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Preeti Gupta | Founder and Director | Resource Mapping Consultancy
Preeti Gupta | Founder and Director | Resource Mapping Consultancy

Finding the right candidate for vital business projects is indeed a daunting task for companies in India. Though there are numerous HR services to choose from, businesses need to make sure that the best approach is to conduct specialist recruitment services.

Corporations seek for an ideal talent search consultancy, whose network of resources has the flexibility to meet the different requirements of recruitments, HR outsourcing, and staffing services. Moreover, businesses, organizations always refer consultancy firms that provide them with the best consultancy services concerning their future objectives.

Resource Mapping Consultancy (RMC) is a leading HR Consultancy that helps companies to find the right talent to achieve their goals. The company provides its services on the pan-India level and by covering all metropolitan cities.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, Preeti Gupta, Founder and Director sheds light on RMC’s professional tenure in the consultancy niche.

Preeti, what inspired you to venture into the consultancy niche?

We have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep,” My husband is my first inspiration, and he shares his ideas with me to venture and manage this organisation.

Please tell us about RMC in detail.

Resource Mapping Consultancy is a leading HR Consultancy that endeavours  in finding the right talent for organisations to achieve their goal. We hire on the pan-India level and by covering all metropolitan cities. Our specialisation is to cater to the need of logistics sector primarily.

RMC is professionally managed by people who have years of experience across various business verticals and practices. It offers its services to ensure that the right candidate is available for the right job.

Every candidate registered with RMC is thoroughly interviewed and assessed on personal attributes, academic/professional qualifications, job knowledge, work experience, and growth potential.

What were the initial challenges you faced while venturing into the consultancy space?

Being a mother of a baby and managing business, which was set up at home itself was the biggest challenge for me, as I had to take care of all the responsibilities side-by-side.

At that time, all the employees were working from my residence, which was the toughest thing for me. I had to let go my earlier job as soon I became a mother. And when I started my business, my baby was just one month old. Today, I have a team of six people working alongside me, which is the proudest thing for me.

What are the USPs that highlight RMC’s uniqueness in the field of consultancy?

We thoroughly scan resumes of all the candidates, which helps us to serve the client with quality, by ultimately saving their time and efforts. We share maximum input of the candidate in terms of their knowledge base and abilities., which help companies to understand the prospects better before calling them, as everyone has limited time to take interviews due to their hectic schedule.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and RMC the most?

We deliver profiles on the same day itself due to the presence of a strong database that is already prepared in advance. In some cases, we face challenges like the domain of sales, where most of the time, we find inappropriate profiles in terms of their performance. But we tackle it by implementing our methodology which is unique to us.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the consultancy niche?

Understanding the client’s requirements is the key here. And sharing every tiny thing with the clients from time to time will help in sustaining better coordination and confidence. Building trust is the main pillar of understanding clients.

Also, reward and recognition to a team member are some of the key factors for business growth.

How is modern technology impacting the consultancy niche?

We are already working on Goggle Sheet and Google Scripting, with many modules, which is saving our time and we are getting to know about the accuracy of information – in terms of team performance and business evaluation.

Waiting for a month in performance reviewing in today’s fast-changing reality is too late for any organisation. But with the help of this technology, we are easily able to justify the everyday performance of the candidates selected by us. It also helps us gear up our employees and make them more productive for our organisation. 

How do you envision RMC’s operations eventually, concerning the ever-changing scenario of consultancy niche post-pandemic?

We have planned to set up a new branch in Pune and increase our team size of recruiters in the Delhi region too. Also, we are planning to open a few more verticals apart from logistics and divide our team with industry strength.


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