Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill: The Noblest Cardiologist to the Last Mile

Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill
Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill

The new era of technological advancements and modern innovations has transformed our way of life, making it faster, more connected, experience-rich, very comfortable, and enjoyable. This transformation also brought with it new lifestyle challenges.

Today, diseases and disorders caused by inactivity or hyperactivity, a fast-paced lifestyle leading to poor eating habits, rising pollution levels, hypertension, and stress are wreaking havoc on people’s health.

Previously a concern only in urban areas, these lifestyle illnesses are now making their way into semi-urban and even rural areas. Doctors who specialize in these ailments and can help patients recover effectively are hard to come by in these remote and economically depressed areas. As a result, patients must travel to larger towns and cities in order to be treated.

This increases the likelihood of unfavourable and unfortunate events occurring. The cost of living in a big city, as well as treatment, medications, and surgery, exacerbates the predicament of already terrified patients and their families.

After witnessing such a plight of people in Jalandhar, Punjab, renowned cardiologist Dr Gurbeer Singh Gill began treating thousands of patients from the most remote areas who required specific diagnoses and treatments. Till now he has saved more than 25 thousand patients from heart operations and treated them without any stent or surgery.

A Nobleman to the Core

Today, Dr Gill, as the Director and Chief Cardiologist, through his Oxford Super Specialty Hospital, is expanding the scope of his offerings and facilities through effective diagnosis and perfect treatment in the field of Cardiology, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Neurological and Brain surgery, Neurology, Stomach, and Gastrointestinal Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery, Bariatric, and weight loss Surgery.

The Oxford Super Speciality Hospital is the brainchild of Doctor Gill conceived in 2002. Oxford hospital is serving more than five hundred thousand patients annually for their health-related issues with the best quality and at affordable rates. He shares, “We have a team of more than 200 employees and doctors dedicated to treating patients with love and compassion.”

A Journey to the Last Mile

Dr Gill is a renowned doctor and world-class cardiologist who has been working tirelessly for the betterment of patients and society for the last many years. He has worked in many areas including COVID-19 treatment of patients during the last pandemic.

He has more than 20 years of experience in medicine, served not only in the major institutes of India but also in international institutions. Dr Gill has acquired vast experience in different hospitals all around the world.

  • Asst. Professor of Cardiology, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Science & Research (Bangalore)

  • MD (Dept. of Medicine) (UK)

  • NHS (National Health Service-UK)

Worked in various UK Hospitals such as

  • Victoria Hospital, Blackpool (UK)

  • Lister Hospital, Stevenage (UK)

  • Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport Wales (UK)

  • Queen Elizabeth-2 Hospital (UK)

  • Ealing Hospital, London (UK)

A Compassionate Healthcare Proliferator

Currently working as Director of Oxford Super Speciality hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab, Dr Gill treats patients to prevent them from lifestyle disorders, as he counsels them on healthy food and exercise to prevent these ailments.

He has been honoured by the Health Minister of India and the Health Minister of Punjab. He was honoured by gifting the chair by the Health Minister of Ontario, Canada. A variety of cardiac institutes and organizations have invited him to speak on the most effective medical methods and ethics. Dr Gill helps with the entire recovery of his patients. He has made the most significant contributions to cardiology in recent years.

Caring from the Heart

Nonetheless, with all the achievements that he made and with all the patients he treated, the most important thing is that Dr Gill is serving the community compassionately. Furthermore, he remains grounded, humble, noble and very ethical to the core.

Dr Gill, a noblest soul to the core, always aspired to do something for society. It is this aspiration that led to the development of this initiative. He reflects, “We always wanted to give world-class healthcare to people at affordable rates with all of our heart and honesty.”

The Family Man

Built on the foundations of trust, service and dedication, Oxford hospital has developed various unique specialties of its own.

  • Oxford provides the best health care to its patients with the help of cutting-edge technologies, that too at affordable rates.

  • It is the only hospital in the region that is a dedicated super speciality hospital.

  • Most importantly the hospital management treats the patients as its own family and tries to save them from interventions and surgeries.

For any field, the initial challenge is always to build trust in the mind of the patient. The hospital has always treated its patients with utmost care considering them a part of its family thereby giving them true and well-needed treatment, otherwise which was tailored according to their health needs. This has helped it to build a brand of trust which can be depended upon by its patients.

Ensuring a Holistically Healthiest Future

The healthcare industry and especially cardiology is always evolving which brings upcoming challenges which it must face every day. In the future, Oxford Super Specialty management is planning to expand its bed capacity by multiple folds and be more accessible to not only the urban but the rural population as well. In this mission, the management is going to change and adapt according to the latest technologies available in the healthcare vertical and continue to provide the best yet affordable treatment to its patients.

In his advice to the budding professional in the cardiology segment, Dr Gill said, “My advice to all the new aspirants is to always take care of your patients as one of your own family members and Treat them with not only care but also respect, value their emotions and keep the well-being of your patient and your ethics above everything else.”

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