consulting. It collaborates with business owners and institutions to understand the objective of any technology solution. The DCI team then designs and develops solutions that are user-friendly and meet all the objectives of clients. The company leverages its high-caliber team and state-of-the-art infrastructure to create high-quality solutions using the latest technology. With more than 12 years of mobile app development experience, the company is one of the premier, long-standing mobile app development agencies in the country, and the world.

Inspirational Pathway

  1. R. Venkatesh is the Founder/ Managing Director/ CEO of the company. He is a Mechanical Engineer and a serial entrepreneur with a knack for setting up and driving technology businesses to success.

Venkatesh has spearheaded the business from a single-office IT software company to a full-fledged technology firm while securing a prominent presence in the digital marketing space. Helming the company successfully for two decades, he has expanded its presence in international markets also. Under his leadership, DCI has earned numerous awards and top listings on global platforms in the last few years. Venkatesh has been a pioneer in the mobile and web technology in Asia, and he continues to contribute to the industry by organizing large events such as the GMASA (Global Mobile Application Summit & Awards), etc.

He has received a lot of appreciation and awards over the years, some of which are listed below:

  1. Young Innovative Leader Award – Recognized by World Innovation Congress
  2. IT Professional Of The Year at The Golden Globe Tigers 2016
  3. In the Advisory Board of the Asia Pacific Business Awards
  4. Best Employer’ Award in the 13th Employer Branding Awards
  5. King of Brands

Dot Com Infoway

With a definite philosophy of being a market leader, DCI has always strived to be an early adopter of technology.

The field of IT and technology was largely unorganized when we started, causing haphazard competition,” says Venkatesh. “We were able to create our niche and build credibility in a market that was full of half-baked players that set unrealistic expectations and seldom delivered to the clients’ satisfaction,” he further adds.

The company, however, stood the test of time, and not only kept delivering value-added solutions to its increasing client base but also embraced new technologies and development styles. It is the love for technology that has primarily helped the firm in moving from strength to strength, creating a robust organization in the process.

DCI’s style of working is unique. “We experiment, ideate and innovate a lot in each project. One thing that excites us about what we do is the knowledge that we have, and the power to change tomorrow,” says Venkatesh.

DCI envisions to be the ‘Go to Company’ for highly functional, responsive and innovative solutions across technologies, platforms, and devices. The vision of the company is to keep providing cutting-edge technology solutions – powered by deep business insights – to clients and users, globally. The mission of the company is to be in-step with the evolving technological landscape and collaborate its experience in business consulting and technology to keep creating advanced solutions for a global clientele.

Final Takeaway

Venkatesh opines, “Mobile and web applications are the vehicles for all profound technologies to transform into powerful tools for humanity. From entertainment to fitness, and to work efficiently in social networking, apps make it easier for people to get the most out of technology.”

From the application development perspective, the company would be focusing more and more on emerging technologies such as AI, Virtual Reality, IoT, Blockchain and bots. These new technologies are already bringing a sea of change in the way most industries work. As these intuitive and smart technologies will power the real world, the need for mobile apps that can host them would increase manifolds. Since Smartphones would continue to be the single window for managing and operating a plethora of things in real life, mobile applications would be the platform for humans to interact with the intelligent technologies of tomorrow.

As technology advances, people, in the near future, would increasingly be using their mobile phones even to do mundane tasks such as opening the door and finding a colleague in the office. “We are excited about being at the forefront, creating solutions that would enable advanced technology to be integrated into every aspect of our lives,” claims Venkatesh. “We envision to create impactful solutions that seamlessly connect various devices and data inputs, offering an impeccable technology leadership to our clients – and a sustainable, better world for the people,” he concludes.

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