Dr Anil Kumar Singh: The Mighty Microscan Communications Guide on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Dr Anil Kumar Singh
Dr Anil Kumar Singh

The most powerful basic instinct of fear is again at work in the corporate eras of modern times now—the fear of getting technologically outpaced. Ask any industry pundit. You will hear it in between their underlines. You can see it in their eyes. 

Yes, every organization is trying to shuffle between running their enterprise entity smoothly on the one hand. On the other, they are finding it challenging to cope with the changes the advancing avalanche of digitalization is bringing to the fore. There are no breaks. There are no halts. 

Whenever any tech-savvy person thinks that they have grasped the latest tech on the block, somewhere in the far corners of the worlds, another inventor is discovered with their latest breakthrough, which becomes viral in an instant. 

The journey is breakneck. Or, from DrAnil Kumar Singh’s perspective, the journey is still on. “I invest over 80 hours a month in honing my techno-commercial skills.” 

Under the leadership of Microscan Communications management, Anil, as the Chief Sales Officer, bagged the Dynamic Leader Award at the Business Innovation Summit -2023 and Top 10 CSO by CEO Insight Magazine. A passionately result-oriented Business leader with over two decades of rich experience in the ICT industry, Anil is skilled in leading and building high-performance teams across Enterprise Business.

Your Pivot in the Changing Constant

Anil has consistently created and executed innovative business strategies that have delivered sustainable results and long-term client and partner relationships. He has a track record of delivering the top line Revenue of ₹400 Cr and EBITDA growth in an extremely dynamic and competitive environment, increasing profitability and building teams across different sectors and geographies. Anil is engaged with Microscan in Creating and Selling Managed Service portfolio, including Cybersecurity, Cloud/Colo, Network Operation, and Security operation centre.

In his academic background, he has done Bachelor’s in Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from Mumbai University and has earned the honorary Doctorate. Anil has 26 years of rich experience in diversified sectors from IT&ITES to Telecom and has worked with businesses houses such as BPL, Alcatel, HCL Info System, Reliance Communication, Aditya Birla Group, and Vodafone Idea Ltd before joining Microscan. 

His core competencies include strategic planning and execution and handling profit and loss for the business unit. His diverse experience has given him exposure to working with businesses, channel distribution, and partner ecosystems, as well as establishing national and regional sales strategies. Anil has been mentoring his teams and ensuring that the company achieves its strategic goals by handling critical business decisions/whole lifecycle of Sales and Product teams and leading the revolution required in the industry.

Your Window of Deep Insights

Describing himself as a Tech savvy, Visionary Sales Leader with an Entrepreneurial approach and self-starter, Anil’s core strength is understanding the technology and bringing out the best from the services offered to customers. His understanding of technologies helps to stitch the gap between Business to Corporate. He states, “I always try first to take a deep knowledge about my surroundings (Team, Technology, Customer and Management Visions) and accordingly work towards the same.” People around him always feel that the ownership he brings to the table is exceptional. He enjoys his work. It results in a passion he brings daily to the workplace. It is very visible to his team members, partners, and customers.  

Microscan Communications, the new Business Unit of the Microscan Group of companies, has been set up as a leading Managed Service provider to provide Managed Network Services, Security Services, SD-WAN, and Cloud Consultancy services. Today’s businesses need to adapt to an ever-changing work environment. They realize that the traditional WAN architectures crumble to offer desired user application experience due to management complexity, application-performance unpredictability, and data vulnerability. You can fortify your network with security solutions that detect, disrupt and eradicate advanced threats. MCPL is an OEM agnostic managed services provider and is ready to take on the next wave of Managed Services 2.0 with the approach to Digital transformation by thinking of achievable objectives like scalability and flexibility than just digital transformation.

He shares, “At Microscan Communications, our lean organizational structure and autonomy in decision-making make us highly flexible and Agile in our approach for providing services to Customers.”

Your Perfect Partner in Tech Transformation

Besides offering Customized tailored fit solutions Anil and his team also guide, consult, and enable their clients to make informative, operational decisions. “Identifying and setting up the right set of tools, systems, and Processes that fit in as per client’s requirement is our USP,” he says. They also specialize in providing evaluation matrix for vendors, tools, systems, and partners that helps them deliver Macro to Micro level analysis to gain accurate insights. They stand by their leadership commitment to become a preferred trusted partner for their clients’ Journey. He adds, “Our team is capable of delivering the said services, as they have industry knowledge and skill sets, and on the other hand, we also groom newcomers for next-generation technologies.

Telling more about Microscan’s offering and aspects that make it stand out in today’s knowledge economy, Anil says enterprises are not sufficiently prioritizing threats from vulnerabilities within the value chain beyond the immediate boundaries of their organization. Cybersecurity and security issues are serious concerns in today’s digital and connected world. “With the increase in the remote workforce, we have seen several breaches worldwide and user data has been compromised.”

Microscan communications want to address these blind spots originating from the digital ecosystem of employees, partners, vendors, and competitors. “Our Cyber defence and Security Operations centre has the capabilities and is well equipped in terms of tools, skilled workforce, and processes to secure the enterprise digital ecosystems.” Recruiting and retaining top talent with the relevant skill sets to manage, engineer, and support cybersecurity technology is the number one challenge for managing cybersecurity in today’s industry. “We have noticed this pain area and have positioned ourselves to address this gap.”

Your Guide through the Success Landscape

Microscan Communications has strongly set itself on the digital transformation journey. Anil leads a team of experienced professionals passionate about helping clients achieve goals. He puts, “In this journey, we aim at long-lasting relationships by leaving no stones unturned in achieving the desired objectives.”

Being an experienced leader, Anil shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the industry and how Microscan adapts to the change. He says, “Thanks to the pandemic, the entire business landscape has changed how we do business.” 

Businesses today are in a position where they are compelled to find ways to thrive in a competitive environment fuelled by technological advancements. Almost every industry rapidly evolves and adapts to an agile mindset to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. It has accelerated the Digital Journey/cloud adoption journey. The enterprise world is moving to a cloud-first future by adopting Emerging technologies AI/ML, and evolving consumption because of business transformation to meet the demand of the new-age, connected digital ecosystem.

We have seen the journey of many companies how the AI/ML helped them to leverage the DATALake they build across the years.” The new Ecosystem and technology better utilize every aspect of a business. The help of innovation in these areas will bring more profitability for large organizations. 

Your Echo of Dynamic Times

Considering the current industry scenario, Anil says they must constantly overcome some challenges. The industry dynamics have changed drastically in the past few years towards the Virtual working method. The office perimeter has been extended. Applications have moved to the cloud. Companies are now focusing not only on consumer experience but also on improvising employee experience. World is transforming Digitally. 

Conversely, with the lack of cybersecurity knowledge and the shortage of a qualified workforce, companies face tremendous issues deploying new tools and technology in their traditional environment. And on top of it, technology is changing at a very high speed. It brings the question of ROI in front of the management.

Enterprises across and Government sector are considering many aspects, such as ROI, to justify the prevention and implementation of new Tools. Every CISO in the industry needs to arrange and convince their CXOs for this Transformation. 

NOC and SOC have played the role of curator, ensuring the smooth functioning of the network with Minimal Disruptions and downtime. The Data logs were generated by various tools and not utilized or seen properly. The differentiator is required to bring AI/ML into the picture and with the proper technology rollout. The business typically sees it NOC/SOC as a support function that avoids critical outages and subsequent revenue loss. 

However, with the changing market dynamics, the role of the NOC has evolved from being a trouble-shooter to an enabler for business transformation. 

Your Trusted Future Advisor 

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the tech sector, Anil says that, as mentioned earlier, Technology is changing rapidly. The innovation is at its highest speed. The technology or tools which launched a year back are now considered old. So the biggest challenge companies face is keeping themselves at that level of technology and maintaining with technology change. Being an MS provider, you should create a transformation roadmap for Customer’s Infra and make them readily available by redefining their priorities to meet the changing demands.

“We should act as a one-stop solution for all such questions, and advice from an expert will save a lot of time and cost. We will allow our customers to Focus on their core business and perform their work more proficiently, and that is how the journey from Provider to PARTNER – “MANAGED SEVICES PARTNER.”

On envisioning scaling his firm’s operations and offerings in the future, Anil reveals they want to build additional revenue streams by offering bundled services over and above connectivity solutions, like Managed SDWAN, Cybersecurity as a service, Network as a Service, Data Centre and Cloud Services. 

Through their value-added services, which cover the entire gamut of ICT services, they aspire to transform from Telco to a Technology company in the shortest time ahead of them. “We want to leverage upon our existing goodwill and relationship with our partners and clients in the business to diversify our portfolio of services further to include Smart Cities projects involving the integration of IOT, Integrated Command Centre and offer Digital consulting,” he concludes.

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