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The Retail Industry is in a disruption phase globally. In India, the share of organized retail business is expected to touch approx twenty per cent by 2020 and the Indian E-commerce Industry is likely to touch a hundred billion US Dollars mark. With the consumers becoming more aware and spoilt with opportunities, the future belongs to those who are able to define and cater to the long term needs of the consumers with product & fashion-oriented benefits. Catering to these new-age customers who want services and brands at the snap of a finger or rather click of a cursor is Ahad Retail Ventures.
A Brand is Born
The company was formed with humble beginnings in 1978 at Bangalore through the efforts of Ifthikar Saleem, a Bangalore based reputable entrepreneur, Retailer and Realtor. He initially started with Dolphin Stores at High Streets of Bangalore and over the years slowly evolved into what it is today. He is a seasoned expert with over four decades of experience in the Retail and Real Estate industry. He has received a plethora of awards and critical acclaim for his immense contribution to the Industry including Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Nations Pride of the Millennium Award, A listing in the 100 Most Influential Retail Leaders. Under his watch and leadership, Ahad Retail is on the verge of ushering in a renaissance in the industry.
Offering Premium Services
Ahad Retail Venture offers services in Franchising; Space Consulting; and Retailing.
It is revered as one of the frontline franchise companies delivering excellent franchising services to international brands. It comes to terms with the primary objectives, brand value, uniformity, customer handling, sales push plans, events, and culture of the client. In franchising, it offers the best of its talent, expertise, prime real estate for a great in-store experience.
Location is a prime factor for a retail store’s success. At Ahad Retail, local and offshore clients receive the best real estate and space consulting services. Its in-depth findings on the locality, client’s contenders, and set target, help them position rightly and assisting them to make a choice, negotiate and run the retail store.
For retailing solutions, it develops a strategy that takes care of location, kind of store and its chain, selling, in-store experience, sales and after-sales services for client’s products and to be sure it’s one huge success. Overall, it offers an end-to-end retail service.
Ahad Retail Ventures today is a core member of the ‘Retailers Association of India’ and has over 100 employees on its payroll with an unrivalled experience of partnering with over 40 International and premium brands over the years. Today, it facilitates retail for brands including Creyate Custom Clothing, U.S. Polo, Delsey Paris, Fab Alley & Indya, Flying Machine, Ed Hardy, the Children’s Place and many more across high Streets, Malls & Luxury Malls with a rooted presence in Bangalore.
A Progressive Strategy
In the mainstream for four decades, Ahad Retail Ventures understands the importance of staying in sync with changing times. So adapting to new and better technologies is considered vital. Its backend operations recently moved onto a custom built cloud system allowing it to streamline the process and resulting in better efficiency and effectiveness in management. It has also been using technology across for CRM, Social Media Marketing, Partner Management, as well as vendor management. All of these IT adoptions has helped it stay in pace with the industry. It has also adopted Omni-channel across a few of its stores through its business partners and this has certainly helped it improve its performance and top line.
Maintaining the Lead
Ahad Retail Ventures is an equal and social employer. It is complete with all necessary labour rules and regulations of the government. Its employees are its assets and it treats them with respect and dignity in order to enable them to achieve their career ambitions. It also ensures that the employees engage in regular mentoring and feedback sessions to continually improve themselves and ensure that the customers get the best-in-class service.
Motivating the Millennial
Years of experience has made Ifthikar a role-model for the young ones who are looking to carve their own niche in the retail space. To such youngsters, his motivational message asks them to “Stay focused on the profit. Focus on Sustainable growth. Stay Bootstrapped. Contribute to the society.”
Projecting Future
Ahad Retail Ventures is currently at an exciting phase in the growth story. It has evolved and repositioned itself as a premium and luxury retailer in the market over the years and the future looks bright and beautiful for its esteemed clientele. It is growing and actively evaluating opportunities that are aligned with its business plans and its vision.
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