Chimp&z Inc: Giving a New Meaning to Integrated Marketing


There is a lot of talk going “about digital” and “on digital”, all across the globe in various sectors of business. Since, almost half of the world has been connected digitally through phones, tablets, computers and other devices, companies have woken up to realize the importance of being a part of the digital trend.

Digital strategy and planning are no longer optional, whether it is a small, medium or large scale organization. The need for genuine digital marketing service providers is exponential and one simply cannot survive without them in this ever-changing business market.

One such creative solutions hub is Chimp&z Inc, who realized the need of the content driven marketing 3 years ago, and is now leading the marketing services. Chimp&z provides end-to-end creative content and creative marketing services and products for steady business growth and engagement and has expertise in Social Media Marketing, Influencer Management, Digital PR, Website and App Design and Development, Performance Marketing and Media Planning, Production of TVC and DVC, Movie Marketing and Associations, Innovation and 360 videos. Chimp&z was created with a vision to partner with brands to provide creative business solutions to make the world a better place and they have made this possible within a short span of time.

Meeting and Exceeding the Expectations of Clientele

Founded in 2013 Chimp&z, with a mission to make sure they explore the talents of all who work with Chimp&z in a way that even they have never imagined and create brilliant pieces of work that speak volumes for itself, is changing the way content marketing works.

Chimp&z is a digital agency that swings effortlessly through the dense jungle of integrated marketing and the team does so by partnering with brands to deliver astoundingly awesome content, and their off-the-cuff approach to all things digital makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Believing that “digital advertising” is the future of advertising, Chimp&z is wholly dedicated to making sure that there are clients happy and more than satisfied with their strategies, social media marketing plans, content and business solutions: both online and offline.

Astute strategists, gloriously gifted designers and silver-tongued writers come together at Chimp&z to consistently create brilliant work that meets and exceeds the expectations of their esteemed clientele.

Chimp&z, that started in Mumbai has now expanded itself to Gurgaon and Dubai with a huge list of clients which includes, Tata Sky, Radisson Blu, La Liga, Ritu Kumar, Vacations Exotica, Mahindra Lifespaces, Moneygramm, Punjab Grill, Tappa, Zodiac, Z3, Zee Studios,  Lotus Herbals, Dainik Bhaskar, TOI Kolkatha, Wai Wai Noodles, Vistaprint, Cadbury, Parachute, Tips, Livon, Godrej expert, Set Wet style, Durian, Vacations Exotica, Nivea, Lotus Herbals, Cafe Mezzuna, My Glamm, Wills Lifestyle, and many more.

Services that are Transforming the Content Marketing Scenario

Chimp&z is an eminent name among their clients for their incredible and staggering services that includes:

Digital Marketing

Chimp&z, is renowned for crafting digital marketing campaigns that are designed to encounter relevant customers on relevant platforms. Chimp&z dabble with social media, creating ad campaigns that birth applications, websites & mobile innovations, and also the occasional, interactive print media along with hoardings & banners.

Media Planning and Buying

With over 15 years of an integrated background in managing media markets, the media buying team of Chimp&z has a tactical intuition, when it comes to providing businesses with the best in media planning and buying. These chimps, scan and select the most suitable media platforms for a client’s brand, product or campaign, giving the businesses maximum chances to perform admirably on the said platforms.

App Development

The team of Chimp&z develops the kind of apps that people love monkeying around with. These apps utilize UI that is user-friendly and benefits both the customer and client. Users can navigate easily, interact, and connect with the brand through a few clicks in the apps developed by Chimp&z.

Creative Services

Chimp&z is a zoo of creativity where the chimps-off-the-old-blocks eat chocolate chimp cookies, cash in the chimps, and provide a plethora of marketing solutions, complete with creative design, integration and the best in written word to fulfil all client’s branding, advertising, and marketing needs.

Web Design

The team of Chimp&z understands the importance of a website and after designing more than 100 of them, they have developed a knack for creating websites that are aesthetically appealing, memorable and functional. They have an eye for what works in the social sphere and ensure that they bring the best in website design development to the clients.

Apart from the above services Chimp&z is well known among the clients for their SEO, Mobile Marketing, and Digital Video Content Creation services and is complementing their vision each day.

Driving Wheels behind a Young Digital Agency

Angad Singh Manchanda, Partner, Chimp&z, Inz., did his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Mumbai University. He has accumulated vast experience in the field of marketing by working for companies like Continental Book Suppliers, Eclerx, Cogmat, FoxyMoron, Jack in the Box Worldwide, and more.

Seeing how the entire marketing ecosystem had to rely on different platforms, Angad decided to chase his entrepreneurial dream, but before that his cousin brother Lavinn Rajpal, joined him into the grind, when the latter was still in college. Starting up with a capital of few thousands and working from their residence, today, both these brothers have built a successful firm in their own way.

Angad concludes on the future plans, “In the next 3 years, we want to take Chimp&z Inc to 6 cities across the globe and be the most responsible and trustworthy creative company out there. To grow the team vertically in all the 6 branches with happy and hungry people.”