Dr Sundru Manjulata Devi: Exuding Extraordinary Leadership

Sundru Manjulata Devi-Managing Director | SVR BioScience Research Services
Sundru Manjulata Devi-Managing Director | SVR BioScience Research Services

Women are gradually making a massive impact in numerous industries like administration, entrepreneurship, and healthcare with their staunch leadership acumen.

Many female leaders are now resolved to shatter the traditional boundaries with their requisite skills and talents. Every organization needs a leader, irrespective of its size and functions. A leaderless company is just a ‘disarrangement of people and machines.’

What signifies leadership?

Leadership is not gender specific. It is a set of leadership qualities, characteristics or cultivated in person or persons who develop themselves into great leaders with a mass following. Leaders can be either men or women.

However, women leaders are more transformational. They function as a role model for their subordinates. They inspire their team and improve their team’s performance.

They care a lot about their personal development. Women leaders emphasize teamwork and authentic communication as the key to success. For most women leaders, leadership accomplishes organizational goals and transforms their followers into better people.

Ambition becomes a reality for those who have passion and determination to excel and the ability to push themselves to their limits. Dr Sundru Manjulata Devi, Founder, and Managing Director, commenced SVR Bioscience Research Services, which became successful and had a national and international client base singing praise for SVR.

The Journey of a Start

With changing priorities, Dr Devi and her family moved to a remote location near Kharagpur, West Bengal, owing to her husband’s change in the job location. Though she initially contemplated moving to a new location, she envisioned this change as a fantastic opportunity. She re-established what she set out to do in her career with grit and determination, and SVR Bioscience Research Services was born out of this vision.

Her knowledge and experience of genomics, microbiology, biotechnology, cancer and cell biology, immunology, and bioinformatics made SVR a competent and contemporary subject expert in that industry, even at the nascent stage.

While adhering to its core competence in quality and implementing new ideas, Dr Devi’s primary focus was on a customer-centered approach to problem-solving and accomplishing projects within a reasonable time frame. As a result, SVR Bioscience has been awarded several international and national projects.

Dr Devi did not fathom that science projects could be carried out from home, without laboratory facilities, with the help of only a computer and her subject expertise.

What you need to have computer-based science based knowledge, “she remarks.

Dr Devi has trustworthy clients from London, Singapore, Australia, Korea, America, Saudi Arabia, and India. There is an overwhelming foreign and national market for manuscript writing, publication and journal support, and data processing for scientific data, and SVR is one of the top professional services companies catering to this market.

A Benchmark of Values and Extraordinary Vision

SVR Bioscience’s primary goal is to understand client dynamics and cater to their requirements with cost-effective solutions tailored to their specifications. “Innovation” is the actual application of ideas that involve introducing new concepts, services, and improvements while accomplishing unique proposals.

Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for personal development, self-confidence, strength, conviction, and passion. It is always challenging to start a new company or brand from scratch. With constant encouragement and a solid educational background, Dr Devi’s parents and husband have always been a significant source of motivation.

To turn challenges into economic opportunities, the concept of innovation should be ingrained in the company’s genetic code. For example, SVR Bioscience carefully supervises the implementation of the suggested solution under well-defined methodologies, using extensive scientific expertise.

SVR Bioscience has a team of highly skilled, dynamic, experienced freelance content writers, professionals, and technical specialists well-versed in today’s scientific communication system. This breadth of expertise has allowed Dr Devi to take on a broad range of projects, each with a different budget, complexity, and intensity.

She takes on assignments that need analytical thinking, can handle many tasks at once, and designs proposals with much relevance. Every project from inception to conclusion includes her contribution and expertise. Owing to her experience in bioinformatics and metagenomics analysis, Dr Devi herself handles some major projects.

SVR Bioscience aims to provide its clients worldwide with relevant, authentic, and plagiarism-free work. This adds value to the business and develops a strong bond of trust. Its purpose is to help clients achieve their academic objectives by providing them with the finest services and solutions possible. Dealing with international clients is more challenging, as SVR’s approach may sometimes differ from theirs.

However, most of the clients are delighted and value the performance of SVR. Dr Devi’s prior expertise in molecular biology, bioinformatics, genomics, and probiotics has allowed her to carry out several projects. Her previous publications in international journals helped gain foreign clients’ trust and resulted in business growth.

Overcoming the Adversities of the Pandemic

Numerous companies have experienced substantial setbacks due to the global impact of COVID-19. SVR Bioscience worked remotely before the pandemic and virtually executed its duties and commitments.

Therefore, the current pandemic has had negligible effects and instead resulted in increased academic assignments. The pandemic has broadened SVR’s horizons furthermore with several virtual sessions.

To ensure that all assigned freelance colleagues were actively working on their assignments and deadlines were met, SVR Bioscience implemented remote work procedures before the pandemic. To begin with, its work mode was often remote and did not get affected due to the pandemic.

During the second pandemic wave, SVR had declined some agreements due to health difficulties. Some clients helped the company by extending their deadlines, which boosted the confidence and raised the bar for SVR’s quality standards.

A Piece of Wisdom

As a piece of advice for the budding aspirants, Dr Sundru says, “The most important factor in determining success is your ability to think positively, make decisions, and gain knowledge.”

“It is always important to have faith in your talents, capabilities, and convictions. Many people will try to pull you down with their feelings of inadequacy and criticism, but ignoring them will help you rise to great heights,” she adds.

“It is important to see technology as an opportunity, especially in today’s world, providing several possibilities. Sailing through tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic is not an easy task. Challenge yourself and keep moving forward,” – Dr Sundru Manjulata Devi.

Embracing the Emerging Technology

Understanding the avalanche of information that is being caused daily, the current scientific researchers have turned their focus to artificial intelligence (AI). There is much interest in the scientific community for machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) because of their potential use in various sectors. One of the main sections of the service delivery was bioinformatics, a field of analysis that includes both artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The study of biological sequences and molecular structures is the most basic application in this discipline. In contrast, the modelling of biological systems is more advanced and uses many AI tools.

Besides human DNA, the analysis of a vast amount of health-related data has allowed investigators to understand the genomes, proteins, enzymatic pathways, and metabolites of other organisms better.

Due to the improvement in bioinformatics in these other areas, scientists have been able to identify cancer-related mutations, infectious disorders, and uncommon diseases that had been difficult to identify using traditional methods.

The scientific community already has powerful resources at its disposal to better understand the origins of tumors, such as publicly available big data. A successful AI strategy matched with SVR Bioscience’s business objectives is helping the company survive and be competent in the digital age.

The future roadmap for SVR

The picture and visualization of any drug or protein molecule have improved in several aspects. In this context, the goal is to generate a picture that has a greater effect on the journal. This is possible by learning more about AI and ML, which will help SVR to expand its services accurately and reliably.

As a result, Dr Devi believes that the organization will become a worldwide service provider in the next five years. While she improvises and develops, SVR encourages its subordinates to do the same.

She plans to learn from and hire several experienced professionals, especially women, to broaden the SVR’s services, which will aid in bettering and acquiring several in-house and international opportunities. The current era has seen a rise in women’s participation in business activities, helping to convert small businesses into large corporations.

Dr Devi intends to establish SVR Bioscience as a freelance workplace with not only diverse scientific backgrounds but also with strong gender inclusion and participation. This will help talented professionals, especially women, pursue their dreams while also catering to changing priorities in their lives.

Exhibiting Excellence

Dr Sundru Manjulata Devi is a Scientist and pursued her Ph.D. in Biotechnology (2013) from the University of Mysuru (Mysore) and is the recipient of the “Young Scientist Award,” conferred by the Science and Engineering Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, during 2014–17. Because of her professional experience with the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad, and CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFRI), Mysuru (Mysore), she developed a wide range of skills, including planning, execution, decision-making, and implementation.

Today, Dr Devi works in her own space and is happy that her current working model allows her to spend the required time with her three-year-old daughter, giving her a good work-life fit.  She encourages women to seek this work-life balance without having to forego their talent, skills and experience by continuing to take up projects/work that works well for them.

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