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Business strategy consultants, evaluate and transform business models for public and private organizations in order to improve organizational effectiveness, expand the business, and increase profits. Usually they work for a consulting service and are more flexible with their schedule. They are a responsible bridge for building and maintaining a strong client base, with a framework to help strategize and actualize practical solutions to lead and grow the business goals.
If you want to increase profitability, tighten operations, attract and retain the right customers; or if you’re just not finding the right strategy about how to scale your business, Eha Management got your back. Established in 2009, Eha Management Consultancy is a first class strategy designer, and serves for both profit and non-profit organization.  With a collaboration of eminent experts from the various fields their work is based on project requirement on a case-to-case basis, which facilitates companies to reach full potential in their core business and pursue adjacencies that strengthen the core using a unique formula.
An Ingenious Personality of Eha Management Consultancy
A strategem and a creative thinker, always pushes himself  hard to glorify the business goal. Dr. Sachin Bhide is a Strategy Designer & Founder of Eha Management Consultancy, and have award winning work experience as an employee in reputed industries like Technical Communication, Information Technology, Banking, and Education. He holds PhD in Marketing Management, researched nature of IT exports of  Pune based selective Indian companies, and had done masters in business administration and commerce.
Because of his fascinating training skills he had received  a recognition as Excellent Corporate Trainer Awards. He is an award winning speaker & has received Best Speaker & Best Table Topic Master award at a Toastmaster Club in California, USA. He has also earned his PhD in Management. Sachin has authored numerous books on management. Also, his next book on Business Planning is going to be published soon.
Sachin’s out-of-the box thinking and immediate decision making capabilities helps his clients to take corrective action on their business need. He is also one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated person of the Eha Management who takes an interest in each project, applies his entire soul and heart to make it resonate with other people and leads the project to success.
Being a passionate leader, he is proficient in bridging the gap between business and technology. He knows how to take the stage with a clear mind and can communicate his ideas and vision like no other.
Distinctive Business Services with Strategic Foot-mark
A Strategy Designer is not only a number cruncher or a report writer. Strategy designers use their thinking in collaboration with the client company and its experts. They have a distinctive set of tools for their craftsmanship.
Designing a Strategy is an extremely niche domain. Some of the large Companies have dedicated teams their separate working on Strategy. Eha Management emphasizes on those companies who don’t have a formal Strategy Management team or a department that fabricates a superior strategy for them with lucrative sets of ideas.
“Professionalism is a texture of Eha Management’s services”. They are specialized in Strategy Designing that provides first class quality of work alongwith an attentive feedback system. They believe in continuous learning to upgrade their expertise and strictly believe in Non Disclosure as per client requests. They offer unique investment price based on client requirement understanding. The company mainly serves following services.
Marketing strategy design
Eha Management provides documented marketing strategy service to guide their clients in making marketing efforts effective.
Teaching marketing subjects & conducting workshops
Sachin and his team contributed useful insights on sales and marketing subjects to leading management institutes and also conducted workshops on marketing and relevant topics to yield practical approach on student level particularly.
Training corporate teams on sales and marketing skills
Being an independent professional Sachin knows the lacking area in the current industrial environments and for that Eha Management provides training programs on various sales and marketing topics. They resolve their clients’ problems by identifying exact training need, with a training outline and directing it in a practical manner.
The main goal of the marketing advice is to help the entrepreneur identify right concentration and good communication mechanism with the customer.  Eha Management  thinks, “ When the customer’s and the entrepreneur needs are satisfied, the marketing job is well done and that is what the consultancy strives to be, along with the entrepreneur’s efforts.”
Future Prospects with Forwarding Insights
The future is a more Globalized World. The upcoming socio-political and economic challenge will make industries look for an effective expert. By recognizing this need the Eha Management is monitoring their business environment changes continuously and is confident to ride on these challenges in future.
Eha Management believes in the core values of respect for individuals, institutions, and a society. These values will remain perpetually with their Company. The core factor that drives the Company ahead is their positive impact on the client’s business.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Outsourcing Companies

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