Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.:Enhancing HR & Compliance with Efficiency

Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and is a pioneer in Developing and Enhancing HR & Compliance with Efficiency, uniquely conceptualized and designed in line with the operational needs of the clients’ organization by its promoters. Karma evolved with their principle values and philosophy, which came from about 4 decades of industry experience. The present day Karma derives its strength from the passion and commitment they have nurtured over the years.
The Evolution of Karma
At the initial phase after the company’s inception, Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., was a company that catered to outsourcing and temp staffing, and payroll compliance. Then they evolved slowly and began to expand their business to include recruitments into their business portfolio. Soon, they not only successfully grew their workforce, but also their entire client base. Now their presence can be felt in every relevant city across the country, with their hard work and dedication, today Karma stands among “The Top 10 fastest growing consultants, and The Top 5 among the 25 best labor law consultants in India.” Crisil has also rated them as an SME 2 company for showing High level of Creditworthiness.
Out-of-the-box Services
Karma’s business portfolio covers four major service offerings – audit and compliance, payroll and payroll compliance, outsourcing and temp staffing, and recruitment. With a motto to serve their clients to achieve an ultimate client satisfaction quotient, they have invested heavily to make them automated, user friendly and comprehensive. Karma also have www.comply4hr.com,  an innovative audit and compliance portal which is a huge library of all labor laws, compiles lists of minimum wage, PF and other notifications, and is a platform to share information and lend a voice through their blog. Another advanced tool from their plethora of services is MyPayrollBuddy, which is a tool that enables them to manage their all round payroll services on cloud and automate the complete process.
The Torch Bearers of Karma
Kishor Vaidya, Chairman of Karma started off his professional career in 1979 after working in PF office for over a decade. It was his dream and vision to go on unchartered areas of payroll compliance consulting and thus, he left his government job and started a company on his own. He also started K S services in 1999 with 300 employees as staffing business. His aim was to be a pioneer in payroll compliance consulting services in Mumbai and he was one of the most sought after professional in 90s and 2000s.
Pratik Vaidya, Managing Director of Karma commenced his academic career at Mithibhai College, where he graduated, and acquired a law degree and developed scholastic intellectualism, consultation and counseling skills. Pratik became pre-eminent in the global world of consulting and management services and deservedly in 2007 became the Managing Director of the family owned Karma Group of Companies which originally engaged in personnel law consultation and services with the guidance of the patriarch Kishor Vaidya.
Pratik has served on the Karma board since 2002 and has played the role of a visionary leader in the field. He has been a pioneer and the first of its kind in setting up an online compliance portal and ERP for audit of Indian labour laws where currently 2500 locations / sites are being managed by his team of dedicated specialists. He has not only grown this profession, but has also ensured that corporate clients from a wide mix of industry, including telecommunications, hospitality, FMCG and financial services and exports are compliant with the Indian laws.
Together the duo has undertaken a plethora of initiatives that has further transformed Karma into a front runner that now offers services including personnel law consultancy, personnel outsourcing, payroll management, placements, staffing and liaison work to its clientele of over 350.
Karma’s Edge
At Karma they believe “The ability to provide superlative service and quality comes from two primary sources – our human capital and technology.” The passion, diligence, timeliness and dedication that each member of Karma displays is their greatest pride. To help aid processes and systems, their software tools have been remarkably efficient. Tools like V-Check, eCheck and eDoc has stupendously helped them manage vendor compliance, data recording and retrieval and filing of returns. The ability to update and reinvent themselves is what has helped Karma survive and surge ahead in today’s competitive world.
Future Perspectives
The management and employees of Karma have grand sights and a big vision. They also know, they have what it will take to take them there. Kishor often says; “Every day pushes us to make us better than we were. Karma’s vision is to move beyond service delivery, and to progress into the realm of knowledge sharing, whereby we become a tool to educate, guide and influence change.”
In terms of tangibles, they look to expand their current workforce to twice its size, and manage over 200 employees by the end of the approaching financial year. Currently a company with a 50 crore turnover, they aim at managing annual revenues of 100 crore in the next two years.

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