DreamCraft Events and Entertainment: You Dream, We Craft

The Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is a sunrise sector of the economy and is making high growth strides. Proving its resilience to the world, the M&E industry is on the cusp of a strong phase of growth, backed by rising consumer demand and improving advertising revenues. Media and Entertainment industry that started with Radio and Doordarshan has registered an explosive growth in the last two decades making it one of the fastest growing industries in India. The industry consists of different segments under its fold, such as television, print, and films. It also includes smaller segments like radio, music, OOH, animation, gaming and visual effects (VFX) and Internet advertising. Although, television and films are major segments of the industry, Event Management has always played a significant role in driving the Media and Entertainment industry towards its peak and making it deliver its highest potential.
While event management companies continue to contribute to the Media and Entertainment industry, DreamCraft Events and Entertainment (DreamCraft) is highlighting the business scenario. A Bengaluru-based full service event management company, DreamCraft has an operational capability across Asia. It is a new age event management company that is not just client’s outsourcing partner for event planning and production, but is an extended brand partner of clients. They believe in achieving client’s objectives & goals, and design each event as per client’s desire.
From being official event partners to some of the most prestigious events like the International Spelling Bee Championship, National Achievers Conference, the Global IUAI Conference, a conference that the Govt. of India had bagged for the first time since its inception in 1935 to becoming the first event management company in India, to develop a franchise model in the event management space, DreamCraft has achieved a lot.
Redefining the Industry with Exclusive Services
With a mission to craft flawless events, creative concepts, paying absolute attention to detail and creating a world class experience for clients, DreamCraft is redefining the way entertainment industry works. The key service lines of DreamCraft include:
Conferences DreamCraft has gained a praiseworthy experience in planning, promoting and organising conferences since its inception. Conferences today are more challenging as companies want something more customised than the usual. The team of DreamCraft manages the concept, content, and craft the conference event as a business project with a smart outcome.
CelebrationsEvery organisation today wants a next level event to create an eternal memory for their employees. DreamCraft is renowned for giving a large variety of options to employee engagement and entertainment. From annual day celebrations or award nights to having team day-outings or destination events; DreamCraft is well armed to craft any celebration clients would want by making it an engaging and memorable one.
Customer Engagement Events If there is a need to take the client’s brand to centre stage and capture attention of the target customers, DreamCraft provides customised solutions to make the brand visible and available to the target audience. DreamCraft specialises in engaging the target customers with their client’s brand by enhancing their visibility and credibility through concept events which in turn adds to client’s profitability. Additionally, crafting celebrity shows or creating a cause for their client’s customer or engage with the client’s brand at the doorstep, DreamCraft has mechanisms to measure and enhance client’s ROI (Return on Involvement).
Bhakti Sanghavi Talreja: A Visionary Entrepeneur Leading the Voyage
Bhakti Talreja, Co-founder and Managing Director has built DreamCraft Events and Entertainment as a leading brand in the corporate event management space in India.
Bhakti is also the founder and Chief Creator at Bhakti Sanghavi Signature Weddings – a prestigious wedding planning company. She is known to design and execute impeccable theme based weddings and has done so for close to a decade.
Bhakti is an entrepreneur, event manager and the author of the internationally published book titled – Crafting Dreams. She has been in the event management for close to a decade and has designed over 600 events.
In addition to her event management business, Bhakti is also a philanthropist supporting Building Blocks India – an NGO committed to providing free high quality education for children from economically backward families living in the slums. Her dream is to support the funding of the education of at least 100 children every year. Bhakti believes in a quote borrowed from a friend, “If you want to see worried people, you should go to a mall and if you want to see happy smiles, you should go to the slums”.
The name DreamCraft came when Rajiv Talreja, Co-founder and Managing Partner, DreamCraft asked Bhakti, “What do you want this business to do?” And without a second thought, she answered, “I want to build a workplace that will fulfil the dreams of people. I want to build a business which is like a genie to anyone it comes in contact with, be it our clients, our team members or my own dreams.” On 3rd February 2011, Bhakti started their venture – DreamCraft Events and Entertainment and, since then she has successfully delivered for more than 150 organizations.
Bhakti’s role as a Managing Director is to oversee the operations, mentor the franchises, craft event concepts that will add maximum value to their clients and ensure the Dream Team of DreamCraft delivers an impeccable experience for their clients.
For the last 4 years in DreamCraft, Bhakti and every team member has listed out their dreams and have worked together to ensure that the business grows consistently to be able to fund those dreams.
Bhakti and the team are helping to create more and more entrepreneurs in the event management space by teaching them and giving them the systems and strategies to build a successful customer value-centric, team-centric and purpose-driven business.
Meeting the Intrinsic Needs of Clients
Understanding the business,  brand objectives, and measuring it: DreamCraft do see their responsibility as to understand the business of their clients and the objective of what they want to see the event to do for them. This makes DreamCraft stand apart from most other event agencies who look at just the checklist and production requirements of the client. They believe in going the extra mile and drawing the intrinsic needs of the event and design concept themes and engagement ideas to meet those needs.
Attention to Emotion: At DreamCraft, an event is all about creating an experience for the audience and the host. While everyone thinks event management is about paying attention to detail, DreamCraft goes one notch higher and claims that event management is all about paying attention to the emotion people will experience through the event. DeamCraft’s operation team is best known in the industry to design and execute sensory-rich events where they go into defining and creating an experience for people to the smallest of detail of what they will see, smell, feel, taste and hear at the event thus mapping the journey of the audience’s emotions at the event.
Head, Heart and Hand philosophy: DreamCraft believes that in the event management business, the most fundamental basics are providing creative ideas, being proactive in client communication and delivering a flawless execution. This is the baseline foundation upon which the reliability of their brand has built. They call this the Head, Heart, and Hand philosophy. Head for creative ideas, Heart for the care for the client needs and aspirations and Hand for the flawless timely execution. The proof of it lies in the fact that any client who starts working with DreamCraft does not ever look at another option. For example, Success Gyan which is India’s largest seminar organising company, does over 60 events in a year with over 1,00,000 participants across 9 cities relies upon DreamCraft Events to handle all their conferences and seminars for the last 3 years.
Bhakti on Challenges faced across the Industry
Lack of Talent Benchmarking: While the event management sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country at present, there is a glaring gap in the skill definition of various jobs in the event management industry. Talent infusions that include (a) institutions providing low quality graduation and post-graduation courses, (b) growing fad of working professionals jumping into event management for the sake of passion from other sectors are the prime sources behind the talent management crisis in the industry. According to Bhakti, the need to redefine policies and processes around job definitions, compensation benchmarking and implementation of talent credentials and certifications, is strong and the industry needs to act upon it soon.
Reliance on Jugaad: The “Jugaad” has grown remarkably in every sector in recent years as a methodology of implementation. Most of the times languor gets created not to adopt and build systems, leading to poor standards. The industry needs to focus more on automation and process centric rather than relying upon Jugaad.
Cost winning the battle over quality: There is a conflict running in the industry where the HR and marketing teams who are the users of the event management service understands the importance of creativity and quality of events, whereas the procurement teams just look at choosing vendors based on cost. Because of the balance of the power in the decision is being moved to procurement teams, cost is winning the battle over quality.
Clients’ Testimonials
DreamCraft has been remarkable with their services, and the testimonials given below compliments it very well.
“DreamCraft delivered a flawless event of global standards with minute-to-minute awareness and impeccable execution.” — Surendran Jayasekar, CEO, Success Gyan.
“I must be fair is stating that DreamCraft Events ranks #1 in my opinion for their impeccable delivery, creativity, transparency and customer centricity.” — Gururaj B.S, Director – Documentation & Server Technologies Oracle India.
“Truly outstanding event organizers with a great eye for detail and heartfelt passion to serve.” — Ron Kaufman, World’s Leading SERVICE Guru, Author of the New York Times bestselling Uplifting Service!
“It was a pleasure to work with Rajiv and Bhakti for the launch of Oakridge International School in Bangalore. With them around, we were rest assured of a fantastic event management and they did a superb job. A team of extremely young people they have travelled a long way in executing quite a few big events for us and have always surprised us with their attention to detail. Way to go for the DreamCraft team!” — Sumit Handa, COO, People Combine Educational Initiatives Ltd.
Eyeing beyond the Sunrise
The future goals of DreamCraft are very realistic and achievable. On the business front, while they continue to consolidate their client acquisition activities in Bangalore and support their first franchise in Chennai to do the same, DreamCraft intends to expand their presence through their uniquely designed franchising model to Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi-NCR, Goa, Colombo, Kathmandu, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. They also intend to accelerate their support to Building Blocks India – a Bangalore based NGO which provides high quality education to the children from the slums in Bangalore to increase their reach, and support more children in crafting their dreams.

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