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Founded in 2012, EffiaSoft Private Limited is a Point Of Sales (POS) and Billing platform development company based out of Hyderabad, India. The company’s vision is to be omnichannel at every billing point in order to enable MSMEs  to adopt technology faster by reducing the fear and cost of technology. The company works together with leading payments, hardware and retail distributors and strategic business partners to bring global networks and competencies to provide solutions to the whole Micro-Small-Medium business segment.
A Visionary Founder
Koushik Shee is the passionate technocrat behind EffiaSoft. An M.S. in Computer Science, he took to computer programming at an early age of 13, and now has over two decades of coding experience. EffiaSoft is his 3rd startup after his two self-funded, single-man start-ups received moderate success but provided him with a vast experience and exposure on entrepreneurship. Before the entrepreneur bug hit him, Koushik served at Oracle managing enterprise software architecture, algorithm, data structure, design patterns, R&D and project management. He had also developed multiple Govt, NGO and freelancing project since his college days as part of his programming hobby.
Best-in-Class Software Solutions
EffiaSoft has led global products and solutions in billing, POS, inventory, purchasing, CRM, accounting, e-commerce and end point aggregation. The company’s flagship product called “Just Billing” platform has been used to generate 5 Million of tax invoices amounting INR 60 Billions of transaction value just within less than two  years and organically without any marketing expenses. It has enabled end-to-end solutions for Retail, Food & Brewarages, Distribution Supply Chain, Inflight Retail Management and smarter SME toolkit by financial institutes. The solution is also being used by Fortune 500 companies from Retail, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Airlines and Shipping industries. EffiaSoft is amongst the first to deliver GST based retail and distribution billing software at the national level. Just Billing is rated highest 4.7 stars in the Google Play Store in the POS segment by the customers.
Other solutions by EffiaSoft include:

  • Retail Management Software — Multi-Channel Retail Management System & point of sale software.
  • Restaurant Management Software — Multi-Channel Restaurant Management System & point of sale software.
  • Distribution Management Software — Multi-location distribution management & aggregation system.
  • Inflight Retail Management Solution — Inflight retail sales, billing, inventory, automation, reconciliation and aggregation.
  • Bank Smarter SME ToolKit — Replacing card processing Electronic Data Capture (EDC) devices for merchants with smarter devices not just to process payments but also to manage the day-to-day business by merchants.

Meeting Challenges and Greeting Opportunities
Koushik considers MSME sector as the most vibrant and dynamic, yet an underrated sector. It promises high growth potential for the Indian economy but is lacking the required support it needs to be more competitive at National and International level. The MSME share to the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is about 37%, provide employment to around 40% workforce and they also contribute to 43% of exports based on the data maintained by Ministry of Commerce. Yet they face a number of problems such as inadequate and timely banking finance, skilled manpower, limited capital and knowledge, non-availability of suitable technology, ineffective marketing strategy, constraints on modernization & expansions, etc.
But with recent changes in government policies to technological advancement, MSME is looking forward to leveraging the e-commerce trend, adoption of technology, taking advantage of Government & financial schemes, social media and mobile phones. EffiaSoft is providing in its own capacity to embed the social and cloud platform to open up vast opportunities for revenue growth and operational efficiency.
Backing Technology
EffiaSoft boasts of a multi-tenancy, multi-level aggregation, rapid business application development framework, multi-layer Service Oriented Architecture and simplified DIY model. Its agility lets it adapt to the latest technology in less time providing the following benefits to clients:

  • Technology: Mobile, Cloud and Blockchain.
  • Cost: SaaS multi-tenancy, negligible CAPEX, low OPEX,
  • Functionality: End-to-End business solution and compliances for MSME
  • Platform: Solution for various business verticals and business needs
  • Pre-configured workflows for 45+ business verticals in retail & food

The Company has been awarded and recognised for the technology innovations by –

  • Certificate of Recognition from Startup India, Govt of India
  • Red Herring Asia 2016 Winner
  • IBM “Global Entrepreneur”
  • Google “Startup Launch”

Life @EffiaSoft
Koushik says, “Monday blues, Friday meeting, and early morning town hall… is NOT what Effians do at the office! Our young energy doesn’t allow us to do boring stuff! We follow a three-step cycle for making our workplace – Freedom, Learn, Grow”. At EffiaSoft, people do not work as individual employees, but as a team, as a group and as a dedicated member determined to achieve the goals. The company works with its products and services to bring socio-economic changes for a better and efficient business ecosystem.
Mission Future
EffiaSoft has been able to create the unique billing technology platform and solution model, which will continue to keep its competitors one step behind and ensure success in the upcoming years. EffiaSoft is now present in India, Singapore, Dubai, and the United States and in Africa. Koushik says, “We are now focusing on expanding into new markets such as Africa, South-east Asia and Middle-east Asia. From the technology side to be the number one also in the future, we are investing in innovations using machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data.”
Source :-The 10 Most Recommended Retail Solution Providers in 2019

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