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When someone mentions Times Square, the first image that pops in one’s mind is a cross section bejeweled with billboards and advertisements. The flashier they are the better and not to forget that most of them are digitally synced with today’s time. Digital displays might be LCDs, LEDs or other technologies and display digital images, mostly advertisements and information. These are placed at high vantage points at public places and other outdoor locations. Digital signages, as they are popularly called, is a very visual and effective method of displaying text, image or video or all combined.
Promising this razzmatazz of advertising to the Indian Market is Xtreme Media Pvt. Ltd., a digital display solutions company, started in the year 2009 with the mission of creating ‘WOW Factor For Brands’. It is now a leading brand with more than four-hundred LED displays and is powering more than twenty-thousand digital signages across India. It is an innovator and a front runner with many innovative projects under its belt and a trusted brand.
Total Digital Advertising Solutions
Xtreme Media is a total solutions brand offering hardware, software, content and services for Digital Out Of Home (DOOH). It offers varied solutions under its two flagship product lines – LED Displays and Digital Signages. Its products are custom made to suit the requirement of industries like retail, smart cities, corporates, BFSI, advertising, transportation etc. It provides Indoor & Outdoor LED video walls with eleven product series and twelve different software products. All these solutions are designed and integrated as per the particular industry needs. It designs its own ancillary hardware & services such as media players for digital signage and content services for LED video walls.
From Inspiration to Inception
Sanket Rambhia, Founder and Director, is a techie turned entrepreneur. He completed his Masters in Computer Science from Drexel University. While in the US, working for Blackrock for 4 years, he was inspired by the Times Square to incept a company which can build a remarkable digital display landscape. So he returned to his roots in India to  establish a Digital Display Solutions company – Xtreme Media. A first-generation entrepreneur; his vision and passion not only turned this small project into a company of over a hundred professionals but also made Xtreme Media the most preferred brand in the Indian market.
Retail Advertising: Going Digital
According to Sanket, “Retail is one of the most lucrative sectors for any company in the digital display space and we are no exception.” Many of Xtreme’s new product launches are specific to retail which include transparent LED video wall, an excellent storefront display. Its crowd analytics software uses the facial recognition technology to provide insights on customers and triggers the right ad on the digital display. Interactive Wayfinding Solution by Xtreme is an instant hit amongst the malls which helps visitors to navigate easily and find desired stores. Indian retail scenario has a lot to catch up to when compared with the international market which is quite mature. He continues, “Retailers need to attract and engage users to sustain; our solution is smart, dynamic and eye-catchy a perfect combination for retail.” The challenges that are still prevalent are ‘the expenditure’ and ‘the change in the mindset’ as many retailers are yet to get comfortable with their POP and window displays going digital. Digital displays are a one-time investment which offers higher ROI in the longer run with either no or minimal recurring cost, which retailers are now accepting slowly and gradually.
Xtreme Media embraces new technologies for software with open arms to create new products. It is working on beacon based indoor navigation system, facial recognition, machine learning and advanced analytics. For large format LED video walls, it is bringing the beauty of various form factors and concepts which can enthrall the viewers. Its endeavours have won it 1st runner up title for “CNBC Awaaz Masterpereneur India 2014”, and it was listed as” Top 50 innovative companies” and ” Top 100 SME’S” by leading media publications.
WOW at Work
Xtreme Media is a young organization and the similar is reflected in its work culture, where innovation is always encouraged It believes that “happy employees are the key to happy customers”, it regularly organizes gaming session, sports outings and picnics. Xtreme Media is also associated with few NGO’s through which it arranges blood donation camps, donations etc. Sanket adds, “We encourage our employees to strike a balance between professional life and health, we have yoga and meditation sessions regularly which keeps the stress level low and happiness levels high. “
Ideas Need Efforts
Every startup begins with an idea and transforming that idea into a successful company depends on its leadership and team. Sanket advises that having a strong core team is a must. Every entrepreneur must wear many hats when they begin, which includes grass root level operations too. He adds,” What makes a startup stand out is their ability to change and adapt quickly which becomes a base for innovation, so don’t hesitate to experiment which is true for a technology-driven industry like us.”
Pushing Limits to Reach New Heights
For Xtreme Media, retail has been the second most contributing sector to its revenues, with a majority of the most innovative projects coming from this sector. It is expanding its local presence to reach maximum cities directly rather than through partners. It has many new products in the pipeline which can contribute positively to digital display landscape and encourage more and more brands to accept digital displays as their mainstream medium to communicate and promote their brand. So the New Year will see Xtreme Media bringing a new ‘WOW Factor for several Brands’.
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