Ms Vani Mehta: An Oracle Re-defining Business Success Mantra

Vani Mehta | Bizkey Consultancy
Vani Mehta | Bizkey Consultancy

The new-age business mantra is ‘survival of the smartest.’ Achieving smartness is the key to the success of any organisation. Smartness comes from constantly acquiring knowledge and implementing it practically into your actions and decision-making.

One of the significant aspects of business smartness is acquiring authentic global standard certifications. But to acquire them, a business must improve upon its leadership, management strategy, service quality, workforce training and development, and so forth.

It is much to do sooner than later as the market’s trends keep changing with each passing moment. In such a scenario, any business needs the wisest consultant who will guide it in the right direction.

Magicked by an oracle Ms Vani Mehta, Founder, and ISO Consulting Director, at Bizkey Consultancy, is becoming that wizard for many of its clients with appropriate business’ success formula.

Having more than 12 years of experience in the industry, Ms Vani Mehta is helping companies get intelligent business solutions. Her process is simple. She assists and facilitates organizations in obtaining certification in the most effective, economical, time-bound, and easy-to-implement manner.

In an interview with Insights Success for its edition of ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena,’ Ms Mehta highlights all the key pointers of being triumphant in any ambitious endeavour.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the field of consultancy?

My family is the first source of my inspiration. Next, my mentor and Guru, Mr Gaurang Gupta, owner at Gumpro Chem Kalol Pvt. Ltd has recognised my managerial qualities and encourage and supported me in becoming an entrepreneur.

Also, during the five years tenure at my previous company, I had worked hard, learned everything, and developed new skills. It was the foundation of my becoming a full-fledged consultant, and I always be grateful and thankful to my previous Organizations as well as Colleagues/Customers/Guardians/CED Gujarat to make my journey extremely easy and beautiful!

Please tell us about Bizkey Consultancy in detail.

“BizKey” is actively involved in the training, consultancy, and implementation of ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, food safety standards (ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP.FSSC, BRC, SQF), and laboratory standards (ISO /IEC 17025).

These are just a few of our successful implementations and certifications in India over the years. You will acquire many other tools and techniques in our quality management system training, whether in leadership, employee engagement, documentation, continual improvement, or internal auditing.

We have successfully executed over 100+ projects with a 100% success rate. We focus on risk management and customer satisfaction which directly boosts your revenues and reduces operational costs. Our state-of-the-art implementation methodology and certification process will give you the ultimate competitive advantage.

We also provide the services such as FSSAI Central licensing, welding inspection training, third-party inspection (TPI), SEDEX, SA8000, APEDA licensing, trademark, GPCB, and import-export license.

What were the initial challenges you faced while venturing into the consultancy space?

I have started my company during the COVID-19 period, so I did not get many projects. But with our professionalism, enthusiasm, and innovative team, we kept providing our consultancy, certification, training, and implementation services which helped the firms we were serving become more productive and profitable.

Gradually, we began getting referrals from those of our satisfied clients. And that is how we overcame the initial sluggishness and became a trusted brand name for our clients.

What are the USPs that highlight Bizkey Consultancy’s uniqueness?

Whatever business you are in, or whatever the size of your business, at Bizkey, you will be treated equally. We propose effective communication and mutual understanding to build a long-lasting relationship and, most importantly, enjoy our client’s success.

We always provide on-time solutions, either online or offline. I believe that is our USP. We are entirely a customer-centric company.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients’ value in you and Bizkey Consultancy the most?

Since Bizkey is an ISO management consultancy Service provider based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we are dedicated to serving companies and individuals to find the various ISO certification’s Consulting services for their firms.

Our platform, Quality of service, and customer satisfaction we provide are getting acknowledged, resulting in the trust we are building with our expanding clientele.

Our services range from gap analysis, internal audit, pre-assessment, document review, supplier survey, assist in third party audit and continuous improvement to companies to make management system easy and organizational goals achievable.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the consultancy niche?

Keep learning and growing; always keep faith in yourself. Success will be yours when you choose to take responsibility for making it. So, that is the key to your success, and that is why it is also our firm’s tagline.

How is modern technology impacting the consultancy niche?

During the COVID pandemic, we have adopted technology to connect with our customers all over the globe via online mode. We also made more people aware of the services/ISO standards we provide through social media. Digital marketing was also quite helpful to us in developing our business further.

How do you envision Bizkey’s operations eventually?

We plan to explore new countries and continents concerning the ever-changing scenario of consultancy niche post-pandemic. We also plan to spread awareness about the importance of ISO standards amongst the common people. We will add new scope to our services soon.

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