Dr Kavita Tyagi: Ensuring You the Most Trusted Cardiac Treatments 

Dr Kavita Tyagi
Dr Kavita Tyagi

The fast-moving, highly competitive lifestyle has brought several convenient and inconvenient factors into our lives. With the sedentary lifestyle setting in with rising stress levels affecting eating habits and sleep routines, there has been a steady rise in heart ailments and breathing-related illnesses. 

In many cases, the patient’s age has been as low as 25 years, which was earlier 60-70 years, leading to a shocking situation. These challenging circumstances spike the need for heart surgeons and specialists to handle the cases effectively. This has led to a rise in demand for heart specialists and cardiologists who can identify the symptoms, diagnose effectively and treat the patient with utmost care and evidence-based treatment. 

Understanding the symptoms precisely, offering advice, and guiding the patient with proper suggestions, Dr Kavita Tyagi, Consultant, Interventional and Clinical Cardiologist in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, has helped scores of people recover from heart ailments with her expert and timely advice. Dr Kavita has performing skills displayed in her job chronology in areas as vast as Clinical Cardiology, Angiography, Angioplasty, Pacemaker Implant, and Balloon Valvotomies.

In an interview with Insights Success, Dr Kavita Tyagi elaborated on her journey in the medical profession as a cardiologist, her early challenges and how she emerged successful in her mission. She further opened up on her future goals and advice to young medical professionals.

Please brief us about yourself and your professional journey.

The expertise acquired with years of experience builds a sense of trust; I feel blessed with experience and expertise when you look for a lady cardiologist to trust upon. I know how to provide care and medication to my patients. I work as a heart specialist at Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. I am skilled in Clinical Cardiology, Angiography, Angioplasty, Pacemaker Implants, and Balloon Valvotomies performing skills.

This speciality attained is built on my previous determination to know about the exact issues that could arise in human cardiology. My journey to becoming a Heart specialist in cardiology began in the year 1988 when I cleared the All India Medical entrance test. I completed my MBBS from LLRM Medical College, Meerut University. MBBS completion was just the first step towards achieving great feats; later, I followed the path of success by completing 

· MS Anatomy from Grant Medical College and Sir J.J. Group of hospitals, Mumbai, 

· DNB from Grant Medical College and Sir J.J. Group of hospitals, Mumbai, 

· MS-CIT from Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation LTD, 

· DNB Internal Medicine from Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College and Hospital Panvel, Navi Mumbai, 

· DNB Cardiology from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi, 

· FNB Interventional Cardiology from Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket Delhi.

When it comes to work experience well, I have been blessed to be first on their search list of the best cardiologist in Delhi because my work experience includes Private practitioner Port, Dist. Jamnagar, Gujarat 1994-1997.

I served as a medical officer at Primary Health Centre, Varvala, Dist. Jamnagar, Gujarat, between 15th March 1997-28th Feb 1998. During my experience as an Assistant lecturer in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Rajeev Gandhi Medical College, Kalwa, Dist. Thane from 3rd March 1998-31st Jan 2000 and as a lecturer in the Department of Anatomy at Grant Medical College, Byculla, from 12th April 2003 to 10th April 2006. 

The experience list extends further as I worked on a Cytogenetics project as the first Co-investigator funded by DMER, STAR research scheme sponsored by Govt. of Maharashtra in the Department of Anatomy at Grant Medical College. Moreover, I have an administrative experience in Post Graduate Medical Common Entrance Test, 2006 batch, Maharashtra.

What are the USPs that highlight your hospital as a leading name in Cardiology Solutions Industry?

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital provides all its units with the latest technology and medical procedures. The team of reputed doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals ensure that quality care at affordable costs is always delivered to the patients.

Dr Kavita, please describe your area of specialization in detail.

Cardiology is a medical speciality and a branch of internal medicine concerned with heart disorders. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of such conditions as congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, electrophysiology, heart failure and valvular heart disease. Cardiology speciality includes cardiac electrophysiology, echocardiography, interventional cardiology and nuclear cardiology.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the Cardiology niche?

I have observed many people living painful life with their heart ailments while many die due to lack of knowledge and timely treatments. The dearth of cardiologists and the burden of a large variety of patients on general physicians have led to the apathy of many heart patients. This moved me, and I decided to become a cardiologist to offer time treatment consultations to the people around me.

What USPs highlight you as a leading name in Cardiology Solutions Industry?

All heart-related concerns need to be addressed very promptly and professionally. Understanding the importance of the crucial support, we offer 24- hour service to our patients and their relatives with all the modern facilities available. Our skilled and dedicated team has developed a reputation of over 1000 queries answered with 97% positive feedback. 

What were the initial challenges after venturing into Cardiology, and what are the challenges now? How do you overcome them?

Initially, I struggled to make people understand heart health and the symptoms associated with heart attacks. I went through the challenges of helping people get the right treatments. I developed a network of doctors and hospitals who coordinated with me and supported each other to handle crucial heart cases. I could leverage my experience and connections in the medical fraternity. 

Where do you envision your brand/company eventually, and what are your future goals? How do you plan to embrace the changes happening in the healthcare industry?

We are progressing ahead in our cardiology services and are striving to reach out to maximum heart patients everywhere. However, there is a lot more to be done than said. A large number of people die due to the unavailability of proper treatments. I wish to minimize these through modern technologies, collaboration with various other doctors and hospitals and spread wide awareness among the people and respond accordingly.

What would be your advice to the aspirants who are willing to venture into the field of cardiology?

I advise young doctors and medical professionals to understand the medical profession thoroughly. Work under experienced doctors in speciality clinics and hospitals to identify and learn the cases. Attend maximum heart surgeries as much as you can. Do what is required right from attending to the patients and their relatives, directing them towards the proper instructions. Give your best, and you will learn through day-to-day working, observing the senior doctors and from their advice and feedback.

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