Montek Services: Giving the Pleasure of Business by Tackling the Pain out of it

Many companies are incorporating the services of outsourcing companies to improve company focus by freeing the internal resources for showcasing world class capabilities and for increasing their flexibility. Outsourcing companies also alleviate the stress of arduous administration tasks by maintaining cash flow/ capital assets, controlling cost reduction, thereby reducing the risks involved in the overall management process.
Montek Tech Services is focused in areas of Information Technology, HR outsourcing, Business Consulting (IT & Non IT), HR solutions & Pay Roll to all industries, Crisis Management, Build Operate Transfer (BOT) and strong reference check. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Their delivery groups work together with their clients to achieve a synergy that ultimately provides maximum benefit and value to their organization.
Confronting Complex Business Challenges Head-On
Montek HR Outsourcing Services help leading organizations to save on recruitment costs and time and increases their client’s productivity by understanding their needs and handling all the processes in an efficient and time-bound manner.
They are the specialists in
Executive Search
Montek is one of the best executive search companies in Pune. They specialize in procuring senior level positions, business heads for various MNCs, medium scale companies and startup companies across India. They have delivered key talent into professional services markets for over four years. They provide services through focused performing groups. Their executive search model fit in all sizes of industries to door step executive talent. They offer executive recruitment services for cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.
Permanent, Contract, Temporary staffing
Montek offers various staffing solutions for various staffing needs. They offer temporary staffing, temporary to permanent staffing and permanent staffing services. They offer access to an established network of candidates and provide their clients with resources that fulfill all their staffing needs. They understand their client’s business needs and hence build quality relationships. They can accommodate both short-term and long-term needs.
RPO Services
Recruitment Process Outsourcing is provided for large and small companies to avail a world-class recruitment function. Montek’s HR outsourcing team works like a core team within their client’s HR management structure. Their comprehensive HR solution supports the entire recruitment life cycle for their client’s professional-level staff. They can manage the recruitment cycle especially in those departments, where the demand is the most.
Montek RPO can join the existing structure to combine the recruitment process where Montek’s HR team handles the preparation, sourcing, screening and measurement tactics, and their client’s existing HR team will have the sole responsibility of interviewing, hiring and on boarding.
Customized Recruitment
If you are having high volume needs within a defined period of time, then Recruitment projects are the most beneficial option. They can add a quick team to deliver a work if there arises a new project or if their client is a startup.
Montek also has the option of providing a niche recruitment package, wherein they give complete freedom to their clients to manage Montek’s team and the recruitment life cycle for hiring for certain niche skills. Montek’s expert team will dedicate their time for incorporating any technical kits in their client’s portfolio.
They also undertake crisis recruitment management where they support their client’s project in a difficult stage. It is a special recruitment process for startups, middle and large companies where they close all the positions and build a database that will help their clients to hire in the future.
About the Marshal of Montek
Shesha Shiba Mohanty is the CEO & MD of Montek Tech Services. Apart from earning an MBA and MCA certificate, his expertise ranges in Business Development, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneur and Technology. He is currently focusing on partnering with startups worldwide for offering consulting, resources, technology, BOT, ODC and PDC. He is a skillful negotiator and a resourceful marketer, specialized over a period of 14+ years in marketing Information Technology, Training and Staffing Industry. He is a proficient Sales leader with international experience and in-depth understanding of sales techniques, sales cycles, routes-to-market and forecast/ pipeline management, including planning, defining and developing KPIs, calculating the ROI, P&L projections and performance scorecards.
Focusing on a Win-Win situation
Montek heavily emphasize on opportunities for creativity and set standards of excellence in performance using defined processes. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, quality services and solutions have always been the foremost priorities at Montek. They have even implemented a quality policy that guides the efforts and operations of all their employees at all levels. They are forever committed to continuous improvement and enhancement of their relationships with customers, shareholders and employees. They manage their organization as a trust, as empowered leaders and do all that is needed to be done ethically for the purpose of the organization for today and tomorrow.
Keeping the new automation trend in mind, they are using their own portal and automation system for follow up and reminder of each candidate and delivery teams. Their automation system is so good that it can convert a fresher into a recruitment expert. With 70% of candidates turning out to be passive on job portals, they highly trust networking and headhunting. With Montek’s HR outsourcing solutions, companies can reduce HR’s workload and attract capable employees.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Outsourcing Companies

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