Dr. Thumbay Moideen: A Visionary’s Lasting Legacy

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Over the last decade, global healthcare has witnessed a gigantic transformation and continues to shape up the sector as innovation and awareness have emerged as the key parameters to deliver premium health services. As the fraternity of the global business leaders are at the forefront in empowering people and the industry with all the possible resources, the real beneficiaries are the citizens spread across the globe!
One such persona who needs no introduction and has bought a renaissance in the healthcare sector is Dr. Thumbay Moideen. As the Founder and President of Thumbay Group, Dr. Thumbay Moideen holds an honorary doctorate and is often ranked as one of the top Indian business leaders in the Arab world. Starting his odyssey by launching the Thumbay Group in the Persian Gulf in 1998, he is at the forefront of crafting the canvas of healthcare in the UAE. Under his affluent leadership, the growth of Thumbay Group from a single-entity company to a diversified global conglomerate has been a remarkable journey that has created countless milestones and continues to be at the helm of unveiling new chapters. With numerous global awards and recognitions been bestowed to Dr. Thumbay Moideen and Thumbay Group for their contribution to the industry, the group continues to progress ahead with grit and high on energy.
The Early Life
Coming from a business-oriented family, Dr. Thumbay Moideen learned the ropes of the business from his Father and Grandfather, who were very successful businessmen. Honoring his father’s contribution, Dr. Thumbay Moideen expresses, “I owe my success to my father for bringing me up the way he did, giving me the freedom to experiment and excel, while teaching me the importance of values and ethicality. I learned a lot, working in his company for 19 years”.
As a young ambitious businessman, Dr. Thumbay Moideen always had the aspiration and inclination to expand their family business beyond the Indian shores. He was particularly fascinated by the vast opportunities in the Gulf region as the countries within had a robust economy, had excellent air connectivity with the global regions and had true visionaries at the helm of their governments.
After an initial meeting, the Government of Ajman extended an invitation for setting up a Medical University in the Emirates. This is how Dr. Thumbay Moideen became the first expatriate to establish region’s first and only private medical university – the Gulf Medical University. This path-breaking decision turned to be the most decisive turning point for Dr. Thumbay Moideen as all of Thumbay Group’s subsequent accomplishments sprouted from this initial venture in 1998. Recalling the early days, he asserts, “As a businessman venturing out into new terrain, I had my apprehensions in those initial days. Nevertheless, I had hope and focus and was willing to work hard. My family gave me their wholehearted support”.
Building an Empire with Family Values
His family has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for Mr. Moideen. Introducing his family, he expresses – “My wife, Zohra was already an accomplished artist when we got married. My sons also help me in business; Akbar, the elder one is the vice president of Thumbay Group’s healthcare division, while Akram looks after the Construction & Renovation Division as well as Thumbay Technologies, as Director”. He proudly accepts that marrying his wife has been the best decision of his life and counts her as the pillar of his strength. While Akbar’s wife Nousheen Salma is the Editorial & Design Advisor of HEALTH magazine, Akbar and Nousheen are blessed with three boys, Ahmed, Omar and Rashid.
Thumbay Medicity
In pursuit of delivering unmatched services and aiming excellence, the Thumbay group is going to inaugurate ‘Thumbay Medicity’ that aims to serve 20,000+ people on a daily basis. Situated in Al Jurf, Ajman, the regional hub will have state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and plans to evolve as the futuristic medical education hub for the 21st century. As one of the latest additions to the healthcare sector, Thumbay Medicity stands to be a first-of-its-kind venture in the region’s private sector. Gulf Medical University, Thumbay Labs, Thumbay Pharmacy, Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe, Body & Soul Health Club and Spa, Thumbay Food Court, Thumbay Housing Project, Theatre, and much more, this healthcare centre has everything for everyone! Cementing technology and innovation as the pillars, Thumbay Medicity is going to be one of the most iconic healthcare cities in the Middle East. Counted as one of the most preferred and reliable healthcare systems across the region, the Thumbay group has showcased itself as a brand that is synonymous to treatment, healthcare, and academic excellence. In words of Dr. Thumbay Moideen – “At Thumbay we are busy erecting an effective and reliable network of healthcare services ranging from hospitals to clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories, where patients can repose their trust.”
Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare (CASH), Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine (TRIPM) are some of the unique services that constitute the core areas of Thumbay Medicity. Thumbay Dental Hospital is the first private dental hospital in the country and also the largest academic dental hospital in the Middle East region’s private sector. Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital is the biggest state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility of its kind, in the country. Thumbay Medicity also includes the Thumbay University Hospital, which is envisioned as a 500-bed academic hospital, the largest one in the region’s private sector.
The Group
As one of the most admired healthcare ‘icons’ in the region, Dr. Thumbay Moideen describes ‘diversification’ as one of the group’s key strategies. With its network of academic hospitals and medical centers, the Thumbay network of hospitals has blossomed as one of the largest healthcare providers in the region. Today, the business has diversified across twenty sectors; however, the group’s core businesses are in the sectors of healthcare, education, and research. Most of the subsidiary businesses such as pharmacies, nutrient outlets, health clubs, retail opticals, publishing, health communications, hospitality and trading, marketing and distribution, diagnostics, and real estate are related to its core businesses. It has grown and diversified as per the Group’s vision and its focus has been significant in the process. Intelligent diversification and timely innovation are considered to be the mainstays of the group’s continued growth.
As a symbol of superior service, quality, and innovation, the group is playing a dominant role in the UAE’s medical tourism industry. Dr. Thumbay Moideen reveals that the need to provide training avenues to GMU students prompted him to establish the Thumbay network of academic hospitals. As time progressed, this has evolved as the largest chain of private academic hospitals in the GCC region. “Doctors at our hospitals are also academicians and researchers, and are hence abreast with the latest developments in healthcare,” explains Dr. Thumbay Moideen.  Together, GMU and Thumbay academic hospital network train up to twenty percent of the doctors and up to sixty percent of the healthcare professionals in the UAE region.
Thumbay Foundation – Touching Lives
Thumbay Foundation is committed to achieving lifelong change that transforms people’s lives. It was formed as a charitable arm to support charitable activities in Healthcare, Education and other areas for the upliftment of the weaker sections of society. The ultimate objective is to influx a positive impact in the society as a whole, through comprehensive activities addressing the needs of education, healthcare, employment, as well as other social needs. Few of the core services that are touching the lives of the people are listed below:

  • Free medical & dental camps
  • Sponsors a student Program
  • Happiness Hour
  • Coffee on the Wall
  • Patients Affairs Department
  • Staff Welfare Activities

Insight to Indian Healthcare
Expressing his thoughts about Indian healthcare segment and its growth path over the next decade, Dr. Thumbay Moideen feels that Healthcare has been among the priority sectors for successive governments in India. The focus remains to increase the existing healthcare infrastructure and improving the quality of service delivery extended to the people. By identifying and implementing PPP modules, the country has successfully found a realistic solution to its ever-growing healthcare needs.
On a parting note, Dr. Thumbay Moideen is confident that medical tourism is the next big ‘thing’ that is in the emerging phase. He is optimistic that the next decade will not only see huge investments but will also witness a transformation in healthcare technology and showcase the country into a major medical tourism destination.
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